Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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2. We Meet Again


My fingers caressed the cloth that Ezekiel wrapped nicely around my arm. As expected from my earlier fall, I got a wound from falling on that rough ground.

“Thank you, Ezekiel,” I said, smiling at him, but all I got in return was a stern look.

Ezekiel found me a while ago near the fisherman stall. After that man left me there in the middle of the road, the kind fisherman helped me up. Surprisingly, he didn’t ask too much and instead assisted me.

I was curious to ask him about that stranger. He seemed to know him, but I felt that he wouldn’t answer me if I asked him. So I kindly thanked the fisherman and returned with Ezekiel.

“Next time, don’t run away like that. It will get me in trouble with your mother,” Ezekiel retorted. “So why did you run away?”

“I saw someone,” I answered bluntly, “nothing else.”

If Ezekiel was expecting me to tell him more, he was wrong. I was not going to tell him the reason why I followed a stranger around the market.

“I see,” was all Ezekiel said.

With a nod, we both walked back to my stall. Both my mother and sister Aria were waiting for me. Once they saw us, I saw my mother’s eyebrows furrowed. I was in trouble.

“What happened?” My mother asked with a stern look. I gripped my cape and smiled at her.

“Nothing, I tripped and got hurt,” I said in defense, “Ezekiel helped me.”

I looked at Ezekiel, who just raised an eyebrow my way. I smiled more, pinching his arm. He wasn’t planning on snitching me, right?

My mother looked between us. She was skeptical about what I was telling her.

“Ezekiel?” I called sweetly, “tell my mother what happened, please.”

Ezekiel groaned softly but then turned his head and smiled.

“Yes, don’t worry, lady Zoraida. You know Mila can be quite clumsy,” Ezekiel explained, making me frown.

My mother glanced my way and sighed. However, I could see she was angry, and this wouldn’t simply end with a sigh. Once we got home, she would scold me.

“We should go,” I said, smiling. “I’m a bit exhausted and would love to rest.”

“Yes,” My mother said as she looked my way. “It’s been quite a day.”

My mother started getting our things ready. Noticing her distracted with Aria, I turned back and smiled at Ezekiel, who just scoffed.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked happily. Ezekiel looked down at me with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Have you forgotten?” Ezekiel suddenly says.

“Forgotten what?” I asked curiously.

“King Noah, Mila. He will be around the plaza,” Ezekiel said, making Aria squeal behind us.

“Oh my, it’s true!” Aria said, clasping her hands excitedly. “We have to come, Mila.”

“Uh, no,” I said, shaking my head. “Both of you can go. I’m not interested.”

“But Mila!” Aria said, pleading with her eyes. “Please, sister.”

I looked between Ezekiel and Aria.

I swear they both looked more like brother and sister than we looked.

“Fine,” I said, turning around. “But only for an hour.”

Aria squealed excitedly, and Ezekiel nodded with a smile. I chuckled and turned around. As we bid our goodbyes, we head back home.

“How many times do I have to tell you to take care of your body, Mila?” My mother retorted.

I sat across my mother, drinking my chamomile tea while she scolded me.

“You’re a saintess,” My mother retorted. “You’re not a kid, Mila, but someone respected in the kingdom.”

I rolled my eyes at her words. My mother could sometimes be annoying, which made me the more frustrated. I hated being a saint, but I had no choice but to help because of my powers.

“Are you listening?” My mother asked angrily.

“Yes, I heard you,” I lied.

“Good then,” My mother said, standing. I watched her go, but as she reached the living room door, she stopped. “Oh, I just remember, you will be going to the plaza tomorrow, right?”

I looked up at her.

“Yes, is something the matter?” I questioned her.

My mother stayed quiet. She seemed lost in thought.

“Nothing, forget it,” My mother whispered, to which I just frowned. “Go to bed early, please.”

I took a sip of my tea and nodded. My mother bid her goodnights and left. With a sigh, I gulped the last of my tea and glanced outside the window. My mind wandered back to the stranger I met in the market.

