The choice

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We definitely ordered something new. I usually took the penne all'arrabiata but tonight I was feeling adventurous so I took the mushroom risotto. I know. I'm wild. Adam would usually eat a pizza but tonight, he decided to take the spaghetti i pesto. Yum.

"Excellent choice." Mitch commented.

He left to bring the order to his dad and I could not help but wonder if Mitch was human. Adam sipped his wine and answered my silent question.

"Mitch and his dad are werecats."

I whipped my head to him and I bit my bottom lip to stifle a laugh. Mitch I could picture as a kitty but his father... Let us say that Roberto was a big man. He was maybe 1m75 and he was as large as he was tall. I would love to see him as a cat.

"Really?" I said my voice coming out weird because I was trying not to laugh.

"Yes." Adam was smiling too. He knew me too well. "They're quite a sight. We're cousins in a way and I can tell you that it's always funny to see them hunt during the full moon."

"So you guys really do that? Turn during the full moon?"

"Born lycanthropes are not obliged to change during the full moon but we do enjoy to hunt during those periods."

"That's what Jackson was doing when he was leaving me..." I said furrowing my brows. Damn bastard.

"Yeah. He would go hunt with his pack."

"You said born lycanthropes... Does that mean that you can be... Bitten?"

"Yes. You can be. The change is more painful for bitten lycanthropes but otherwise... We're the same."

"If I... Mate with a shifter, I can become one then?"

"Yes. The mark will bring your change." He confirmed. Interesting. That actually made me smile. I would love to be a shifter. I think.

"Would you like that?" He asked smiling.

"I think I would. It must be so... Exhilarating to be able to change form."

"It certainly is but you feel another conscience inside of you and they have their own personality. It takes time to get used to it. You also need to add the rules of each group. Tigers, for example, are very hierarchised but we don't fight much because there's not many of us left. I inherited my position because my father was Tsar and that's how it usually goes. If one of the tigers think I shouldn't be Tsar they can challenge me."

"Is it a fight to the death?"

"Not necessarily. As I said, we're not enough left to kill any member so we try to work together most of the time."

"Seems very... Democratic."

"Oh it's not." He chuckled. "The Tsar always has the final word."

"I see... Mm... Tigers still like respect."

"All dominant animals like respect. If you want to survive when confronted to a young lycanthrope who doesn't have full control, it's better not to look them in the eyes. That's how we issue challenges. Lowering your eyes is proof of submission."

"Do you mind when people look at you in the eyes?"

"Not anymore. I like to think that my tiger and I are working well together. We know that we can't avoid humans looking at us in the eyes. With other lycanthropes though... You'll notice that Mitch never looks me in the eyes. He's a dominant but not enough to challenge me."

"Interesting. I never noticed."

Adam smiled at my statement. Well. Maybe I should start paying more attention.

Mitch came back with our orders and it smelled so good. I knew that Roberto had once again outdone himself. I could not wait to dig in but first...

I watched Mitch and yes, he seemed to act more reverantly with Adam. Was it how you were supposed to treat a dominant? Or was it a cat thing?

"Is there something on my face?" Mitch asked me smiling.

"No. I was just wondering..."

Mitch looked puzzled and Adam explained.

"Mia knows about us."

"Oh." Mitch said surprised.

"I was wondering if you had more deference for Adam because he was higher ranked or if it was a cat thing." I said what was on my mind.

Mitch laughed and so did Adam. I did not see what was so funny in my question but better that than angry glares I supposed.

"I would say first option." Mitch answered. "Cats are not big on ceremonies. We're not wolves. Those guy have an event for almost anything."

"True enough. They even make a ceremony for the full moon hunt." Adam sighed. "We just don't care. My streak hunts together but we don't share the food. That's not the tiger's way. If you can't hunt then the streak won't provide."

"That's tough." I said.

"Well that's a cat thing." Mitch said. "We only provide for those who are wounded or too small like the kittens. You start shifting at puberty so you need to learn the ropes. Only then will the others help. Usually it's your parents but the leader can also do it."

Adam nodded at that. Cats were definitely harsh but they were also fair.

"We live in a dangerous world." Adam explained. "We need to be able to fend for ourselves. It's rough but we need to be if we want to survive. Females won't pick a weak male anyway."

Wow. This was so... Old fashioned but I could understand that the animal part had a lot to do with the decisions. In the wild, females would only pick the best male to mate. They wanted the best genetic material. Was the opposite also true? Would the lycanthropes' males also choose only the best females? I was definitely weak as a human. How come Adam was interested in me?

Both men were looking at me while I was pondering on things. Were they expecting me to nod or validate their point? Mm... What did I think about this?

"I think that I get it." I said slowly. "In the wild, the females would only choose the best males to mate. I suppose, humans do it too even if more unaware and on a different level but... Isn't it the case for males as well? Don't they choose the best female?"

They looked at each other and seemed to think about it. While they did, I tasted the risotto. Damn. It was so good.

"I suppose you're right." Adam said. "We would try to choose the best female in both area. I would definitely search for a person with a personality that I like but who could also take care of herself. It's in my DNA to protect the females but I definitely want a strong female."

Wow. That was definitely going deep for a first date. I wondered if Adam saw me as strong? I thought of myself as independent and I could definitely fend for myself physically too but... I could not defeat a lycanthrope or another supernatural being. There was just no way. If I became a lycanthrope though... That would be something else. Was Adam considering it?

"I guess you're right." I said. "I would definitely go with someone who completes me anyway."

The men seemed to accept that and Mitch left us to our dinner. The food was great. I even treated myself to dessert. Tiramisu of course. I shared it with Adam and it was fun.

"You're right. It's good." He said smiling.

"Of course. You can trust me on dessert."

He chuckled and I joined him. I definitely was having a good time. Adam was easy to talk to and he would never judge me. He was always ready to give me advice and he did not mind when we disagreed. I just had to wait for the other shoe to drop because it would eventually, it always did.

He paid the bill even if I insisted to pay. I was for equality in a couple.

"You'll pay next time, I promise." He said with a smile. He led me out with his hand around my waist. I liked it actually. It felt good to have him touch me.

"All right. You better keep that promise." I said amused.

He crossed his heart and lifted his other hand making me chuckle. He could be such a tease.

He drove me to my place and I found it hard to part with him. I would usually just do that at this point but somehow I did not want to.

"Do you want to take a coffee upstairs?" I asked.

"Why not."

We both went up to my place and when the elevators' doors opened, Adam stopped. He put me behind him in a protective gesture and I wondered what was happening. I could not see behind him because he was too big.

"What are you doing here?" Adam growled.

"What are you doing here?" Answered a feminine voice that I knew.

The bitch was back.
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