Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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23. A Fear that could Kill


My headaches as I walk down the familiar hallway. Since telling the truth to Mila, I’ve been having those awful flashbacks of what I did, the memories invading every cell of my body.

I could feel HIM once again, crawling his way up to my head, ordering me what to do, trying to take control of my body.

I couldn’t allow it. After all this, I’ve been able to control him. To let him know, I don’t submit to him.

As I scratch my head, I stop and take a seat in the nearby window. My eyes out the garden as I sigh tiredly. All this was making me feel stressed, especially since Mila left.

I wish I could have stopped her somehow. Make her stay. I didn’t want to lose her, and though my brother and Rosa say she will come back, it worries me she might not come back. That feeling turned my head into chaos. Losing her would break me again.

I finally found someone who can accept me, love me for who I am. No one else except my brother and Rosa had accepted me. Still, I couldn’t trust them completely—that fear of getting hated and betrayed swirls inside my dark heart.

Sighing, I lean my head and gaze outside. Some rushing footsteps and murmurs have me looking down the bustling hallway. Why was everyone rushing?

I frowned and sat up. I followed the knights that were guarding. Getting up, I follow the group until a scream has me tensing up. Why was the voice familiar?

“BROTHER!” I heard Noah shout. I snapped my head to the side where he was rushing.

I was about to answer his call when I heard my name. The voice made me halt.

“Mila?” I mumbled, confused.


The faint sound, seeking help made my heart race. Then, my body started moving, following it.

“MILA!” I screamed, looking around. Where was that coming from?

I kept looking around until I finally noticed her body. My body went stiff as I saw her bloody face.

“MILA!” I screamed, running up to her. My heart raced uncontrollably against my chest.

What happened?

“ZION!” Mila cried as I kneeled in a hurry and wrapped my arms around her.

My brother started giving out orders as I checked on Mila’s injured body. My entire body trembled as I looked at her wounds. It was hard to comprehend what was happening. Who did this to her?

As I lower my eyes, I notice something move. I snapped my eyes and stared down at the slope. What was that dark thing?

Strangely, as I stared at it, I saw a figure standing a few feet away. I squint my eyes to distinguish him, but a dark mist suddenly blocked my view.

I furrowed my brows and looked down at Mila. My eyes moved between both of them.

I was confused.

“ZION!” my brother calls. I look over my shoulder as I stand with Mila’s injured body in my arms.

“I need the royal physician!” I shouted an order. “Get the priest as well, now!”

“Zion, what happened?” Noah asked as his eyes moved to Mila’s unconscious body.

“I don’t know,” I said through gritted teeth. My arms tightened on her hold. “Let’s go in.”

I rushed back in as Noah stayed behind, looking confused. I had no time to be wasting. Mila needed to be tended.


I paced outside my bedroom. It’s been over an hour since the priest and physicians entered the room to tend to Mila.

At first, I didn’t want to leave her, but Rosa told me they needed to concentrate, and with me, in the same room, they wouldn’t. I didn’t need to hear more; I knew why she even said it.

Taking a deep breath, I glance towards the wooden doors. I couldn’t hear a thing.

“How’s everything?” Noah asks as he walks towards me. I dart my eyes to the side.

“I don’t know. No one has come out,” I answered. Noah nodded and stood watching the doors.

“Any idea what might have happened?” Noah suddenly asks. I raised an eyebrow.

“You didn’t get a single clue?” I questioned him. Noah remained silent. “It’s your duty as king to have your men looking into any problem.”

Noah cringed but didn’t respond.

“Someone was following her,” I said after a while. Noah gazed my way as I rubbed my forehead. “I saw him, couldn’t distinguish his face, but it was someone.”

“Are you sure?” Noah frowned. “The knights scouted the area, the only thing where Mila’s footsteps.”

I shook my head.

“No, there was someone. I saw his figure, but when I tried to see his face, a dark mist appeared,” I explained.

Noah was about to answer when the doors opened, and Rosa walked out. Her forehead is covered in sweat as she tiredly looks up and smiles softly.

“Rosa,” I said worriedly.

“It’s all right, Mila will be fine,” Rosa sighed. “It was hard because of her injuries.”

“What injuries did she have?” Noah questioned. The doors opened once again, and the priest and physicians walked out.

