The choice

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Adam parked the car in front of my building and I hesitated. Should I invite him in? I had many questions and I wanted an answer. Was I in any shape to do it tonight? Probably not.

Adam knew me too well though. He turned off the engine and looked at me. His green eyes were glowing under the street lamp.

"Here is what we're going to do." He said his deep voice soothing. "You hop in the shower and I make us some cocoa then you ask all your questions. I promise that I will answer everything."

I nodded. It sounded like a damn good plan. I loved that. I exited the car and Adam followed me like a silent giant. Well, cats were usually stealthy right? He was the biggest cat in the world after all.

I let my boss in my apartment like many times before and left him stroll to the kitchen. He was my friend so I trusted him in my personal space. Even more than I ever did Jackson now that I thought about it. There was just something that brought respect and made you comfortable right away with Adam. I needed comfort in this instant.

I went straight in my bedroom to fetch one of my oversized night t-shirts. I had some fine nightgowns but I seriously preferred t-shirts and it would send the wrong message to Adam. As fine as he was, right now I was hurting. When I thought that Jackson had done everything to me... He still found another way to hurt me.

I went for the shower and stripped leaving the clothes on the floor. I hopped in the shower and turned the water to hot. No time for the hair tonight so I would do it tomorrow.

I felt better when I got out of the shower. I put on my shirt. It was a Tigger t-shirt and I smiled. Well, that was ominous. It fell a bit above my knees so it covered my entire body just like a nightgown. I debated putting back on a bra and opted for yes. If Adam and I ever became intimate, I would not bother but it had not happen yet.

I exited the bathroom and padded to the kitchen while putting my hair in a bun. Adam sat at my small kitchen's table with two mugs of hot cocoa. I sighed as the smell wafted in the kitchen. That definitely was comforting.

Adam eyed my shirt with a smile as I sat opposite him at the table and took my mug. He had put it in my favourite mug with little unicorns on it while he drank in one I had with a black panther. It was a gift from a friend who worked as a SWAT officer in France. Their emblem is a black panther with RAID written on it like on my mug.

"Unicorns are real too then I suppose?" I asked coldly.

"Yes. They haven't been spotted in the US in a long time though." He said calmly.

I sighed. Shit. I did not want to shit on my friend truly.

"Sorry Adam. I'm just... I don't know what to think truly. I'm excited, happy and incredibly sad and hurt at the same time you know. It doesn't make sense in the slightest but that's how I feel."

"It's normal to be confused. You thought we were beings of fiction and here we are. Jackson was your boyfriend for five years, I'm your boss and your friend, Haven is one of your closest friends as well. I don't blame you at all."

"Are others working with us... Not human?"

"Well... You're one of the few humans actually. To be exact, there's only two of you. The rests are shifters, demons, angels, feys... We even have a vampire."

"Really? How did I never notice?"

"We're good at blending in. We have to. Witches help us too or glamour for the feys."

"Oh boy... Will they know that I know?"

"They waited for me to tell you since I'm the boss so yes they will know. I want us to be honest with each other Mia. You know that I'm interested in you since you came to work for me and..."

"Wow... Wait right there." I cut him and he looked at me his green eyes feverish. "How come you're only telling me this now? I always thought I was... Well that it was quite one-sided."

He smiled fondly at me and took my small hand in his big one rubbing my knuckles gently with his thumb. It felt quite good and my heart fluttered. I daydreamed about this often actually. He would take me on the kitchen table and it would be epic. No time for that now though. We were having a serious conversation here so take your mind out of the gutter Mia.

"Oh no. I thought that I was obvious but I forget how thick you can be sometimes." He chuckled that deep rumble that always made my body shiver.

"Hey." I said blushing. "I just lack the confidence. It's not the same thing. But wait a minute... Do you have mates as well?"

If I learned one thing from my romance novels, it was mates. Werewolves had mates which were a person they would fall in love with instantly. They were their other half. Soulmates. Wolves mated for lives so it could be the same for the werewolves but was it the case for tigers?

I knew that tigers were more solitary and usually crossed paths only to mate. Was it the case for weretigers?

I looked at Adam and he seemed to look for a way to answer my question. That made me nervous. Was it a good thing or a bad thing?

"We do." He said. "Tigers usually don't mate for life in the wild but weretigers like all supernatural beings have mates."

He seemed calm as he explained this to me but he did not really answer my question.

"Am I... Your mate Adam?"

"That's... You know that normally there's only one mate per individual. Well... In rare cases... There are beings that can be mated with every being. We call them Aphrodites."

"What does that mean?" I asked cold all of a sudden. I did not want the answer to that somehow.

"It means that they can choose their mates but they're mates with everyone until they choose. You... Are an Aphrodite. It's incredibly rare Mia. I thought you were my mate the first time we met and you are in a way but then when I talked to Ismael, one of the demons, he said that he felt the pull too."

Ismael was one of my coworkers. He was a tall tanned man with long silky black hair and dark brown eyes almost black. I always thought he came from Middle-East but well he came from a place way warmer. But maybe Hell was not warm at all. What did I know?

"Does that mean I could also be Jackson's or Haven's mate?" I asked lowering my gaze and in a whisper.

"Yes." Adam said slowly. "If you want."

What did I want? There was so many possibilities. I was pissed at Jackson right now so maybe he was out of the race and Haven... I never even considered the mountain as a potential boyfriend. Adam... I certainly was attracted to him. That was for sure.

Maybe I should sleep on it. I drank the remaining of my cocoa and wondered what it would mean. I could choose who I wanted so it was not really different from being a simple human but being a mate meant... True love. I started giggling and then I could not stop the laughter anymore. Adam eyed me concerned all of a sudden and my laughter ended in tears falling down my eyes.

As soon as he saw the tears, he jumped to his feet and embraced me tight. I felt good engulfed in his warmth. He was hot. Literally. I was sure that his body temperature was definitely above average. I returned the hug and he kissed the top of my head before stroking my back for comfort.

"You know that I don't believe in true love and I'm... A fucking walking way to true love for everyone. That's just... Too much." I said against his chest.

"I know it's a lot." He said in a soothing voice that you would use with a child. Frankly, right now, I did not care. "I wish it could be simple Mia. I truly do. It usually is with us..."

I nodded and parted slowly from him. His hands moved from my back to cup my cheeks and wipe the last tears with his thumbs.

"You should sleep a bit." He said.

His green eyes showed concern and sadness. I loved him right now for it. I could see that it was hard on him to tell me all this and not be able to help me more. He was such a sweet guy.

"Thank you Adam." I said.

"Don't mention it. I'll stay until you fall asleep then I'll go home. I'll see you tomorrow at work."

I nodded and walked to my room, Adam right behind me. I slid into bed and settled against the pillows. He settled next to me but on the blanket and kissed my forehead.

I took off my bra under the blankets and he chuckled seeing me wiggling.

"I can't sleep with that torture thing on." I said sleepily.

"Of course. Sleep tight."

"Thank you Adam."

I closed my eyes and sleep took me over as soon as I did. Adam's warmth helped but his feelings for me did the deed truly.
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