Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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13. A Hard Promise


There was a time where there was peace, love, no fights and everything remained calm. Not until a single person made the mistake of meddling into shady business not meant for him.

All this time, I have regretted linking myself with a kind of person, but I felt there was nothing that could stop me from loving. So that’s why I did it, and now I have to keep that single promise that weighs me down, no matter how much I tried to ignore it.

It wasn’t simple after all: I married a gypsy and a dangerous one.

Gypsies are dangerous by nature. But if you befriend the correct one with respect, they would be loyal to you until the day they die. Here, a mistake leads to a misunderstanding, leading to a specific person, the sinner before me.

“Let’s go, Mila,” the sinner said as he extended his hand.

My teeth bit the inside of my cheek as I watched Mila leave with him. How in the world did she even end with him?

It was frustrating, but I understood her. She was slowly falling in love, but with the wrong one. He was dangerous for her, for someone innocent, like my daughter, who didn’t know who he was.

“Mother?” I heard Aria call, but I turned away from them. Then, letting out a frustrated groan, I grab my things and tell Aria it’s time to go back home.

My fingers caressed the warm wooden cup as I took a seat on the porch. I let out a sigh and leaned on the wooden chair. My hair is a complete mess. My body feels tired, and I feel desperate. All I need to do is make Mila leave his side before he knows the truth and tries to harm her.

I sip on the warm tea and look right at the forest. A shadow figure on the side made me roll my eyes.

“Why are you here?” I questioned the hooded man. That only smirked my way.

“It’s been a while, love,” he answered, approaching the house.

“Likewise, love,” I said with a nod.

“Are the girls sleeping?” he asked, taking a seat on the wooden stairs.

“Just Aria,” I sighed. He frowned and removed his cloak. My eyes studied his expression—a scowl.

“Mila?” he asked.

“The king’s castle,” I coldly answered. I saw his jaw clenched and his hands fist on each side.

He didn’t ask more and turned to look back at the forest.

“Since when?” he asked in a clipped tone.

“Afternoon,” I answered. He nodded and stood up, closing the gap between us. He took a seat next to me and stared at the dark forest.

“Bring her back, Zoraida. She can’t be under his control,” he stated. I hummed in agreement. “He can’t know, and she shouldn’t know either, not even of me.”

“Why?” I spat, annoyed. “Why keep it a secret?”

“It’s not time, woman. When the time comes, she will know,” he said, standing. Then, putting his cloak back, he bent over and kissed my forehead. “Bring my princess back.”

“Crudel…” I mumbled.

“I know, love, I know,” Crudel whispered and walked away.

Standing, I head back in. My feet guided me to my small office, where my secrets lay hidden. I locked the door behind me and walked over, taking a seat on the wooden chair. I opened the drawer and tapped on the hidden wall.

I pulled out some cards and stared at them.

“All because of that damn mistake,” I mumbled as I unfolded one of them and read them.


“I need you to get your sister back,” I explained as Aria nodded.

“Ok, but what do I tell her?” Aria asked.

“Lie to her, just make her come back,” I ordered.

“Are you scared something might happen to Mila, mother?” Aria asked, making me freeze in place. I looked over my shoulder and nodded slowly. “Very well, I will try my best.”

“Thank you,” I smiled and watched my other daughter leave.

The front door closed, and I felt someone’s presence behind me.

“Show yourself,” I ordered as the black-hooded man appeared from behind the door.

“Queen,” he bowed.

“State your visit,” I ordered, taking a seat on the blue sofa. The man kneeled and put his hand over his chest.

“The king has ordered a trip to the kingdom. He wishes all of you to go back immediately,” the man said. I sighed and massaged my temple.

“That’s impossible for now,” I explained. “Not until my daughter returns.”

“It’s urgent. I advise you to go back with one of them,” the man said sternly. I nodded in annoyance and dismissed him with a wave of my hand.

“Gosh,” I hissed angrily. Hopefully, Aria can convince Mila to come back.



My feet tapped on the ground as I watched the stubborn king.

“Leave Mila,” Zion said, dismissing me.

“Oh, no!” I screeched, making him look at me.

“You’re stubborn,” Zion scoffed.

“So are you, king,” I spat back. Crossing my arm over my chest, I sighed and walked over to Zion’s side. “Let’s go. It will only be a few minutes.”

“No, I’m fine!” Zion growled.

“Zion,” Rosa’s voice said from the side. I sighed and walked towards the bed. Taking a seat, I glare at the blue sky.

“Let’s go for a walk then,” I suggested as my eyes remained on the sky.

“For what? I’m busy,” Zion continued. I rolled my eyes and stood up.

“Get up, Zion!” I said, with hands-on my hips. Couldn’t he do as I asked for once? “Get up and stop looking at me like that!”

“Like what?” Zion asked with a smug on his face.

“That way!” I said and reached for his arm. “Now up, mister!”

Zion grumbled but obliged. Rosa chuckled from the side and just watched us.

“It’s a five-minute walk, and then you’re free from me, I promise,” I said.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep,” Zion answered coldly. I threw him a glare.

What’s with him?

We both started walking when the guard notified us my sister was there. I frowned and saw a mischievous look on Zion.

“Fuck!” I cursed and let go of his arm.

“My win,” Zion said, returning to his seat.

“Shut it!” I snapped and followed the guard, who had a smile on his face.

We walked to the castle entrance, where Aria stood with a basket and her red hood.

“Sister?” I frowned, looking around. “Why are you here?”

“I came to bring you back,” Aria smiled. This had to be my mother’s idea.

“No, it’s my job to be here,” I said sternly.

“Yes, but still you have a house, and mother seems worried Mila, just understand,” Aria sighed.

“Look, I’m getting paid, and one of my conditions was to live here for the time being. So as you can see, I’m fine,” I said, turning around. Aria scanned my body and nodded in agreement.

“Yes, but can you at least come for a while?” Aria begged. My patience runs a thin line. “Just for the afternoon. Also, Ezekiel has been dying to see you.”

Remembering my best friend, I sighed at that.

“We can go to the market and visit him. I’m not going back home,” I said, making Aria nod happily. “Wait here. I will bring my cloak.”

Returning to Zion’s room, I excused myself and grabbed my brown cloak. Zion’s eyes followed me and called my name.

“What now?” I snapped, annoyed.

“Where are you going?” Zion asked curiously.

“You have work; get to work,” I barked, making him scowl. Yes, eat that.

“Mila!” Zion called, but I walked away. The screeching of a chair caught my attention. He was not following, was he? “Mila, stop!”

I stumped to my feet and turned to look at him furiously.

“What?” I snapped, making Zion flinch. “I have to go, Zion. I don’t care what you want. You said you’re busy, so go back to work and stop bothering.”

Zion looked taken aback by my outburst, but I didn’t care. He didn’t have time, neither did I.

“Bye,” I said and walked away.

My sister Aria looked behind me, her eyes the size of a saucer, as I heard some foul words coming from Zion.

“Are you going to be all right?” Aria asked nervously.

“Yes, ignore that, asshole,” I said, grabbing her elbow and dragging her out of the castle walls.

The least I wanted was to be close to him right now. But, instead, he made me feel irritated.

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