Sins Of A Forgotten King #1

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7. The Sinner Pain


“You sure want to go out?” Noah asked.

I glanced sideways and nodded—a crease formed on his face before he could reply.

“I can go personally or send someone. You’re still not feeling well, brother,” Noah kept saying.

Noah was half right. I was still recovering from a painful night. My body ached for the entire night, and I barely got to sleep. The punishment was spreading slowly through my body, and now it was over my chest.

The healers told Noah that soon it would cover my entire chest and then my leg, making me bedridden. It wasn’t something that made me happy, but I had no choice but to suffer. This was my punishment for what I did.

“I’m only going to get her, and I will be back soon,” I said, getting on the white horse. I pulled the reins and galloped away.

My mind wandered back to Mila. I know she could be helpful, and after debating and hearing my brother’s words, I am convinced that Mila can be beneficial. Still, it didn’t make me happy. She was the first person to approach me without fear or hatred and the first even to have the audacity to call me an asshole.

Mila was different, and it intrigued me.

I reached Mila’s home and saw her speaking with her mother. I stopped a distance from her home and stared at their interaction.

Mila waved goodbye and headed into the woods. Where was she running to?

Confused, I followed her. Leaving my horse tied to a tree.

We walked for a while before seeing her take a detour and reached a river with a waterfall. My eyes admired the secret place. It was breathtaking. The sound of birds, the deers in the distance, and the trees surrounding the waterfall made it look dazzling. It was a perfect place to hide from everyone.

I stood like stupid, watching my surrounding before my eyes shifted to the side. My entire face felt hot as I looked away and hid behind a tree. What was she doing?

I peeked and saw her walking towards the river. Mila was naked, and I couldn’t stop myself from looking. She was beautiful. Compared to the rest of the girls, she was voluptuous, the perfect proportions and weight. It may sound crazy, but I was changing my taste for girls.

I kept following her, watching her with amusement. She looked so carefree. Was it worth it for me to drag her to the castle? It’s selfish, I have to say, but I want her next to me. By my side, to accept me.

I lowered my eyes to my gloved hand. I tried closing my hand, but it was in vain. As every day passed by, my hand and entire arm became stiff. They were losing the human side and becoming stone. Finally, I let out a sigh and looked back up.

My eyebrows furrowed.

Where was she?

I frantically looked around until I saw some bubbles. Cursing under my breath, I removed my cloak and rushed to the water. I started following the bubbles until I felt her and grabbed her from behind. Mila coughed and pushed me.

My eyes immediately darted to her body, and I felt my entire body shudder.

“ZION!” Mila snapped as I blinked and, embarrassed, turned away. I put my hand over my face and stopped staring. Damn, she looked good.

Taking a deep breath, I listened to her and answered everything she asked. But, of course, I lied about specific stuff. It was safe if I kept them a secret. I followed Mila with my eyes cast down out of the river. She quickly draped her cloak around, and I embarrassedly turned around after I heard her say to take care of my boner. Seriously, did I need that right now?

I gulped and fixed my member before turning around. Her gaze looked at my body, so I cleared my throat and distracted her. It was embarrassing already for her to be staring.

Mila looked beautiful with her wet hair. Though she was mad, I found it cute. She was stubborn, defiant but had her attractive side.

I shook my head and nodded to something she said. It confused me to even have the slightest thought about Mila, especially in that way. Was I attracted to her? I wouldn’t lie. She intrigued me since the moment we met, and though it’s only been a few days, they felt like years.

I started talking when I winced. I had forgotten about my pain. Holding my hand, I cringe and tell Mila it’s nothing. She had to ignore me instead. She stubbornly stopped me.

“Zion, please,” Mila begged. It pained me hearing her worry for me, but I knew I would scare Mila once she saw the real me.

“NO!” I snapped angrily, but Mila straddled me. That took me by surprise. Didn’t she realize she was naked?

Mila kept fighting me until she finally saw my hand. She gasped, and I knew she found me hideous. I was not human and not one she would like to be around. I tried to push her, but suddenly she yanked my shirt open. My eyes widened at her rudeness but then shifted to see her reaction.

“I’m a monster,” I whispered dejectedly.

Something strange crossed Mila’s face before she composed herself.

“Zion…” Mila mumbled, but I grasped her wrists and dragged her away. This time she didn’t fight and stayed still.

