The choice

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He drove us to one of the reception halls we used for our events. When did he even have the time to plan it all? Did he do it on the way home? Were my colleagues on it and was that why we had emergency days? I never quite understood that but I knew that we could all be called to work even on our days off. Now, I guess I knew.

We could not have predicted that this ceremony would take place and I was sure that it happened quite often. The shifters' world seemed to be filled with unpredictable moments. Then I thought about how we would organise our wedding. We had time for this but I could not wait to get to it.

"I must tell you..." Adam said uneasy all of a sudden. "There won't only be the tigers at the ceremony, all the leaders will be here."

I froze understanding the meaning behind his words. If he said all the leaders, it meant that Haven would be here, which was great but also... Jackson. I did not want to see him and my eyes naturally landed on my ring and I tensed. I did not want him to make a scene.

Adam laid his big hand on mine making me look at him. He seemed perfectly calm as if he did not even think that Jackson could be a problem. I sought our bond to see if his calmness was just a facade but he was truly calm inside out. What did he know that I did not?

"Don't worry about Jackson, honey." He said. "He won't make a scene. He lost the right to ask anything from you when he lost his fight. He could be killed if he persisted and the werewolves would have no leader anymore, which would bring another Alpha into town. No one wants that, trust me."

"I believe you but I know how stubborn Jackson is... I just don't want to have to see you fight again." I said.

"That won't happen." He said with a smile. "He will respect the rules this time. There are too many of us present to risk it."

I squeezed his hand in mine to reassure him and kept pondering his words. It made sense. Jackson was many things but stupid was not one of them. He would probably not try to do anything that could hurt his pack in front of people. I should be safe then and I could still avoid him if I needed to. This night was about Adam becoming the next Tsar of the streak so I needed to focus solely on him.

Adam parked the car and I noticed that we were not the first to arrive. I recognised that red sports car as well.

"Ismael is in charge?" I asked.

"Yes, I put Ismael and Pete on it." Adam said taking my hand in his. "They were the ones on call tonight."

"I see." I said with a smile.

I was actually looking forward to see the fey and the demon. I liked to work with them and even if Ismael was a lot, he was a hard worker. I was sure that even in a short time, he planned something incredible for this evening.

We walked inside and it was amazing. I was awed by what my two friends managed to do here. They had truly made the whole room look like the inside of the Kremlin. It looked like a ballroom with golden chandeliers difusing a soft light, round tables were placed neatly in the room and the argentery was glimming. On the side of the room, there were tables filled with champagne glasses and at the far end of the room, there was a scene with two armchairs. Behind the chairs, there was a table with something on it that I could not quite see. I supposed it was something for the ceremony.

Ismael appeared annoyed, coming from a door on the right side of the room that I knew led to the kitchens. I wondered what he did choose for the menu because I was getting hungry just from sniffing the air as he came into the room. He offered us a smirk and walked to us quickly.

"You're here you two." He said as a greeting.

"Thank you Ismael." Adam said calmly. "You two did amazing."

"Pete is still talking to the chef about the menu but I couldn't take it anymore." He sighed. "I'm glad it pleases you since we had not much time to put it all together..."

"I know but I did have a plan prepared before just in case." Adam said amused. "I'm glad it all worked out."

Ismael nodded and finally landed his eyes on me, looking at my neck first and the ring on my hand next. I could not help a blush when I saw the knowing smile grow on his lips. Ismael was a tease and I was sure that he would not miss the opportunity to tease me all the way to Hell.

"I see that you two have been busy as well." The demon smirked. "Congratulations are in order."

"Thank you." I said smiling.

"That's why you asked for two chairs." Ismael nodded.

"Of course. Mia is my mate so she needs to be by my side tonight." Adam said.

I turned to look into his bright green eyes, a million questions crossing my mind. I would be on stage with him? Why? I did not mind to stay with him all through the night but was this night not just about him?

"You're going to lead with me so it's normal that you're also appointed during this ceremony." My mate said.

I did not think about that! I froze looking between the two men. I was going to get crowned too?! I should have put on another dress. I felt nervous and anxious so much that my legs felt like cotton. Adam must have felt my panic because he wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me close to him.

"Easy Mia, you can do this." He said softly. "You don't have much to do actually, I'll be putting a crown on your head and that's it. Let me guide you through it all."

"You could have told me before! I would have prepared better... You just dropped a big bomb on me here, so let met panic a few." I said anxious.

"There's no need to panic, lass." Pete said behind Ismael. "You'll be great."

I locked eyes with the red-head and he was smiling at me. Pete was a gentle soul and he always helped me up when I had troubles with my work. I offered him a small smile as a thanks for the boost of confidence when I heard another man behind me.

"I thought the Frenchs had royals for a long time, you'll be fine." Said the deep voice of my friend Haven.

I turned around and offered him a bigger smile even, that he returned in kind.

"I'm so happy to see you here." I said feeling better already.

"You shouldn't get nervous about the ceremony." Haven added serious all of a sudden. "Be more careful about the guests. I see that you two have completed the mating, that will help but I wouldn't let her wander alone if I were you Adam."

"I know, don't worry." My mate said tightening his grip around my waist.

"I thought that no one could take me away now that I had your mark." I said looking at the steely gaze of my mate.

"If I die, they can." Adam said.

Just hearing him say that, pierced my heart. I did not want to imagine Adam dead because of me. Would this curse ever end? I thought we would be safe once I became a tigress and was mated but it seemed that I had been a bit naive. When would they stop breathing down our neck?

"Don't worry, I won't die that easily." Adam said to reassure me.

"You better." I said with a smile. "I'm just... I was sure that we were safe now..."

"You'll be safe when you're so pregnant that you won't see your feet anymore." Ismael said amused.

I blushed and glared at the demon who looked far from being apologetic. He was enjoying teasing me so much. Was he right though? Would that make them stop? We talked about it with Adam but... Was I ready? Was it not going too fast?

"There's no pressure honey." Adam said. "Don't worry about the rest, get your tigress in check and we'll talk about it again."

I was about to answer when someone else joined the group, someone that I did not want to see so soon especially after last time.

"We'll make sure that Adam is safe tonight." Jackson said.

I was so stunned that I gaped like a fish. Well, miracles did happen.
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