The choice

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We ran for a while through the forest and I noticed that I was not even tired. It was the opposite. It was exhilarating to run like that through the forest.

I felt even closer to Adam as a tigress. I was hyper aware of him. I could see his muscles roll under the fur and it was distracting truly. I owed my tigress for not falling on a tree root.

He finally slowed down and I matched my pace to his. He looked at me out of golden eyes and my tigress pushed me to jump on him to play but I could see that he wanted me to look at the scenery first.

I turned my head to look at the forest in front of us. It was a small pool of light. The sun was pouring through the branches and showed a circle of trees. At the feet of each trees, there were small purple flowers and the only sound was the wind ruffling the leaves. It was so peaceful that it was breath-taking.

Beautiful. I thought.

Yes, it is. Adam answered. I'm glad you like it. I come here whenever I can. It's peaceful.


I moved towards the circle and he followed me like a silent shadow. I could see everything so much clearer. It was enthralling. I could see the texture from here. I knew that the flowers would be soft and so were the leaves under my paws. Everything smelled different too. Adam's scent was stronger to me than ever before.

I turned to look at him and he was eyeing me silently. He was giving me time to adjust to the new sensations. I felt an irresistible pull towards him. I walked slowly to him and rubbed on him like the big cat I was. I could not stop and my tigress was nodding that it was the right thing to do.

He started purring and I joined him. It felt even better to touch him like this. I could feel tingles everywhere we were touching. It was electrifying. When I rubbed my head under his, he licked my head, combing my fur. I could not help a satisfied sound. I did not even know that tigers could make that kind of sound but there was no mistaking the pleasure behind it.

It's going to be hard to resist if you do this honey. He said through my mind as he growled in approval.

Resist what? I asked as I kept rubbing my head and purring.

He did not answer but instead, he sent me a very visiual picture of what he wanted to do to me. I shot my eyes open and looked at him, shocked. He wanted to have sex as tigers? Was it even moral? I mean... We were tigers right now so maybe it was... I was not used to that yet.

It's the best way to have cubs for us. He answered because he had followed my train of thoughts. Having sex as tigers would garantee it. It can wait though, I want you to mark me first.

We could... Do that now? I asked. If I had been human, I would have blushed. Thankfully, tigers do not blush.

You want to do it out here? He asked surprised.

I could see in his head that he was not against the idea. He actually always wanted to do it out here with me. I could not believe that I was also capable of seeing into his head. That was so weird and yet really great. I could see all the love he felt for me and that it had been like this for a long time.

Yes. I answered confidently.

Let's shift back then. He said his voice low.

He started shifting back and I followed suit. It was less painful that way. My entire body was shrinking to be the one of a human again. Retracting the claws and fangs hurt a bit but it was a lot faster. I was panting a bit as I was human again and naked in front of Adam's loving eyes. I offered him a small reassuring smile and he pulled me into his arms.

"I'm so proud of you, honey." He said stroking my hair.

"I'm getting the hang of it." I said snuggling his chest. "I'll be as fast as you one day."

"I don't doubt it." He chuckled. "How do you feel?"

"I'm good." I answered. "I'm just feeling some tingles but it's soothing."

"That would be our bond." He said with a soft smile. "You're able to feel it better now that you're a tiger as well."

"That's amazing." I purred reveling in the feeling.

The tingles were coursing through my entire body and went straight to my core. I felt my body heat up in Adam's arms and I could smell my own arousal at just being touched. That was a lot faster than what I ever experienced with him so far and so embarrassing. Was it always like this for him? Damn.

"There's nothing to get embarrassed about." He chuckled. "It's natural for us to be able to smell each other. I can say that it always made me crazy but right now... I can barely resist it. Your scent changed and it's even sweeter than before for me."

"Your scent became more powerful to me as well." I said breathily as I felt his body respond to mine. "It's like... I'm even more aware of you than I was before..."

"Your senses are far better than what they were when you were human." He said his voice almost a growl. "And you're my mate. That makes you even more aware of me."

"Is it going to stop one day?" I asked while I stradled his lap.

"No." He purred. "We're always going to be hyper aware of the other. The sexual tension though... It should settle once you're pregnant. Not forever... We will always want to be with each other..."

"Fine by me." I said shivering as I felt his hard member against my wet core.

We kissed and it grew heated fast. My body could not wait any longer to feel him inside. My tigress was roaring in my head that we needed him. I got the message already.

I moaned against his lips as his tongue chased mine inside my mouth. I grinded my hips against him and I felt that he could not wait anymore as well. He pulled me onto his hard member and I cried out feeling him so far inside of me. We did that before but it felt a thousand time better now. I did not even know that was possible.

I could feel the smoothness of his skin against mine everywhere and not just with my fingertips. This was such a rush. His hands were holding my hips and I could feel their warmth spread to my entire body as I moved slowly on him. I could feel his hard shaft move inside of me and matching my every moves.

"Adam..." I moaned.

He growled and I felt the sound resonate in my entire body. I rocked my hips harder, even harder than I ever did but it just felt so right and he had no trouble taking it. He was going rougher on me than he usually did. Was he holding back before? I could hardly believe it and yet... He guided me hard on him and I felt the heat build inside my stomach.

I pushed him down into the ground and moved my hips faster on him. The first wave of orgasm hit me like a train. It was so much more intense than what I ever experienced so far. I yelled my pleasure at the trees.

"Oh yes!" I yelled.

Adam kept guiding me on him so I could feel it fully. When he felt me writhe above him, he switched position so he was on top. He pushed hard inside of me and I wrapped my legs around his hips. I could feel another wave coming fast and I knew that he would be going as well. He started twitching inside and that just brought me closer to the edge.

"Now Mia..." He said his voice ragged.

I let my tigress show me how it was done and I shifted my jaw. I bit the base of his neck as he pushed hard inside of me. The gesture brought him immediately and I came as well under him, yelling as my spine bowed. He grunted from the feeling of me so tight around him and I felt that it was a challenge for him to avoid crushing me with his body.

He looked at me under him, panting and sweaty, his eyes were gold and I knew that mine were also the colour of my tigress. I felt something snap inside our head as it settled and I felt the wave of his emotions and thoughts all at once.

"I love you Mia." He said his voice husky. "My one. My mate. I can't believe that you're finally mine until the end of our days."

That was just so beautiful. I kissed him fiercely lighting the fire anew inside of me. I parted from him slowly and looked straight into his eyes to say.

"I love you. Now and forever, my mate."

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