Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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“You Asshole!” She exclaimed. “Who are you calling, asshole?” he asked while gazing at her angrily. When Mila crosses path with a stranger, she never expects him to be the infamous king, loathed and hated by everyone. The king with the stone hand. Their first encounter was curiosity; the second one was a coincidence, but their third was accidental—the kingdoms saintess against the forgotten king. Come and join the stubborn saintess as she tries to break the walls of the most hated sinner, King Zion.

Romance / Fantasy
Silver Taurus
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His emerald eyes followed her every movement across the room. He felt entranced by the strange yet captivating girl who smiled warmly at him. Her hips swayed along with the soft white dress wrapped around her voluptuous body while she carried a small bag.

“Take your shirt off, King Zion,” she ordered in an authoritative voice. He just blinked.

If it were somebody else, he would have already pulled out his tongue. But instead, he couldn’t deny the order that this girl was giving him, and he just turned around and did as she asked.

He felt the bed make a creaking sound as the girl kneels behind him. His hardened heart didn’t beat at all, but he still felt nervous, just like the first time they met. That strange and giddy feeling she made him feel.

“You need to take care of your body,” he heard her say with care.

“Why should I? This body is already rotting,” he answered, scoffing.

He expected her to answer back, but all he got was silence. So instead, he scoffed again. But this time, there was an answer and one he didn’t expect.

“Idiot!” she retorted, throwing him a piece of cloth and taking him by surprise.

He turned around, and surprise, looked at her porcelain face covered in a shade of red from anger.

“You idiot!” she screeched while slapping his head angrily. “Get someone to clean your wound. I’m not taking care of you until you stop being stupid.”

He looked at her, stunned; no words could come out of his mouth that opened and closed several times. Then, fuming in anger, she turned around, and, stomping her feet, she left the room, leaving him confused and baffled.

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