Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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20. Gypsies

Third Person POV

I smirked as I watched them fight. The way she looked at him made me recoil in happiness. She hated him, yes, hate him. I was sure of that.

Once he left, I turned and covered my face with the cloak. I needed to go now that I planted the seed of hate in her heart. Making my way down the bushy path, I head straight out of the castle’s grounds. Hearing a shuffling, I look to the side where two of my men awaited with my horse.

“King,” they both greeted. I nodded and got into my horse.

“Head back, I will return tonight,” I ordered sternly and left.

I headed straight to the house of the person I knew that would give me the answers. But, unfortunately, all this slight mistake of hers was causing problems to my plans. So, as I noticed the house on the hill, I left my horse tied near some trees and walked straight to her house.

I hide my presence with the magic I placed on myself. As I walked up the stairs, I noticed her standing with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Come out; I know you’re there,” she grumbled, making me chuckle. I lowered my hood and walked towards her.

Her eyes moved up as I smirked at her.

“You seem happy,” she answered as I took a seat.

“Indeed,” I answer in a clipped tone. “My dear daughter has met my expectations.”

She glanced my way, a scowl all over her face.

“Don’t look at me like that, my queen. You know that for all this to work, I need her away from that man, the sinner.” I smiled. “How is the other one?”

“She is in a deep sleep. We should leave soon,” she answered with a sigh. Then, nodding back at her, she walks over and takes a seat next to me. “You’re doing the wrong thing here.”

I frowned.

“Wrong…” I muttered.

“You know this can’t continue. You’re being impulsive again!” she said, louder this time.

I spared her a glance as she wheezed in anger. Her eyebrows furrowed as I just stared at her. The rustling of the leaves from the wind has me admiring her beauty.

Though it’s been long, Zoraida still looked beautiful, just like the first time we met.

“You two need to leave tomorrow. My men will be here to take you back,” I said, looking away.

“What about Mila?” Zoraida asked with worry. I move my hand and grasp her, shaking one. Then, patting it, I smiled.

“No need to worry; when the time is right, I will come to pick her up.”

Zoraida looked worried by my words. But I was going to keep it. All I needed right now was for her to stay away from Zion.

“Will she know the truth?” Zoraida asked.

“Yes, I need you to leave all the clues for her to find. I have a feeling she will return,” I explained. “I need her to realize who Zion is.”

“Hate blinds you,” Zoraida said, making me scowl. “You can’t let it go, can you?”

My eye twitches as I grasp her hair and yank it.

“You know what that bastard did!” I hissed close to her face. “You think I would let it go like that?”

“But you started it; it was you!” Zoraida spats.

I chuckled and loosened my grip.

“Yes, I started it, but he messed with it,” I muttered, standing. “So just do as I ask.”

Zoraida eyed me with anger, hate. I know she wasn’t happy with this life, but she would need to comply with my request if she wanted to live.

“I need the saint back,” I said, putting my hood back and walking down the stairs.

“You really will tell them the truth?” Zoraida asks, stopping me.

I glanced over my shoulders.

“The truth?” I scoffed with a smile. “They’re my daughters. I think it’s time they know their dear father isn’t dead.”

“This will affect them!” Zoraida retorted. “Don’t make more mistakes, Frey, please.”

I turned and faced her. She looked like she wanted to cry.

“Zoraida,” I called. “Mila is the saintess, and once she learns Zion ‘Killed me,’ she will hate him to the core. That’s all I need; her hate to get accumulated in her heart.”

Zoraida didn’t utter another word as I left. Walking back towards the horse, I untied it and started going. But before I could leave this place, I stopped at the foot of the mountain where you could see the entire castle standing in its glory.

My eyes shifted to the tower in the east. Memories of a particular night started appearing in my mind.

The flashback made me laugh aloud.

Noah and Zion would soon get the surprise of their lives. All I needed was to make Mila do her move and then bring her back so I could carry my plan and have everything back. All that Zion took away from me and, with it, my revenge for my people.



I coughed as Rosa handed me some medicine for me to take. The sour taste made my stomach flip.

“No, keep it in, Mila,” Rosa retorts. I cursed as the awful taste made me feel nauseous.

Letting out a sigh, I lean on the fluffy pillows and cover my body with the warm bed sheets. I could feel Rosa’s eyes following my every movement.

I know she had many questions, but honestly, I didn’t want to talk. After my fight with Zion, I had kept my distance from him and Noah. I’ve been locked in the bedroom with the excuse of feeling sick and not wishing to meet no one.

Occasionally, I heard Noah’s voice asking how I was doing and if he could have a word with me. But I had declined all of his requests.

“My child, you know, acting like this won’t solve the misunderstanding between you guys,” Rosa blurts, making me look her way.

Raising her eyes, she raises an eyebrow and throws me a look. I rolled my eyes heavenward and sighed.

“I know what Zion told you surprised you, but he was honest with you. Isn’t that important?” Rosa said. “I know he isn’t a saint. He’s stained, hurt, and has suffered all this time thanks to that.”

I clenched and didn’t utter a word.

“Zion didn’t tell you what made him lose control of himself, right?” Rosa asked. I shook my head in silence.

Rosa sighed and put the tray on the night table. I looked at her hands as she hummed.

“When Zion met the prince of the Kingdom of Etolia. He never expected to be friends with him. We can even say they became best friends. The prince of Etolia, Prince Frey. A young boy with unique features, as he was a gypsy. He was introduced to Zion through Noah and some others.”

Rosa sighed as she smiled sadly.

“The thing was that Prince Frey wasn’t all sincere with Zion. So becoming friends was a setup, a test to see how Zion would react,” Rosa explained. I listened intently at her words. “And that’s what he did. He made Zion fall for his trap and get his hands covered in blood.”

“What did the prince ask Zion to do?” I asked curiously.

“It wasn’t what he asked him to do,” Rosa explains, meeting my eyes. “It was what Zion touched. He should have never accepted the gift the prince gave him.”

I frowned, feeling confused by her explanation.

“Prince Frey was a dark magician. He could use magic and even call upon the dead, and that’s where Zion made his mistake,” Rosa said, closing her eyes. Her hands balled. “Prince Frey carried a pendant that carried a soul, a sinner’s soul.”

“A pendant?” I said, crooking my head to the side.

“Yes, it was what made Zion lose control, and, as far as I know, that soul remains in Zion’s body,” Rosa said, rubbing her chin. “I don’t know too many details, but as far as I know, it makes Zion have those dark thoughts, and it’s a reason he left the castle.”

My mind deviated from the words she had just said. Thanks to that, I started recalling a memory from when I met Zion before. The way he told me to stay away from him because he could hurt me has me wondering if he said it because of that.

“Look, I don’t know too much, but I can tell you something. Zion regrets what he did, and he hates himself for it. Especially for the death of the late king and queen,” Rosa explained dejectedly.

“Zion mentioned that,” I whispered. “Why did he kill them?”

Rosa lifted her head and looked at me worriedly. Her eyes moved to look around us.

“Zion, he killed them because he needed the souls to pay tribute to that soul,” Rosa whispered nervously. “I can’t tell you more, sorry.”

Standing, Rosa grabs the tray and leaves. I sat in bed, staring at the wooden doors.

Was she serious?

Rubbing my head, I pull the bed sheets over my head and decide to get some rest. I had enough to think of.

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