The choice

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Adam was still naked from the shower and his body was heating up as he put himself above me to kiss me. I felt his two big warm hands slide over my body as he leaned on my ear to whisper in a husky voice.

“Now you’re mine. I’m never letting you go.”

I looked into the green eyes that I loved to find them slightly gold. They both wanted to make that statement and I did not mind. In my heart, I was his already. I did not need a mark to tell me how much I loved him and we belonged to each other.

“Please, never let me go.” I said my voice breathy as I pulled him into me.

I felt totally safe as I surrendered my body and soul to Adam. His eyes looked gradually more gold as he leaned into me for a kiss. I could feel how much he wanted this. How eager he was to finally bind us together for the rest of our lives. I could not be more sure that my choice was the right one.

He took his sweet time undressing me and, even if it was not the first time he saw me, I could still see the same eagerness and love in his eyes. That always brought a smile to my face. Who would not be happy to see their beloved look at them with so much desire in their eyes?

“You’re so beautiful honey.” He purred.

“You’re always saying that.” I chuckled.

“I’ll never stop saying it. I love you.”

“I love you too chaton.”

He kissed me fiercely, claiming my lips. I parted my lips to grant him access to my mouth and he took the opportunity to chase my tongue with his. My whole body started to heat up under his sweet assault and I felt things tighten inside of me.

I wanted him badly and I was frustrated that I could only use one of my arms to touch him. I learned to be crafty though since my arm was broken and I wanted to give my maximum for this special night.

He started to play with my hard nipples making me mewl. Damn, that somehow felt more intense than usual. Did my body know somehow? Was it how it worked between mates?

That seemed to urge Adam on as he trailed kisses down my neck and he let one of his hands between my thighs. I did not need to hear the low growl in his throat to know that I was so fucking wet.

He put one of my nipples in his mouth and he started rubbing my knob gently. I arched my body in response to rub on his hand. I had no time to take it slow tonight. Everything inside of me was yelling my need, burning me from the inside. I wanted him to put more pressure on my sensitive area and he happily obliged. I started moaning louder until his name came out of my lips.


I was writhing under his touch as I felt myself nearing the edge. He rubbed harder and stuck a finger in. I felt the heat build inside of me and I would need only a little more to completely go.

"Let it go honey." He growled.

I did and I came loud. He positioned himself between my thighs and he put his pulsing member against my entrance. I gasped at the feeling and he growled lower.

"I will make it feel good, I promise honey." He said his voice almost more the roar of a tiger than human.

I nodded and he entered me gently. I arched my body but he kept me in place with his. He moved slowly and I started following him. I knew that I would not be able to follow for long because he had the habit to go faster and give me so much pleasure that my brain could not keep up anymore. He picked up his pace making me moan louder. It was so good, that I lost my English again as it usually was the case everytime we would make love.

"Oh, Adam… Oui…" I moaned.

I knew that he loved it when I spoke French. It would always make him go crazy especially in bed.

"You feel so good honey…" He grunted.

"Harder please…" I said my voice full of desire.

He growled in approval and obliged as he pounded harder inside of me making me yell. I loved it when I could feel his hips roll so hard and his muscles work above me to pleasure me.

"Oui… Don’t stop…" I cried.

"Cum for me honey." He growled louder.

Before I did, he bit my neck. I winced as I felt a sharp pain before immense pleasure took over and with one thrust, I came underneath him. I felt my walls clench around him so strongly that it surprised me. The intensity of the pleasure I just received was like nothing I ever felt before. I could feel that Adam struggled not to follow me but it seemed that he wanted me to ride the wave as much as I could. He kept thrusting until he came loudly inside of me. I felt him release all his hot semen inside of me, coating my walls. I could not feel happier.

I felt so good and my body was all sluggish but I could feel something going through my veins. Something that was awakening slowly like a big cat.Was it... The tigress? My whole body heated up and I started to get scared that something might have gone wrong.

"It's all right honey." Adam said with a soothing voice. "It's just the lycanthropy going through your body. You will heat up as if you had a fever and then you'll be able to see her. I can already smell her so everything is fine."

"I trust you." I said looking into his green eyes.

He pulled me into his arms gently and I snuggled into his chest. I felt better instantly. It was calming me down like never before. Was it because of the mark? Was it working so fast? Was my human brain finally able to register all that shifter thing?

It took my body a few minutes to cool down and Adam was right, I could finally see the tigress inside my head. She was big, with a bright orange fur and big black stripes. She looked smaller than Adam's tiger but that would be normal for a female. She was looking back at me out of amber eyes. That felt so foreign and yet familiar. She then looked at Adam and started to purr. One word was running through her head and it trickled out of my mouth.

"Mate." I said and my voice seemed so foreign.

He looked at me and his eyes were so full of love... They turned gold as the tiger was looking back at me. My tigress purred louder and the sound trickled through my lips. It was harder to control than I thought but I knew that Adam would help me.

"Yes." He said. "I'm yours and you're mine, my mate."

"This is so... Weird and yet... I can feel you inside of me all the time." I said.

"I know. The mark settled the link between us and it will intensify once you mark me. How does your arm feel?"

I tilted my head on the side because I did not understand what he was saying. Then I remembered that my arm was broken. I looked at it and I could feel no pain coming from it. It was healed. I gasped and my eyes widened. The lycanthropy had cured my arm completely. I felt stronger too. I could also see better even if it was dark outside.

"This is... Amazing." I said surprised. "I don't feel any pain anymore and everything seems... Amplified. Is that how you see things all the time?"

"Yes." He said with a smile. "It's even better in tiger form, you'll see. Why don't you try to shift tomorrow? I'll be there to help you through it."

"I can't wait." I said happily. "It feels like I was seeing things with a veil over my eyes before... Everything seems more... You're even more beautiful chaton."

"That's how I see you too honey." He said before kissing my forehead. "Get some sleep. Lycanthropy is a rush they say, but it will tire you out. We already had an eventful evening to boot."

"You're right." I chuckled. "I'll just take a shower then and we'll get back into bed."

"All right. Do you need help to take the cast off?"

"Shouldn't I wait to go to the doctor to have the confirmation that I'm healed?" I asked.

"Shifting will break it anyway." He shrugged.

"Then we'll go first to the doc and shift after that." I said with a smile.

"All right." He chuckled. "It's a plan."
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