The Power of Serenity

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Have you ever been sad or upset.. Are you free to be yourself to live your life the way you want it. Maybe just maybe I could be free even happy... Happiness and Freedom is all Leora ever wanted but locked in a cell and forced to be her packs maid such dreams seem almost foreign to her. Can she ever be free or is she stuck living a life nobody ever wants to live till' the end of her time. "Not even the Moon Goddess herself pities me"

Romance / Fantasy
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Hello Everyone!!
This is my first time writing so thank you for even paying attention to my story. I will be posting chapters soon. I will try my best to make a mistake free and awesome story. ENJOY!

Werewolf Ranking: (You can skip this part but it can be helpful to better understand the story)

Alpha - The alpha is the leader of the pack, He or she is the strongest and most important. The title is the highest a wolf can have. Alpha's are born into their title, but in some cases if a wolf does not feel the alpha is worthy or strong enough to care for a pack. The will and can challenge an alpha in a fight to the death. If the wolf wins they become the new alpha and their pups will continue the line. If an alpha is killed in battle the wolf that kills him becomes alpha of their pack.

Luna - The alpha female or Luna is the Alpha's mate. She is like the mother of the pack she is there to assist the alpha with his duties. The Luna is a strong and powerful woman.

Beta - The beta is the second in command. He or she is the second strongest and important title a wolf can have. Beta's are usually born into the beta position, but every new alpha picks their beta, usually the alpha's son picks the beta son but in some cases if the alpha is challenged and beaten. The new alpha can choose a new beta and the beta of the pack can lose his title.

Gamma - The gamma is the third in command, third strongest and the third highest title a wolf can have. Gamma's are in charge of the warrior's and act as a general. They are the trainers of the pack and make sure that everyone is fit for battle. The gamma is born into their position. But if a new alpha takes command they can pick a new gamma.

Pack Warriors - They are the fighters of the pack

Omega - Omegas are thought of as the weak or submissive wolf, they usually do house work around the pack house or other chores given to them by the alpha.

My term of mates:

In this story mates are gonna be looked at a little differently

Mates - Mates are chosen by the moon goddess, they usually can be found after a wolf comes of age which males and females both find their mates at 18 but if one of them is 18 and the other is a different age they will still feel the mate bond. Their usually is a distinctive smell that only mates can smell from each other. Looking into each other eyes or touching is another way to know. usually a mate feels sparks and only they can make you feel better when you're upset, sad or mad.

Rejection - If a wolf is rejected they don't usually die, There is only a 10% chance of a wolf dying if rejected. Normally if a wolf doesn't die they just go into a depression like state. Some are depressed and lonely until the end of their days. Others sometimes comes out of the depression like state and try to get over their mate. There are three ways a wolf can be rejected 1. If a wolf feels their chosen mate isn't whom they want to be with they can recite the line I (says their name) reject you (says their mates name) as my mate. The other wolf accepts the rejection stating. I (says their name) accept your (says mates name) rejection, 2. If a wolfs mate cheats on them the mate bond is automatically broken, 3. If a wolfs mate dies the mate bond is automatically broken.

Imprint - Imprinting in this story is something that happens to rejected wolves or lycans, if a rejected wolf or lycan falls in love with another rejected wolf or lycan. They can imprint on each other when they imprint a mate bond is created between the two. A mate bond stronger then the one created by the moon goddess herself. But Imprinting doesn't occur very often between rejected wolves as rejection is a rare thing so Imprinting is a rare thing. During the imprinting if a rejected wolf was marked the old mark of the wolf removes itself from the skin during imprinting. And a new mark is replaced by the wolf imprinting on the other. after the mark is placed and the mating occurs a mate bond stronger then the moon goddess's bond is created between the two wolves whom imprinted on each other.

Mating Process - The mating process is made up of three steps

1. Finding each there and accepting each other

2. They bite each others neck and makes a claim on each other

3. They mate and become one

Marking - The marking usually takes place when both mates well mate a mark is a bite on the mates neck telling other wolves usually unmated wolves that the marked wolf is taken the mark usually consist of a type of image.

Shifting - Wolves tend to shift around the ages of 14-16, they tend to gain their wolf around the age of 12. when they gain their wolf they usually are able to talk and communicate with the other half sometimes their wolf already has a name when they gain them other times the human can name the wolf themselves but it is rare occasion where they have to name the wolves themselves they usually already have a name.

Moon Goddess - The moon goddess is the god werewolves/Lycans worship.

Rogues - Rogues are basically wolves that have been cast out or left their pack. If a wolf commits a crime the alpha will banish them. In some cases a wolf also leaves their pack becoming a rogue and in other a wolf's pack can be destroyed making them rogues so rogues are vicious and others keep to themselves most alpha's hate rogues.

Key terms -

Heat - Heat happens when a female wolf is ready to be mated all unmated wolves smell this and it calls to them to mate the female wolf. A female wolf only experiences heat when she first meets her mate.

Mind Link - Wolves can mind link with each other only members of the pack though. With mates the mind link is stronger they can also feel and hear each others thoughts.

Pack House - The pack house is where the Alpha, Beta and gamma families live. Some warrior families also. Other wolves live in their own house.

Pup - A pup is basically a werewolf baby

Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane can be used in herb or liquid form to weaken a werewolf. It works by separating the wolf from the human part of the werewolf temporarily. It is usually injected and affects werewolf abilities such as strength and mind-linking. It can also be used on chains or rope used to lock werewolves up.

Lycan or Lycanthrope in this story

Lycans - Lycans are like the stronger much stronger version of werewolves they have better hearing, better eyesight and better well everything. The lycans in this story rule over the werewolves kinda like the king and queen. The lycans in this story help resolve problems within the werewolf world and if your pup so happens to be born a lycan. The family of the pup can move away to live with the lycans. The lycans live within a castle like mansion and around the mansion are houses for other lycans. Lycans are very rare there are only about 100 lycans alive. But the number is growing. Lycans basically go through everything werewolves do.

Lycan shifts - When a lycan shifts their wolf is bigger then a werewolf. Usually the royal lycan family wolves are around 8-10ft big. different from the werewolf which only grows to be around 6ft and an alpha werewolf which grows to be about 7ft. Lycans that are not apart of the royal family are usually 8ft.

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