I frowned as I noticed the face of the priest. They looked confused, even worried.

“Is something the matter?” I interrogate them. Both men looked at me, surprised. “What’s wrong?”

Both men glanced between themselves before they bowed.

“It’s best if we talk in private,” the priest mumbled. Noah looked at me. Nodding my head, I turned and asked Rosa to take care of Mila.

We all headed towards Noah’s office. I could feel the stressing and heavy air around us. Sparing the priest a glance, I see my brother frowning. He seemed lost in thoughts.

Once we reached the office, the guards closed them. I offered a seat to the tired priest, who nervously looked at me.

“Go straight to the point,” I groaned.

“Lady Mila,” a priest whispered.

“What’s wrong with Lady Mila?” my brother asked this time. I patiently listened to them.

Both priests looked nervous. Feeling my patience reached its limit. I curse under my breath.

“Speak!” I demand, making both priests flinch.

“Her powers,” the priest on the left muttered. “Her powers have awakened.”

I frowned.

“Her powers?” I repeat.

“Y-yes, your highness. Lady Mila isn’t just a saint as we expected,” the priest continued.

“Where are you going with all this?” Noah sternly asked.

“Your highness, Lady Mila is not just a saint but also a magician,” the other priest answered.

I looked at them, stunned.

“Did you hear yourself?” Noah growled. I raised my hand, stopping my brother.

“Why do you say that?” I asked calmly. Both priests looked between them before one of them sighed.

“Because the light attribute lays in her body. As priests, we know when someone is a magician. Since their powers are revealed,” the priest answered. His eyes were glued to me. “And that power hasn’t been seen in years.”

“Years?” Noah said, frowning.

“You know anything about that?” I asked, looking his way.

“Yes, a person with the light attribute was considered a god,” Noah said as he looked down. “That attribute should have disappeared long ago. So how come it’s here?”

“There’s a chance Lady Mila isn’t from here,” a priest suddenly says. I snap my eyes at him.

“What?” I said.

“What we are trying to say is that there’s a chance lady Mila isn’t from this kingdom. Or maybe someone in her family is a descendant of the magicians,” the priest explained. “It’s hard to believe, but I know whom the last person to have an attribute like one was.”

“Who might that be?” Noah asked him.

“Queen and Saintess Morgana,” the priest answered.

My eyes widened as I heard the name. Then, clutching the armrest, I closed my eyes. Maybe they got the wrong person?

“Is that some joke?” I asked with a smirk. The priest on the left shook his head nervously as the other remained calm. I stared at him intensely.

“There’s no need to joke with this,” the priest muttered. “Queen Morgana from the gypsy clan was the last one with that attribute before you, my king, killed her.”

My jaw clenches as I grip the armrest.

“Impossible!” Noah growled. “Are you fucking with us?”

“No,” the priest said sternly. “You may ask the lady once she awakes.”

“How long will that take?” I ask, changing the conversation.

“Lady Mila shall wake up tonight or tomorrow. She seems under quite the stress so that she might take longer, and her injuries were not that deep, so there’s no need to worry,” the priest explained with a bow.

“Good,” I whispered and stood up. My hands ball into a fist from the anger I felt.

“King Zion,” the priest called, making me halt in my tracks. “There were traces of dark magic on Lady Mila. Whatever was chasing her knows how to use black magic.”

I looked at the priest over my shoulder. I leave the office with a nod and head straight back to my bedroom, where Mila was.

Knocking on the door, I hear Rosa calling. I opened it and peeked inside. My eyes land immediately on Mila’s face. With a sigh, I massage my temple.

“How is she?” I asked, getting closer to the bed.

“She will be fine, my child,” Rosa whispered. I gave her a wide smile.

Moving closer, I take a seat next to her. She was sound asleep like nothing had happened to her.

I move my hand slowly, careful not to wake her up. Dabbing her cheek, I stared at her. My heart ached as my eyes shut.

What if she hadn’t come to the castle? I gulped hard, just imagining all the likely scenes.

“Don’t worry,” Rosa said, squeezing my shoulder. I opened my eyes and nodded with a smile.

I need her to wake up and tell me what happened.

As I lean over to kiss her forehead, a flashback of the man standing in the dense woods replays in my mind. Whomever, the bastard, would pay for laying his hands in what’s mine.

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