The choice

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I was at a loss for words looking at Gabriel the angel. Ismael was pouting next to me because he had been interrupted. I was glad though, I feel like I would not have liked being touched by the demon.

"What do you mean Gabriel?" I asked.

"Well darling." Ismael answered. "You're a rare being. Think about it like this. Some of us are not immortal. It's not the case for Gabe or for me but some like the shifters aren't. It means that they might have already lost their mates or will never find them. Then you appear. Their one chance at true love and peace. You're very important and valuable."

I did not think about that. If Gabriel and Ismael were immortals, it meant that they could just wait for their mates to appear while for the shifters time was against them. If they all yearned for true love and a mate then I was just what they needed. Damn it. Was it dangerous?

"Oh don't be afraid doll." Ismael said his voice suave. "I don't think Adam will let anything happen to you plus you can count on us."

I looked between the two men and I was not reassured. I trusted Adam with my life but not really the demon or the angel for that matter.

As I was thinking deeply about what they just said, in came Laurel. She was a tall woman looking like a model with long legs, thin, light brown hair and brown eyes. We have always hated each other's guts and I did not even know why.

She looked at us with disdain and she seemed to draw some kind of conclusion because she came closer. I knew by the expression on her face that I would not like what she was going to say.

"So... Adam told the human about us huh?" She said her high pitch voice dripping acid.

"Yes Laurel. Adam told me. What are you?" I asked.

"I'm a werelynx." She said proudly.

That was actually nice. I loved all cats and lynxes were usually rare in the US but we had some in Europe even if they were endangered.

I could see that Laurel was not done with me though. She pursed her lips in a frightening smile and looked me right in the eyes.

"Now you know where you stand human. If I were you, I would stop following Adam around like a puppy. You're a disgrace really."

"You hate me because I'm human? Well, if Adam wants me around then that's where I'll be. You're not my boss so I won't take shit from you. You don't even scare me kitty cat." I answered with a smirk.

She was fuming because she was so sure that I would cower and be scared. Bitch. You've got the wrong bitch as said one of my favourite songs.

"I could rip your throat in one move." She said her lips in a thin line.

"That's not allowed here Laurel." Adam growled behind me.

She jerked and whipped frightened eyes to our boss. I could not help but enjoy her predicament. Bullies should always get what they deserve.

"But... Adam..." She tried to act coy but that would not work with Adam. Yes he was male but he was not stupid. That was a mistake to think so.

"We don't threaten humans. Ever. That's the rule. If you don't like it, you're free to go Laurel." Adam said tartly.

He was pissed and I could not help to feel happy that he would take my side. I was an independent woman and I could take care of myself but I knew that shifters were stronger than humans. I would not have backed down though even if that was the death of me. You know what they say about the French and their pride? Well it was true.

Laurel looked as if Adam had slapped her in the face but she soon recovered and turned around to go to her desk. You reap what you sow bitch.

I turned to look at Adam and he was smiling at me. He had changed because he was wearing a green polo shirt that made his eyes pop and navy blue jeans. He truly did have clothes at work. Nice to be the boss I guess.

Ismael and Gabriel took that as a cue to go to their own desks leaving Adam and I alone. I smiled at him and he smiled right back.

"Did you need me for something boss?" I asked.

"Yes. Can you take care of the Millers wedding's preparation?"

"Sure. I already started. Here look."

I turned on my computer to show him what I did for the reception of the Millers' wedding. Future Mrs Miller wanted a Flower fantasy wedding. It's too girly for me but oh well, that's not my wedding. I showed Adam what we had in mind for the flowers arrangement and so on.

"See?" I showed him on the screen. "Future Mrs Miller and the wedding planner told me that they wanted lilies here and there."

Adam leaned on my desk to look at the screen more in detail and I could not help to blush at the proximity. Get it together girl. He hummed as he looked at the flowers and turned to me his green eyes scrutinising my face. A smile graced his full lips and he said with a low voice so no one would hear us.

"What is it Mia?"

I loved men with a deep voice. That just turned me on and right now, Adam had the deepest voice I ever heard. I shivered slightly and breathed out slowly. Adam's eyes darkened and I could see clearly what he had in mind. Not the lilies I can tell you.

"Nothing..." I whispered. "What do you think?"

"I think you've done a great job and that I need to take you to dinner tonight. My treat."

"I'm sorry what?" I asked stunned at the change of topic.

Adam smirked as he could tell that I had troubles to focus with him so near. I was acting like a teenager and I needed to get a grip. Yes, he was handsome and yes, I wanted a taste but now was not the time for that. Come on.

"Thank you for your feedback and yes to dinner tonight." I knew that I was blushing furiously right now but that seemed to please Adam.

"Perfect." He said his voice a rumble. "Let's go when you're done here."

"Sure thank you." I said with a smile. I was a confident person normally but I always seemed to lose it when men manifested interest in me. Especially men like Adam whom I always thought were out of my reach, like movie stars or professional athletes.

"You should submit your proposal to the wedding planner, I'm sure she'll like it." He said.

"Thanks, I'll do that."

I took my phone and dialled the Millers' wedding planner. Oh boy. I hoped that it would be all right.

The young lady in charge of the Millers' wedding seemed to love my idea if the squeals I could hear were any indication. I met Ms. Fox once and she was an energetic fireball. She was small, with a pixie cut of red hair. She had a round face with lots of freckles and toffee brown eyes. In all, she was cute.

"Mia this is perfect!" She squealed again. "I'm sure Shelley will love it!"

"I sure hope so. If she wants to make any changes, please tell me so right away Lisa."

"Of course. It's always a pleasure working with you! Say hi to Adam for me."

"I will."

We hung up and I felt exhausted. How could such a tiny person have so much energy?

I did not go to the gym this morning and I felt it now. That usually pumped me for the whole day but I would have to wait for tomorrow. I wondered how I would face Haven. What could I say to him? I supposed that I needed to be supportive.

After all, it was really cool that one of my best friends was a werelion. I could not wait to hear him roar.
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