Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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21. The Mysteries of the Castle


It’s been three days since I last saw Zion. Not that I was avoiding him. I didn’t wish to speak with him right now. There are a few things I need to get straight, and I wouldn’t be able to with Zion all over me.

With a sigh, I closed the book in my hands and looked around the bookshelves. I’ve been spending the last two days in the castle library where I saw that person—the one that’s a ghost or how the servants call it, a soul.

Gracing the rough covers of each book, I continued walking until I found a shelf with the kingdom’s history. I pulled on a thick and dusty book. Coughing, I flip through its pages and start reading its contents. Most of the books here talked about the time Noah’s and Zion’s parents were alive. How they ruled and what they accomplished.

So far, there wasn’t anything related to that forsaken night where Zion killed his people. Though Rosa assured me there is, it must be somewhere where no one can read it.

Sighing again, I continue flipping through the pages. Maybe if I asked Noah, he could give me more details? But knowing him, he would tell me to ask Zion about it. As I turn a page, I notice the word gypsy. Furrowing my brows, I take a seat on a nearby sofa and start reading it.

The book mentioned how the kingdom maintains an alliance with the gypsies. It was a treaty formed long ago so both sides could benefit in case of a war. I know gypsies were friendly if you earned their trust and you stayed true to them. However, most gypsies would keep their distance due to how they like to keep everything between themselves. But if the prince was friends with Noah and Zion, it meant he was staying in the castle?

Confused, I rub my face and shut the book. I leaned on the soft pillows and looked at the flames on the fireplace. Then, hearing the doors opened I glance over my shoulders.

“Didn’t expect to find someone here,” Noah muttered as he closed the doors.

“Hello,” I said, standing. Noah eyed me with concern.

I didn’t say a word and just put the book back where it was.

“I’m sorry,” Noah suddenly apologizes. I spared him a glance. “I know it’s sudden, but I’m sorry.”

“Why are you even apologizing?” I asked with a scowl. “It’s not like you were the sinner here.”

Noah cringed at my words. I know it was not pleasant, but I felt fed up with everything.

“Listen,” Noah said, standing in front of me. “I know what Zion did has no forgiveness. But he told you, right? He wasn’t himself. That thing…”

I stayed silent, waiting for him to continue, but all I saw was him having trouble explaining.

“Damn it!” Noah cursed, massaging his forehead. I sighed and passed by him. “Mila!”

My eyes dart to where Noah was touching. His hand tightly gripped my dress.

“Our friend betrayed Zion. It’s not that he did it because he wanted to. Frey was a bastard; he toyed with all of us,” Noah clenched. “I never expected him to betray us the way he did. We grew up together as kids, and all he did was make Zion kill our parents.”

“The pendant,” I asked. “What did the pendant hold?”

I knew it was a soul, but I needed information.

“That pendant had a dark soul. One that belongs to a gypsy who used black magic once. He was the strongest of them all. So they called it magician.”

Noah slowly let go of my dress and looked down at the floor.

“That soul lives in Zion’s body,” Noah whispered, making me snap my head up.

“What?” I asked.

“Yes, that soul is on Zion’s body. It’s been there since the day Frey betrayed us.”

I frowned.

“Then why don’t you take it out?” I asked. “Can’t you free Zion?”

“No,” Noah answered, shaking his head. “The only one capable of doing it is the person who placed the soul on Zion’s body.”

“Frey,” I answered, making Noah nod. “I see.”

I turned to leave when Noah stopped me again. I groan, annoyed.

“Zion loves you, Mila,” Noah said. “I hope you can understand his heart because he needs you.”

“Zion,” I mumbled. “I don’t know, Noah. Does he?”

I turned to face Noah, who furrowed his brows in confusion.

“What can I do? I’m just a saint. We don’t even belong to the same world!” I retorted. “Zion has his problems, and I have my own.”

“So you will give up?” Noah asked. His face was contorted into anger.

“Give up?” I scoff. “Didn’t Zion give up easily?”

Noah’s eyes widened as I spat the words angrily and fled the library.

“Oh, I will leave,” I yelled.

I needed some time away from everyone, and the only place was to head back home.


“Are you sure about this?” Rosa asked as I packed my things. My hands gripped the dress I was holding. “You’re not leaving Zion, right?”

“I need some alone time, Rosa,” I answered in a clipped tone.

“You’re mad at him; why? Was it because of what he did? Or is there another reason?” Rosa asks, stopping my movements. “You don’t know what that poor kid went through!”

“I am aware,” I said, yanking my arm from her grasp.

I took a deep breath and continued packing. Once I had everything, I grabbed my cloak and started leaving.

I could feel Rosa’s eyes following me as I opened the wooden doors of the room.

“I hope you can come back and don’t let Zion deal with this alone,” Rosa whispers. I tense at her words. “He needs you. You’ve been the only one so far to bring a bit of peace to him.”