It was strange, but I had the urge to meet him again. Luckily tomorrow, I could see him if he’s around.


“Hurry, Mila!” I heard Aria say as I sighed tiredly.

Last night I barely had some decent sleep. For some strange reason, my mind kept going to my encounter with that stranger. It was odd, which made me wonder if I was only intrigued by seeing his face or it was his voice that made me blush every time I recalled it.

“Hi, Ezekiel!” I heard Aria say.

I raised my head and waved at my best friend, who was smiling back at us.

“Morning girls, we ready?” Ezekiel asked as he looked my way. Aria answered excitedly while I just smiled uncomfortably.

We started walking down the busy place to make our way to the plaza center where the enormous water fountain was. It was the usual spot for the king to come and give out a speech. And the same area where a small carnival is held when he visits.

I looked around the plaza. Like any other time, they outdid themselves in the decoration. Yellow and white flags with the kingdom insignia hang in rows along the streets. Food stalls and games are alined along the bustling streets and a mouth-watering smell from the different stalls.

“Should we go to the front?” Aria suddenly asked as I turned my head at both her and Ezekiel.

“Yes, let’s head to the front. But should we buy something before going?” Ezekiel asked as he looked my way. Why was he staring at me?

“What?” I snapped.

“You’re hungry?” Ezekiel asked, smirking.

“No,” I answered.

“Oh sister, you’re hungry, let’s buy something,” Aria said, laughing. I groaned in annoyance and let them drag me away.

Truthfully I was starving. All the walking had made me hungry.

As we walked to one of the stalls, I looked around the plaza in hopes of seeing my stranger. Instead, my eyes shifted around to spot someone with a black hood. But no one wore something similar. I sighed and massaged my temple.

“Do you want some onion bread?” Ezekiel asked. I shook my head and pointed at the croissants. Ezekiel nodded and turned his attention back to the seller.

I kept looking around, but nothing showed up. Then, suddenly we heard some trumpets up near the fountain. Aria clenched my cape in excitement.

“Let’s go!” Aria screeched.

“Relax, I want my food first,” I retorted, to which Aria groaned.

Aria was impatient. We all knew that once the trumpets blew, the king was arriving.

“Hurry!” Aria said.

I clenched my jaw and let Ezekiel know they could go ahead.

“You sure?” Ezekiel asked with a frown.

“Yes, I’ll buy our stuff and meet you there,” I said, smiling. Ezekiel looked skeptical about leaving me alone. But honestly, that’s what I wanted.

Both Ezekiel and Aria were eager to meet the so-called king.

“Go,” I said, pushing him. Ezekiel tried arguing, but I shooed them away.

I watched them walk towards the fountain. Aria was dragging Ezekiel from his cape. As I sighed, I turned my attention back to the seller. I had to wait a few more minutes before our food was ready. Waiting patiently, I lean against a wooden pole. I started toying with my hair when I heard some cheering.

My eyes moved to the front, where several royal guards stood. I looked to the side to get a glimpse of King Noah. It was my second time seeing him. The first time I saw him was four years ago when he became king.

“Excuse me, lady?” I heard the seller call. I turned and smiled at him.

The seller handed me our food as I paid him. Thanking him, I walked back with the delicious food. My stomach grumbled as I hurried to look for Aria and Ezekiel. Earlier I had seen them stand near the front.

I stopped near a group of people and looked around. Where were they?

Aria’s hair was nowhere around. At least not in my view.

I cursed and looked for a high place to stand. I needed to see where the heck they were. It was annoying and hateful. That’s another reason I disliked coming over, especially for this occasion.

From afar, I saw small rocks perfectly aligned near the fountain. I held the food close to my chest as I walked up. The place was full of people. I could barely move around.

“Seriously?” I groaned.

I put my croissant on my other hand and held my cape as I put my booted leg up the solid rock.

“Excuse me,” I said, pushing through the people.

Indeed everyone ignored me.

