Letting Him Go

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Chapter 10

2 days later…


Nick was better and things were getting back to normal. The knock at the door scared me and I went to see who it was. There in the doorway stood Olivia. She looked like she had not slept and her eyes were red from crying. I opened the door to let her in, and she hesitated a minute before she came in.

“I was wondering if I could see Nick?” she said quietly.

My heart was screaming for me to say no, she was a threat to me. Was it fair to keep his mate from him? I led her to Nick’s office and I opened the door.

“Hey baby, is something...” he stopped his query mid-sentence and stood up when he saw Olivia.

“Why are you here?” he demanded.

I saw the hurt that crossed her face at his tone.

“I was wondering if I could talk to Nick for a minute.” she requested, looking at me.

“I’ll just let you two talk for a minute.” I conceded, heading for the door.

“Alli don’t,” Nick said walking over to me. “Whatever you have to say I want Alli here to hear.” He said pulling me into his arms.

“I’m sorry I hurt you Nick, I just want you to know that I love you, and I always will.” she said crying hysterically.

Nick didn’t even turn around and look at her.The smell of blood hit us with in seconds. She had cut both her wrists and blood was everywhere. She fell to the floor while Nick ran to her pulling his shirt off and ripping it. The grief on his face was hard for me to watch. His heart was breaking there was no denying it. He loved her more then he thought he did. I swallowed the lump in my throat and ran to help him. We stopped the bleeding but she had lost a lot of blood. Nick picked her up and started running out the door. He didn’t say anything to me or even look back. In that moment I had no doubt which one of us he really loved more. I stayed as calm as I could and grabbed my purse and got in my car. I knew it was over. It hurt so much to see my life without him in it. I knew at that moment, for both of our sakes, I had to let him go.

I pulled up to my parents’ house and it took me a minute to go inside. My parents were in the kitchen. When they saw me they came running to me.

“Omg Alli! Where are you bleeding from? Is the baby ok?” she frantically quizzed me with tears in her eyes, trying to find an open wound.

“Baby girl, are you ok?” she repeated when I still didn’t answer.

I told them what had happened and asked them to not let Nick anywhere near me. I knew that he would fight my decision. He had not realized yet how much he really still loved his mate. I walked to my old room and I let myself fall to the floor. The tears came and there was nothing I could do to stop them. I cried until I couldn’t anymore. My heart hurt and I knew I needed him. I picked up my phone and dialed the number I knew by memory. When he answered I burst out crying. Why was life so unfair why did I have to hurt so badly?

“Matthew, please it hurts so badly.” I sobbed.


I had to get her to the hospital. I drove as fast as I could and carried her inside. I was yelling for someone to help her. My emotions were going crazy and it was hard to think straight. The nurse came running when she saw us covered in blood. They took her from my arms and I watched as they took her to the back.

“Sir, do you need us to call someone for you?” she inquired looking at me sadly.

I nodded my head no and went and sat down. It seemed like hours before someone came and talked to me.

“Sir, your wife’s going to be fine. She lost a lot of blood. She had to have a transfusion.” he informed me.

As he turned to walk away, I feel to my knees. What had I done? I had left Alli just standing there. I hadn’t even thought about her until now. I got up and ran to my car, I had to get home and make sure she was ok.

When I pulled up to our house her car was gone, and the house was dark. Panic started to take over wondering where she could have gone. I pulled my cell phone out, dialed her number, but it went straight to voice mail. I sped to the Alpha’s house where I saw her car. The relief was instantaneous, but my heart dropped when I saw Matthew’s car. What was he doing here? I walked up to the door and Alpha Mark answered before I could knock.

“Where is she?” I demanded. He stepped outside and closed the door behind him.

“I’m sorry son, but she’s asked that we not let you in. She doesn’t want to see you.” He apprised me with tears in his eyes.

I felt my world crashing down around me.

“No, she can’t give up on us!” I roared.

“Nick calm down! Don’t make this harder for her then it already is,” he advised me.

“I love her.” I cried trying to hold my tears back. “There’s someone you love more.” Mark stated sadly.

“Alli please, I love you please don’t do this!” I shouted.

I wasn’t going to give up. I loved her and I was going to prove it to her.


Her phone call had broken my heart she sounded so broken. When I walked in she looked so small in her bed she was curled up in a ball crying.

“Alli,” I murmured.

When she saw me, she ran to me and wrapped her hands around my neck. She rested her head on my chest and cried some more.

“I’m so sorry. I know how unfair this is for you.” she choked out. When she calmed down a little she explained what had happened.

“Alli please, I love you please don’t do this!” Nick yelled.

She froze in my arms and I closed my eyes and sighed.

“I think you should give him a chance to explain.” I said even though each word was tearing me apart.

“This is hard for me to say Alli, but he loves you. Is it fair to punish him for reacting to his first mate almost dying? Look how you still react to me but you want nothing to do with me,” I said sadly.

“Ask yourself this, why is he here instead of at the hospital with her? He’s here begging you to not give up on him. I want you to be happy. I can’t keep coming to you like this. Your mate is outside and he needs to know that you still love him. I love you Alli and I always will but I’m not the one who should be here holding you.” I kissed her forehead and walked out.

Each step hurt like a knife in my heart but I knew that her place was not with me anymore.

I walked outside and Nick was pacing back and forth. He looked up when he heard the door close.

“Why are you here?” He growled.

“I'm in no mood to deal with you right now. I don’t want to have to kill you, because your a idiot. Alli called me here.” I replied holding my hands up.

“She’s in her room, and she needs her mate.” I forced out.

“Nick,”I called to him

He turned and looked at me.

Hurt her again and I'll kill you” I warned.

He nodded and ran inside.


I ran to Alli’s room and swung the door open. She was on the floor her head in her hands.

“Baby, please don’t cry.” I begged pulling her on my lap.

“Why are you here Nick?” She questioned, trying to get up.

I pulled her back and held her closer to me.

“You’re my mate, Alli. I love you.” I answered, holding her face in my hands.

“What about Olivia?” she asked softly. “I left her at the hospital.

"I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I just couldn’t let her die. I hope that you can forgive me.” I said rubbing her belly.

“You’re always going to love her,” she responded, wrapping her arms around my neck.

“Just like you will always love Matthew.” I replied, looking her right in her eyes.

“Are you sure, I’m what you want Nick?” she asked leaning her for head to mine.

“Yes, you will never know how much I love you. Can we please go home already?” I implored her.

“Yes, take me home Nick.” she whispered in my ear.


I had been sitting in this chair for over an hour waiting for her to wake up. I was tempted to go and shake her. I got up when she started moving. She opened her eyes and looked around the room.

“Looking for someone?” I asked smirking.

“Not you, that’s for sure.” she snapped back.

"Whatever you were trying to get out of this,” I voiced waving my hand up and down.

“It didn’t work. Nick is with Alli as we speak.” I mocking her.

“I don’t know what you mean,” she said a frown on her face.

“Oh I think you do,” I informed her while grabbing her face in my hands.

“Let me make something very clear to you, if you go near Nick and Alli again I’ll kill you.” I threatened, getting up and walking to the door.

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