The choice

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We decided to walk back to the farm without shifting. Once a day was enough for me as a start. I was too tired to try and shift again.

"Do you want me to carry you?" Adam asked.

"I can walk, don't worry." I said offering him a small smile.

"You know that I can feel how tired you are? Don't worry, it's normal after a first shift. You'll need to eat something and you should be fine." He said.

"Sounds good." I nodded.

We arrived at the farm and we were not alone anymore. There was a car parked next to ours. I did not know the car but Adam seemed to because he tensed as soon as he saw it. Who was it? He put me behind him as a man exited the car.

I was sure that I had not seen him before. He was tall, but not as much as Adam, with wheat blond hair and dark brown eyes. He was muscular, lean and radiated dominance. Even Adam did not let out his power as much.

"My Prince." The man said with a deep voice. "We could not get a hold on you but, we need you at the house. Your mother is causing trouble again."

I felt worry fill our bond but Adam did not let it show as he looked back at the man.

"We'll be going right away. Thank you for getting me Duncan." My mate said.

Duncan looked at me then and I looked back. I needed to show him that I was not scared otherwise he would think that he was dominant to me. I could not have that if I was Adam's mate. He needed to respect me the same way he did Adam.

"This is Mia, my mate." Adam said.

"I've heard about her." He said still looking at me. "She was an Aphrodite from what I heard."

"She was but now she's mine." Adam said firmly. "Let's not waste any time here. I suppose that my mother is causing quite a mess."

Duncan finally lowered his eyes to me, acknowledging me as his dominant before looking at Adam.

"You have no idea." He sighed.

I hoped that Adam would be able to bring her back. He had explained to me how dangerous a crazy shifter was and what he would have to do if she did not come back. He would have to kill her so she did not become a danger to herself or others. Or worse.

Once we finished putting our clothes back on, Adam drove to a house not so far away from his. It was in the same neighbourhood even if not on the same street.

It was a nice house, as big as the one we had with Adam but the interior was even nicer. Adam's mother knew how to decorate and she had taste. If she was the one who actually decorated her house.

It was not hard to miss her. She was in her tiger form, roaring and thrashing the living room like an angry devil. The furniture was upside down and torn by the giant claws. She turned crazy eyes to us as soon as we entered and she started growling menacingly.

Adam put me behind him in a protective stance and his mom growled louder. What got her so upset?

"Mia." Adam said looking at his mom. "Go home please."

"Are you sure?" I asked hesitant.

I knew that I would not be able to help but it still hurt to hear him send me back home. I wanted to at least be there to support him but it felt like I was a hindrance.

"I don't want her to hurt you so please, honey, go home. I'll be back as soon as I can." He said calmly.

"Fine." I said.

I walked back out the door and started walking back home. Maybe that would help me cool off.

I knew that I was a "baby tiger" but I still wanted to be there with him. Why could he not understand that? I did not want to be treated like a kid, whom you explained dangerous stuff once they were over. I could understand if he explained.

I entered our home but I was still mad so I decided to ask for a second opinion. I called Haven and hoped that he was not working.

"Yeah." He said.

"Hi Haven, am I interrupting?" I asked.

"Not at all Frenchy. How are you doing?"

"Fine... I'm just... We finally mated with Adam and his mother lost it today so he went to help her but he sent me home. I'm mad because I know that I could do nothing about it but I still wanted to be there. Am I a nagging bitch right now?"

He laughed on the other side of the phone and that brought a smile to my face. I had no trouble picturing the big man laughing and that was enough to calm me down.

"A bit." He chuckled. "I would have done the same thing in his stead. You don't know how dangerous a crazy shifter is and his mother used to be the leader. When we lose it, it's like we go back to being animals. Oversized, deadly animals. You're a young shifter so your reaction is unpredictable. He needed you out of the way if he wanted to have a chance to focus on his mom, especially if the two of you just mated. Congratulations on that part by the way."

"Thank you for explaining all this to me." I sighed. "I wished Adam would have done it."

"He probably would have once the danger was out of the way." He said amused.

"I'm not a kid." I frowned.

"In our world, you are. There are two dangerous things, a crazy shifter and a new shifter. Both are unpredictable and dangerous. He made the right decision by sending you away." He explained.

"Fine." I sighed. "I won't be mad at him when he comes home."

"Good girl." He chuckled. "You can tell him too you know, communication is important."

"I'm surprised you're the one to say that." I said thinking about how quiet the lion was.

"That's exactly because I'm quiet that I know the value of words." He said amused.

"Thank you for that Master Haven." I chuckled.

"Don't mock me Frenchy. I'll kick your ass the next time I see you at the gym. I gotta go now. See you soon."

"Thanks Haven. See you." I said before hanging up.

I decided to take a shower since I felt still sticky from our run and fooling around in the forest. That actually put a smile on my face.

I noticed that if I focused, I could feel Adam's presence in my head. It reassured me somehow that he would manage to calm his mother down. I hoped he would because she seemed like a nice lady. She deserved better than to finish her life like this.

Adam deserved better than to have to kill his own mother too. That would destroy him. He loved his mother so much since he did not have much time with his father.

I never had that but I could understand because I have always yearned for this kind of life. I knew that we would do that for our kids. They would have the life that we never had with both their parents there for them and all the love they could wish for.

That decision made, I entered the shower.

I took my time under the water and I wrapped a towel around me as soon as I was done. Thanks to my superhearing, I heard the front door open just fine. I did not need to smell the air to know that it was Adam because his presence was like an extension of my own body.

I went downstairs as fast as I could and I saw him in the kitchen. He was pouring himself a drink and since Adam was not a heavy drinker, that was a bad sign.

I walked to him and embraced him from behind without saying a word. He relaxed in my arms a bit and put his hand on my arm, drawing circles with his thumb.

"How did it go?" I asked softly.

"She's slipping." He said. "I only managed to bring her back when I mentioned that we were mated. She'll be expecting cubs soon then I think... Maybe... That would help her, give her a purpose again. I know that we talked about waiting but... I'm afraid my mother doesn't have the time anymore."

"I'm sorry." I said my throat tight as I felt all the sadness coming through our bond. "I wish I could do more and I'm sorry that I was mad at you."

We stayed a few minutes in total silence. Sometimes, that was all you needed to get it back together.
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