The choice

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We did as we said and I was now sitting on a chair in the doctor's office to have my arm checked. We did choose a shifter doc so the humans would not be too amazed at my faculty to heal so quickly. I could not blame them. I would also find it weird to be healed completely when I normally still had a month to go with the cast to be fully healed.

"It seems all healed to me." The old man said. "Did you become a shifter recently?"

"Yesterday." I said blushing.

He looked at the mark on my neck and nodded. That must be normal behaviour for the shifters. I found the mark a bit flashy but it felt good to have it. It clearly told everyone about what we did but I did not mind as long as no one was pointing it out. That would be really embarrassing.

"I'll take off the cast then and you're good to go." He said finally.

I nodded and I could feel that Adam could not wait for us to get out of here. I think he was as impatient as I was to look at my tigress. I hoped that the change would not be too painful but I heard other shifters say that the first changes usually were. It was a small price to pay for being able to be together with Adam.

Once my arm was free again, we left the doctor's office. It felt great to have my arm back. I could not wait to get back to the gym. I know, I was an addict at this point but I truly missed it. It had been a very long time for me.

"I'll take you to our lands." Adam said as we climbed into the car. "We should be alone there and it's perfect for a first shift."

"All right. I'll feel better if it's just the two of us." I said with a smile.

I still had trouble controlling my new strength. I broke a couple of things at the house and I felt terrible as it was, I did not want other people to see that.

"Don't be shy." He said with a smile. "It's always like this for the made shifters. We were born with the strength while you have to relearn everything. I'm sure it's difficult to sort out your senses now that they're stronger. It'll be worse as a tigress and you'll be disoriented so it's best if we go through it together."

"You're the boss." I teased.

"Not of you anymore." He chuckled. "Since I marked you, you're my equal now. I'm never going to be able to give you orders if you don't want to follow them."

"Really? You're my mate before being my Prince?" I asked tilting my head to one side.

"Always." He said with a loving smile. "It'll be more obvious to you once you mark me back."

"I can't wait to get to that part again." I beamed at him remembering the night we had yesterday.

"Me too, honey." He said his green eyes getting darker as they filled with lust.

We drove to the farm once again but this time, there were no cars parked in front of the old building. I felt relieved that we truly were alone. I did not know how it would be to become a tigress and it made me nervous to find out. Nervous and excited. I could not quite decide which was predominant.

Adam parked the car in front of the house and cut the engine before turning to me. He looked serious now and I wondered what he was going to say.

"Honey... Before you start shifting, I'm going to tell you how it will go down. You're entire body will remodel so the skeleton of the tigress can fit inside. This hurts the most when the muscles grow over the bones and the fur comes out of your skin to cover it all. The pain is excrutiating at first and I'm sorry you'll have to go through this. I'll try to take some of it but don't fight it. Just let it go through you."

I nodded. I trusted Adam and I knew that he would never let anything bad happen to me. We exited the car and walked a few until we were under the covers of the trees. I started to get nervous but I would have to make it work. My tigress seemed to be eager to be out. I could see her pacing in my head.

"Take off your clothes." Adam said as he let go of my hand. "It would be a shame to rip them."

"Of course." I teased. "You just want to see me naked."

"That's definitely a bonus." He chuckled.

I did as he said and ended up naked in the woods. Strangely, I was not cold. My body temperature was higher than before, allowing me to feel comfortable outside even without my clothes on. This was amazing.

"All right." Adam said cutting out my train of thoughts. "Now comes the hard part. You need to focus on your tigress and let her do the rest. Do not fight her, do not try to resist the change and everything should be fine."

I nodded before closing my eyes and focusing on the tigress. She indeed seemed to know what to do. She came running to the surface and I felt the moment she hit my body.

I started to feel instant pain as my bones shifted inside my body. It was even more painful than when Leroy broke my arm. I could not help a gasp as I tried to let the pain take control of my entire body. I felt some of it escape through the bond I shared with Adam.

"You're doing great honey." He said his voice low. "Keep going. I know you can do it."

I fell on all fours when my spine broke. I opened my eyes to see my skin distort and look a painful red as it stretched to fit my new bones. It finally burst open and I screamed as an orange fur grew over my knuckles and claws came out of my fingers. My mouth could no longer fit my teeth and a tail erupted from my behind.

The pain was so strong at this point that it felt like I was experiencing it from afar. I felt my consciousness float and be replaced by something more primal. The tigress was right next to me in my mind and she roared. The sound escaped from my mouth and it sounded more like a tiger's roar than a human scream.

The shift was finally complete as I panted hard on all fours. I was now entirely a tigress.

I took a second to look at myself. I was a clear faded orange with large black stripes, my belly and inner paws were a snowy white. Not bad I thought and my tigress purred in approval. We were beautiful.

I lifted my gaze to look at Adam and his eyes were gold as he looked at us. I could feel that he could not wait to shift as well but he was waiting for me to adjust first. We should walk to him to show him that we're fine. I told the tigress next to me. She closed her eyes and I took it as a yes.

I let her show me how to walk because I seriously had no idea how to coordinate this at all. She seemed to know for me though. She walked slowly in a relaxed stance until we reached our mate. She rubbed her big head against his, scent-marking him as ours and he started rubbing under our chin. It felt even better than I would have imagined. The tigress closed her eyes and started purring in content.

"You're so beautiful my mate." He said his voice almost a growl. "I'll shift and join you so we can run together. There's a place I want to show you."

I parted slowly from him to let him shift. He took off his clothes and I could not help a possessive purr when he stood all naked in front of us. He chuckled and shifted a lot faster than me. Well, maybe one day we would be able to change that fast.

Follow me honey. He said directly in my mind.

We took off together inside the forest and I felt something powerful take over my entire body as we ran. I had never felt so free in my entire life.

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