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Myron finds the love of his life in college Jene, but she soon finds out that she'll have to leave. They will cross each other paths throughout the years as they're burning sexual desire for one another, but is it enough to keep them together.

Romance / Erotica
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Phone Sex With Jene

Some guys had all the fancy cars, tons of money and lavish pads, in college, but not all had a smooth mouthpiece like Myron. He didn’t have much money in college, but he was full of the game and wisdom that was bestowed upon him by the environment he lived in. He enjoyed having conversations with women, dating all the way back to high school at the early age of fourteen. Myron grew up on the Northside of Oaktown, where life was a struggle for all who lived here. Including pimp’s, hustlers, hoe’s and drug dealers were all product of the environment that he was raised in.

Taking pride in becoming a wordsmith and being able to get his point across to women is something he hung his head on. Myron would go to house parties on the weekends with a small group of friends. They all learn the game from one another growing up, but none of Myron friends are much of a wordsmith as him. He’s so nice with his word play, he could dance underwater and not get wet. These kickbacks would be a great place to meet girls his age in college for him to test out his game. Being charismatic was a strong trait to have, which also included his sense of humor and honesty.

Myron had sex appeal and confidence within his approach of meeting women. His first encounter with a woman in school was by phone sex with a lady by the name of Jene. Days in a life of a student were busy with classes and studying. Finding time for pleasure was hard to come by, but phone sex was the best means possible for Myron.

Jene was head over the moon when it came to Myron. They would talk for hours upon hours about the things she wanted to do with her mouth on him. She would touch herself while he whispers sexual nothing’s in her ear over the phone. The more he would speak, the wetter she became. He would ask her to take her fingers and rub it on her clit and explain what it tastes like. She would always reply, it tastes like peaches as she pushed two fingers deep inside herself and moans in his ear over the phone.

Myron would grab his dick as she would moan in his ear and stroke it slowly while she’s deep within herself. How wet is it, he would ask her. She would always reply wetter than the five great lake’s sweetness. She insisted that he should come over and finish the job, so she can taste him. He would tease her and ask her to beg for it as she asks pretty please. Jene enjoyed the erotic feeling of the type of pleasure he provided her.

Phone sex between Myron and Jene was a regular thing and their first experience with sex with one another. Jene would daydream about him slowly running his fingers up her leg while in class. Kissing her genitally on the neck, but pulling her hair roughly from the back of her head. The more she thought about it, the hotter she became. Biting her bottom lip and eyes begin to roll in the back of her head.

Myron would show up to her dorm apartment every other evening, and she would have lite candles and rose petals on the floor leading to her bedroom. Little handwritten notes with words of passion telling him what pieces of clothing to take off as he makes it to her bedroom door. The lights are dim and soft music plays in the background, he swings open the bedroom door slowly as he sees her laying across her bed in pink lace lingerie and pink pumps on.

He walks over to her and brushes his hands down her shoulders, and she gets goosebumps from his touch. Her scent gets him aroused as all the blood rushes to his dick. She grabs it with both hands and slowly strokes it. He tilts her head back and kisses her left earlobe. Her right hand would reach around the back of him, pulling him even closer as she begins to breathe deeply with every kiss to her body. He whispers in her ear, how bad do you want me inside of you. She replies, I want it inside of me really bad.

He then begins to undress her and lay her down on her back slowly. He starts to kiss her from the cheeks and whispers how soft each part he kisses is once he reaches it. Next would be her neck as he tells her how sweet she smells. Then her breast as he takes his time with this area and kisses the nipple slowly and licks his tongue around it as it gets harder and harder. Next he would work his way down to the belly button, and he would kiss her from the right side of her tummy and lick back toward the belly button to the left side of her tummy. He would kiss each and every rib as she gets tickled by his tongue pleasingly.

He then begins again, going further south as he has reached her midsection. Then kisses her pelvis while look up at her as her eyes keep rolling in the back of her head. She nibbles on her bottom lip as another set of goosebumps rushes up her body. He then goes to her inner left thigh and kisses it slowly down to her knee. Now he switches over to the right knee as he slowly makes his way up her inner thigh as he reaches her clit and kisses, lick and sucks on it slowly.

She whispers under her breath, “fuck me” please. He replies, oh, you ready for me? She says yes I need you inside of me, please “FUCK ME” as she breathes ever heavier. How deep do you want me to go. She replies go fucking deep babeee. She grabs his dick with her right hand and grabs his ass with her left hand and pushes him deep within side her. As her cup runneth over, overflow with juices from her body that she's been withholding all day waiting for this moment.

She moans and body starts to tighten up as she met with all kinds of emotions at this point. Her toes curl, her eyes roll, and her mouth is wide open as Myron is stroking his dick in and out of her. He picks up his pace as her arms wraps around him tighter. He starts to sweat as he's putting in work on her body and feels warm, wet, and a tight pulsating throb from her pussy. Then he picks up the pace, and she begins to yell “Oh Fuck, I'm Cumming” while her legs starts to shake.

Myron continues to stroke her pussy faster and faster as he reaches climax and release all his energy with in her. The heat from her pussy had his body lose control. As a single tear drops from her left eye, as she hasn't felt as close to someone in such a short period of time in her life until now. They would gaze into each other souls, and she confessed that she was in love with him. He replied, I love you with all my heart, Jene.

She would try to hide her actions from the rest of her classmates, but it was written all over her face how bad she had it for Myron. Phone sex for the both of them fulfilled a hole that was in each of their hearts. He would as well catch feelings for Jene, as she made him feel warm and safe, which he never quite felt before. Things between these two love birds were well, but as we know life happens and sometime can spread you apart.

Jene would have to leave the campus after freshman year because her mother became ill. They keep in touch as long as they could by being thousands of miles apart from one another. And one day, just like that, Myron didn’t receive any more calls or texts as they drifted apart. This was a devastating to him because this was his first love and a broken heart heals differently for some people.

Myron would spiral out of control sexually over the course of his life. He would engage is sex with women without his heart involved. By the time summer was over with, he was heading into his sophomore year drinking more and partying more to distract his mind off of Jene. They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. And that he did with Ashley, Whitney and Keisha.

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