“It’s my job as a saint, isn’t it?” I said over my shoulder. Rosa shook her head but didn’t utter another word.

With rushed footsteps, I dash down the hallways and then down the grand stairs of the castle. A few of the maids greeted. But I just smiled at them.

I was about to reach the castle entrance when someone hugged me from behind, making me drop my bag. I turned and pushed the person away.

Surprised, I look at Zion, who had his face cast down. I softly pant as we stay there in complete and utter silence.

I angrily bent over and picked my bag up. Zion didn’t say a word, so I turned around.

“Please,” Zion whispered, making me stop in my tracks. “Don’t leave like this.”

I blinked as tears started brimming my eyes. Then, clenching the strap of my bag, I look down at my feet.

“Mila, all I want is for you to understand me. I told you not to run away and hate me. I did it because I want you to know the real me!” Zion said, almost with a plea.

My heartbeat was on my chest as I let out a nervous breath.

“I didn’t want to keep anything away from you,” Zion whispered dejectedly. “I love you too much to keep all this to myself and leave you in the darkness. People will hate you the same way they hate me.”

I turned around and looked at him. Zion looked conflicted.

“I will never hate you,” I said, smiling wryly. “I just need time.”

Zion raised his hand to grab mine, but I took a step back, shaking my head.

“I need to go,” I said and ran away to where my horse awaited me.

Getting on it, I thank the guards and dash in a hurry out of the castle grounds. I felt sad, leaving Zion all confused and alone, but I needed at least a week to clear my mind and heart. Galloping down the road, I make the turn towards my house.

Closing my eyes, I sigh. I know once I get back, my mother will question me like crazy.

The ride took a while before I finally arrived home. Finally, getting down, I tied my horse and ran up the stairs. I frowned as I looked around and noticed the dried leaves.

Strange, my mother would always keep the porch clean.

As I turned the door handle, I noticed they locked it. I frowned, confused, and started walking around the house. Leaning my face to the window, I try to look inside. There was no one home?

I walked behind the house and saw the window of my bedroom was opened. Looking around for something, I notice the tree where Zion climbed last time. A small smile played on my lips as I threw my bag and shook my head. It seems I had no other choice but to climb.

Doing my best, I effortlessly climb the tree and then into my window. Thankfully, it was opened. If not, I would have to wait outside. Dusting my clothes, I look around my room. My things were the same way I left them when I left. Heading downstairs, I unlock the door and head straight to the stairs.

Noticing a door opened wide, I stop and peek inside. Why was my mother’s bedroom door opened?

I approached it and knocked, but I was utterly alone. Stepping into the room, I frowned. All the cabinets were opened and empty. Taking a step back, I dahs out and head to my sister’s bedroom. It was the same way. All the clothes and a few of her things were gone.

I nervously ran down and straight to the kitchen. I started shouting names, but there was no one.

I worriedly looked around for anything, but I was alone. Not even a note.

I backed away until I bumped into the kitchen door. Nervously, I turned and noticed a small piece of paper folded and tied on a small nail. I hurriedly untied it and opened it.

‘Mila, if you read this, we had left the house, and we moved somewhere else. Aria is with me, and we are safe. If you want to know where we are, I left you an address in my small office. Sorry, but we had no other choice, and I hope you make the right choice as well once you understand why we left.’

‘If you decide to leave and follow us, there will be someone picking you up. So you need to wait patiently at home. Stay safe, my dear. With love, your mother, Zoraida.’

I stared at the tiny note in disbelief. Then, crumbling it, I dash to my mother’s office. I quickly scramble through some books and papers.

Just as she mentioned, the address was over a stack of letters. Familiar ones I’ve seen before. Putting the address to the side, I picked one up and opened it. My eyes move around the details written on it.

These letters were old. Their edges looked yellowish at how long they’ve been here. But, as I lowered my eyes, I noticed a name. Frey.

“What?” I muttered.

I blinked, confused. What was this?

Unfolding the rest, I noticed they mentioned my mother and us. The name of the sender was Frey like the one Noah and Rosa said. Gulping, I take a seat.

Oddly, I couldn’t stop the awful feeling that crept into my heart. The beat of my heart numbed everything around me.

“What is this?” I gasped as I read the letter.

‘You know I’m their father, Zoraida. They are the princess and future queens of our clan.’

My blood went cold as I dropped the letter and stood abruptly. The chair tumbled, making a loud noise in the room.

This wasn’t real.

Tears slid down as my mind pounds. Groaning in pain, I held my head and stared at the letters. Then, as I move away from the table, a sudden noise has me tensing up.

Was someone here?

I tried to move but then noticed the shadow of the person as he walked towards the office. Feeling scared, I crouched and hid under the table. Then, covering my mouth, I close my eyes and try to stay as silent as possible.

Loud footsteps approached the room as I remained quiet.

The sound stop and I opened my eyes slowly. Did the person leave?

I lowered my hands down slowly. But as I do, someone grasps my wrist from above, making me scream.

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