The choice

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"You mean it?" Adam asked after kissing me thoroughly.

"Of course I do." I chuckled. "Not tonight though because I could not take it right now but soon. I truly do want to be your mate."

"Yes sure no problem. We can wait for another day, just say the word." He said holding me tight. "I'm so happy. I can't wait to make you mine completely."

"Me too." I said trying to hug him back with only my good arm.

"Sleep for tonight, you're beat." He said before kissing my forehead. "We'll talk about it some more tomorrow."

"Yeah... Good night chaton." I said as I settled in his arms.

"Good night honey."

I closed my eyes and was lulled to sleep by the sound of his heartbeat.

We went to work as usual the next morning and I could not depart from my grin. We had talked some more about what we wanted to do for the mating and when. Adam wanted to take me out some time during the week to officially propose and I could not wait to tell Haven tonight. I was sure that he would be happy for us. Jackson though... He would probably be a pain but I did not care. This was my choice and I was certain of it.

"You're awfully cheery today." Ismael frowned as we both sat at our desks at work. "What happened?"

"I decided to accept Adam's mark." I said beaming at the demon.

"Wow girl." He said surprised. "Aren't you going a bit fast? You two have been dating what, a month? A mark is for life so are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure." I said nodding. "We've known each other for five years. He's amazing and I'm sure that he's the one for me."

"I would have tried." He sighed dramatically. "I suppose I should say congratulations then."

"Thank you." I said happily.

"I don't see the ring though." He smirked. "I expected better from the boss."

"I kind of dropped it on him last night." I chuckled.

"Don't worry Ismael, I intend to do things right." Adam said behind me.

I beamed at him and he smiled right back. He was so fine, I could kiss him right here in front of everyone. I would not because this was work but I still felt like doing it.

"You better or someone might take her away from you." The demon said amused.

"I would never let anyone take her away from me." Adam answered eyeing me lovingly.

"You two are insufferable." Ismael sighed.

I could not help a laugh. Maybe we were to the others but I did not care much. We loved each other and we were not afraid to show it.

The day went fine and there were finally no crisis for the Millers' wedding. We had almost everything ready but the wedding would only be next month. I wondered how I would want my wedding with Adam to be and I certainly would not want the same thing. I wanted something simple in nature with my friends and family. We would need to discuss this together but I had an idea that he would not mind.

We went together to the bar after work and I was actually excited. It had been a while since I saw Haven and I was sure that we had a lot to catch up on.

"You seem happy about this." Adam said with a smile as he parked the car.

"Since I can't hit the gym anymore, yes I'm looking forward to go out and see Haven. It's been a while." I said.

"Should I be worried?" He chuckled.

"Don't be silly." I said amused. "Haven is one of my best friends. I miss seeing him but it's not the same as what you and I have."

"Good to know." He said pulling me closer by my waist.

We entered the bar and I naturally spotted Haven right away. I waved at him and he nodded smiling at us. We made our way through the bar that was getting packed at this hour and I hugged my friend.

"It's good to see you Haven." I said.

"Good to see you too Frenchy." He said returning my hug. "I miss you at the gym."

"I miss it too you know." I said sitting down. "I have the feeling that my body is getting all... Floppy."

"It's not honey let me reassure you on that point." Adam chuckled.

"You would never tell me even if it did." I said amused.

"I'm sure we'll remedy that once you can come back." Haven chuckled.

"I can't wait to get out of this cast." I said. "What about you Haven? How are you doing?"

"Great. Work is keeping me busy so I can't really complain. What about you guys?" The lion asked.

"Mia has accepted my mark." Adam said beaming at me.

"Really?" Haven asked surprised. "Congratulations then. Are you setting up a date for the ceremony?"

"We're talking about it." I nodded. "We still need to do the actual marking before anything else but I hope we can do it soon."

"I think we should wait until they take your cast off." Adam said.

"That's in more than a month." I frowned. "I'm not sure that I want to wait that long."

"Eager to be mine?" He teased.

"You know that I am." I chuckled.

"It's good to see the two of you happy." Haven said. "I hope that you will take great care of her Adam or we will have a problem".

"I wouldn't have it any other way Haven." Adam said locking his gaze on Haven. "I want her to be happy as much as you do."

"Then we're good." Haven smiled.

"I can take care of myself." I frowned. My feminist side did not like to hear them talk about taking care of me as if I was a child.

"Of course you can honey." Adam said his eyes sparkling. "But we take care of each other right?"

"Yes we do." I smiled at him.

"Let's celebrate then." Haven said ordering beers for all of us.

It had been a while since I drank alcohol. It was not recommended with my medication but I could stop taking them now. I only took a pill when I felt the ache anyway.

The waiter did not take long to bring us the beer and we cheered. I was so happy right now that I knew nothing could get me down. Haven seemed genuinely happy for us even if I could see that it was a difficult topic. He was so sweet really but I knew that I was not the girl for him. We had a great friendship and I truly treasured that. I knew he would find his mate one day.

"What are you all celebrating?" Asked the deep voice of Jackson behind us.

Adam pulled me closer to him and even Haven started to straighten in his seat. They did not like how it ended the last we saw him and neither did I. I knew that Jackson would never hurt me physically but I was not sure that he would not try to start a fight.

"Mia has accepted my mark." Adam said looking straight at Jackson.

Jackson looked stunned for a second but he soon recovered. He looked at me in total disbelief and I simply nodded. I saw his face change entirely for one of total anger. Here we go.

"Are you serious?" He asked still looking at me.

"Yes, I am." I said calmly. "I love Adam and he's good to me. I even like the tigers so I think it's time to officially be together."

"I'm not going to let you do that." Jackson said shaking his head. "I challenge you Adam."

Crap. The whole bar quieted at once. I knew now that it was mostly a shifter's bar so they knew that a challenge was serious business. I was about to protest but Adam squeezed my shoulder. He wanted me quiet but I did not understand.

"I accept your challenge." Adam said his tone serious as he stood up to look at Jackson. "Haven, you watch over her."

"Of course." My friend said.

Adam and Jackson walked out of the bar and I stood up to follow. I wanted to see that fight. After all, Jackson thought that he could decide who I would marry with it. As if that would change my mind.

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