Letting Him Go

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Chapter 11

One month later...


“Nick! OMG! Hurry up!” I yelled trying to get off the couch.

Nick came running around the corner with my bag in his hand. “

I’m here, I’m here,” he assured while helping me up.

My contractions were coming closer and the pain was getting bad. It was time to go to the hospital. I was ready to meet my son.

“Baby, are you good?” Nick asked helping me into the car.

“As good as I’m going to be.” I said gritting my teeth.

“Just hurry please,” I beseeched him while rubbing my belly.

When we pulled up to the hospital, a nurse was already there waiting with a wheel chair. I’m so glad that we had remembered to call ahead.

Nick lifted me from the seat and sat me down in the wheelchair, “ok sweetheart I’ll be right in in a minute.

"I’m just going to go park the car.” He bent down to my belly and kissed it

“Wait till I come back.” He whispered to the baby.

Nick had been so over protective lately, it was a miracle that he even let me walk.

” I just need you to sign some papers Alli.” The nurse said smiling.

She dropped me off at the front desk and said she would be back in a few minutes.

“Here you go Alli,” the lady at the front desk said handing me a clip board with my paper work.

“Where’s that good looking husband of yours today?” She said smiling.

I smiled thinking about how beautiful Nick really was. I loved that he was all mine.

I turned to see Nick running through the front door and tripping on his foot, I laughed when he finally made it to me. I didn’t have the heart to tell him he had forgotten my bag in the car.

“Did I miss anything?” Nick said pushing his hair out of his face.

“No, you were only gone a few minutes Nick.” I said trying not to laugh.


I was excited to finally meet my son, wondering who he would look like was driving me crazy. Alli was so beautiful her huge belly made me smile. I loved that that was my baby growing inside of her. Another contraction hit her and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it. I grit my teeth from the force of her hold. She breathed in and out and rubbed her belly. It seemed to help her.

The nurse led us to our room and handed Alli a hospital gown. I helped her change and then I put her in the bed. My heart was racing thinking that my son was going to be here soon.

Alli was in the middle of a contraction when the door bust open.

“Oh, I know that you guys didn’t forget to call me, ME, the godmother!” Macy said glaring at me.

I had to look up Alli's location to find out where you were. I got worried when neither of you answered your phones. Thank you lord for technology. I could of missed MY goddaughter being born."She said dramatically.

“By the way I called your parents since I’m sure you forgot to call them too.” She said running to stand on the other side of Alli.

"They are on their way.” She said grabbing Alli’s hand in hers.

“Uhhh, Macy that’s not the greatest idea.” I told her pointing to her and Alli’s hand.

“What are you talking abo... aww omg Alli.” She yelled as Alli got another contraction.

After a few hours it was finally time for Alli to push.

“Here we go baby,” I said kissing her sweaty forehead.

“It hurts so badly; Nick I can’t do this!” Alli growled.

“Just a few more pushes and he will be out.” The doctors said trying to encourage her.

“Can’t he just stay in there”? Alli whined.

“You can do it love. It’s almost over.” I said pushing her hair away from her face.

“Come on Alli, you got this!” Macy said holding on to her hand.

“That’s it Alli one more push.” The doctor said helping the baby out.

After a few seconds the baby started crying and we looked to the doctor who was holding our son in his hands.

“Nick would you like to cut the umbilical cord.” He said holding my son out to me.

I just nodded my head. I was so choked up with emotion. He was beautiful he had blond hair and blue eyes.

“You did it baby.” I said handing the baby to her. “I love you.” I said watching her hold our son.


He was perfect the tears were falling from my face. Nick laughed at me when I counted all his fingers and toes. We decided that we would name him Alexander, Alex for short. He closed his eyes and was fast asleep in no time. Our parents and Macy spent the rest of the day fighting over who would get to hold him. I couldn’t believe that he was finally here.

When it was time to change his first diaper Nick had been eager to learn. That was until he had smelled it. The look on his face had been priceless.

“How can someone so small produce something that smells that bad.” He said frowning.

Macy busted out laughing.

“Welcome to parenthood Nick.” She said patting him on the back.

“There’s going to be lots and lots more of those.” She said laughing.

When everyone finally left I was exhausted.

“Get some rest love, I’ll watch Alex while you sleep.” Nick said grabbing Alex from me.

After a few minutes I was in a deep sleep.


Alli and Nick’s baby had been born today. All the packs were talking about it. Nick was going to take over as Alpha and then their son would be Alpha one day. I was happy that Alli was doing well. I picked up Isabelle and she cooed. She had grown so much in the last month. She was such a good baby.

Mandy and her mother came to see Isabelle every weekend. Mandy seemed to be doing better she looked happy. I was still having a hard time moving on. I knew that I needed to re marry and find a new Luna for the pack and a mother for my daughter. The pack wanted me to try an arranged marriage. They were going to pick someone who had lost their mate. Right now I was open to anything, I needed to do whatever I could to get over Alli. I had told the pack that Me and Isabelle where going to go on vacation for a few months and then we would proceed with finding me a mate. I needed to be far away from Alli for a while.

So many things going through my mind Isabelle sat in her car seat in the seat next to me. We were waiting to take off and I couldn’t help but feel sad. I had always been a fair person but with the one person that I should have treasured above all others I had failed. I had not treated her how I should have and now I was living with the outcome of that. I wish that I could go back and change it. I ran my hand threw my hair in frustration.

This was my life now I had to move on for me and for my daughter. I had done this and there was no one to blame but myself. The time for the what if’s was over and I had lost my chance to ever get her back. I hoped that this trip would help me to clear my mind and resign myself to what was to come.

The women sitting next to me turned to look at Isabelle.

“What a beautiful baby.” She said smiling.

“Do not give up so quickly young man, there is still hope.” She said resting her hand on my shoulder.

“What do you mean?” I asked confused.

“Your mate, she is not lost to you. But you must be patient. The time is not now but it will come if you wait. So do not replace her in your life.” She said looking me in the eyes.

I was shocked who was this old woman and how did she know what I was going through. Did I really still have a chance?

“Who are you and how do you know me?” I asked turning to look at her.

“I’m a friend. I mean you no harm. I’m no threat to you or yours. I was just hoping to give you some peace of mind.” She said picking up her book and ending our conversation.

If I thought my mind was running like crazy before now it was on over drive.


They had let Alli and Alex come home today and everyone was excited to meet baby Alex. He was the best baby, he hardly ever cried and he slept all the time. Alli said that’s what babies are supposed to do but I was not so sure. I was always putting my hand on his stomach and my finger under his nose to make sure that he was still breathing. The moment my son had been born was the happiest moment of my life. Although Alli and I were young parents, being shifters it wasn’t unusual to mate and have children early. We were as ready as we were going to be. The thought of raising some one was a bit scary but I knew that I would do everything in my power to the best dad ever.

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