“I’m not human,” I whispered without looking at her. “This is my punishment for my sins. Hideous, right?”

I chuckled lightly, waiting for her to reject me. But, instead, Mila surprised me and held my face in her hands. She looked like she wanted to cry, and I didn’t like it. It is a pity.

Anger took over me, and I grabbed her waist and moved her from my lap. Then, I quickly stood and started walking away.

“ZION!” Mila shouted, but I ignored her.

I didn’t need her to look at me like that. I was not too fond of it. Reaching the other side, I bent over and picked my stuff before heading back. From afar, I could hear Mila cursing, though I should be mad. It still made me smile.

Trying to make some distance, I started running until I finally was out. My horse whined as I stroked him and untied the rope.

This was a bad idea. I should have never come here.

Pulling the reins, I dash off towards the castle. My arm ached, but I tried to resist it. I was trying to find something to distract myself with. I think of when Mila held my hand. Something soothed that made my arm feel once again normal. It was something inconclusive, but there was a hunch that possibly Mila was the one that could heal me.


Twelve minutes later, I reached the gates of the castle. I held the reins with my right hand. I could barely stay on the horse. The indescribable pain was not helping, and I could barely keep myself still.

Letting a groan out once I reached the entrance, my brother’s servant rushed to my side.

“King Zion!” he said, worried. I got down from the horse and pushed him away.

My steps were uneven as I walked up the stairs. Finally, I stopped and held myself against a pillar. My entire body felt stiff, and I was sweating like crazy.

“G-Get the healers,” I mumbled between my teeth. I heard the servant shout something before I fell to my knees.

My right hand tightened its grasp on my left. I need to keep it together and reach my room. It’s not the first time, nor the last. The pain will get worse, and I will slowly perish.

“ZION!” my brother yelled from the stairs. I cracked my eyes and saw him rushing with his men. His servant was by my side, but he looked scared even to touch me. “Zion, damn it!” Noah cursed.

“Relax, brother,” I chuckled. “It’s nothing new….”

My breathing was heavy, and my chest ached. Some tears slid down my face as Noah helped me up.



It’s been two days since Zion has been bedridden. I paced the room with worry. My brother was in pain, and nothing was helping. I know it would take time for the effect of the healers to kick in. But, despite that, it caused me to worry.

A couple of knocks on my door made me stop moving.

“Come in,” I impatiently say. Then, as the door opened, I could hear Zion’s screams. My hand fisted behind my back. “What is it?”

“My king, I came to inform you that King Zion needs to get help from more healers,” one of the temple healers said.

“More healers?” I said in disbelief. I had already called six new healers. Weren’t they helping? “I don’t understand why? We have enough Elder Peter.”

Elder Peter was the first healer to assist Zion when he got punished. He has been there all these years for him to help and ease the pain. I knew there was no way to reduce the pain, but still, it calmed Zion.

“Who do you have in mind?” I asked.

Elder Peter stayed silent, and I started pacing the room again. I could hear Zion’s yells through the castle walls. I know everyone in the castle was in discomfort.

“Peter!” I snapped.

“Mila,” Elder Peter answered. I stopped pacing and frowned his way.

“Excuse me?” I said, baffled, “did you just say the saintess?”

“Yes, your majesty. Though she is young, she can heal,” Elder Peter responded. “And I think you are aware of her capability, right?”

I chuckled and shook my head. He was serious.

“Also, she seems not to be afraid of King Zion, right?” I looked his way and nodded slowly.

He was right. Mila didn’t seem scared of Zion. So having her here would be of great help. Maybe she could even heal him completely. It may even be absurd to think like that, but I had to be positive, for the sake of Zion, at least.

“Fine.” I sighed and raised my hand. “I will go to her house.”

Elder Peter nodded and excused himself as he left. I massaged my temple and let out a stressful breath. Then, turning around, I walked to my armchair and let my body fall tiredly. My eyes dropped, but I had to keep myself awake.

I bend over and rest my elbows on my knees. My hands covered my face as I made a silent prayer. Then, opening my eyes, I looked at the bookshelf. A particular book caught my eye, and my jaw clenched.

All this was their fault, that bastard’s fault. All because of those gypsies. Standing, I grabbed my long cape and walked out. Now all I needed was to convince Mila to come and stay at the castle.

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