I huffed, and, using my hand for balance, I stood on the rock. My eyes quickly made a beeline around the front of the fountain. I even got a glance of the king, which I ignored quickly. I still couldn’t understand what they found fascinating about him.

I bit my lip as I looked for my sister. Then, moving my eyes to the right side near the king’s platform, I notice a figure moving. He had a black hood on, which covered his face. I followed him around, which I immediately frowned. Strangely he was heading my way.

“Huh?” I mumbled confusedly.

I stood like stupid watching him. Then, raising his head, I gasped at him. He was looking at me. Though it was still hard to see his face, I could get a glimpse of his pale face this time.

My mouth opened to say something as I saw his hand grab my arm. Instead, I yelp, feeling him pull me hard. Closing my eyes, I drop my food and prepare myself for some pain, but I don’t feel anything.

“Open your eyes,” The hooded men ordered.

I blinked as I looked up at him. He was way too close for my liking.

“What?” I spat, confused. I could feel people around me looking at us.

My eyebrows furrowed as I wondered why they were staring at me strangely. I felt something tighten around me. Realizing what it was, I used my hands and pushed myself away from him.

“Excuse me! Let go!” I snapped, but he wasn’t budging. “Hey, I said let go!”

My hands moved around his chest, making me blush. The man was clothed, but I could feel how muscular he was under that hood.

“Stop touching!” The hooded man snarled. I cringed and stopped moving. “That’s better.”

“What’s better?” I questioned him.

“You, not moving and following instructions,” The hooded man scoffed.

I was about to answer back when I heard a gasp near us.

“It’s the saintess,” a girl said excitedly. I snapped my head and moved my hands up to my shoulders. My hood fell off, revealing my black hair.

“Saintess?” The hooded man said. “You’re the saintess?”

Why did he sound so surprised?

“Yes, got a problem?” I snapped at him.

He raised an eyebrow and let go of me. I fell on the hard ground, hurting my back.

“You asshole!” I growled lowly so only he could hear me.

“Whom you are calling, asshole?” he suddenly snapped. “You should know whom to respect.”

I was rubbing my back, so I was ignoring his words.

“Sure, someday,” I waved my hand.

The stranger didn’t answer; that’s when I heard several gasps. Confused, I looked up and saw the people around us backing away. I frowned, confused. Realizing the entire plaza had gone silent, I slowly turned around. For some reason, I had a bad feeling.

I looked over my shoulder, and my eyes widened as I stared at the stranger who was pulling his hood down.

“Someday, you say? Why don’t we start right now?” he said, putting his hands on his hips.

I looked at him from head to toe. Oh boy, he was handsome.

“So? Saintess is it?” The stranger smirked. Approaching me, he reached for my chin, but my eyes shifted to someone behind him.

“Shit!” I cursed and slapped the stranger’s hand away. Then, quickly I bowed to greet the person behind this stranger. “King Noah,” I mumbled, embarrassed.

Why the fuck was he here?

“Now I wondered why you ran away like that,” King Noah said as I kept my head down. “She captured your interest?”

“We can say that,” The stranger scoffed.

I clenched my jaw and balled my hands. This fucker was looking for a beating.

“Good, she is coming with us,” King Noah said, making me snap my head at him.

“Excuse me?” I yell, getting his attention.

Our eyes met, and for a second, I saw a plea on them. But he quickly returned me a warm smile instead, to which I just frowned.

“Please, if you could come with us, I would be thankful,” King Noah said, smiling. “I would like to know the saintess of the kingdom, and I think my brother would also be happy if you join us.”

My mouth opened like a fucking fish in need of some air. What the fuck did he just call him?

“Right, brother?” King Noah repeated.

Was this stranger the king’s brother?

I turned and saw him glaring my way.

“Whatever,” he said and turned around, walking away.

I turned my attention back to King Noah, who was watching me. He wasn’t smiling, just looking at me. As my mind starts connecting dots, I realize who this so-called brother is.

“Oh hell no!” I blurt out.

Did I just mess with the forgotten king? King Zion?

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