Letting Him Go

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Chapter 13


The whole way home I cried, why did things have to be so complicated? We had all been through so much. So many people had been hurt. I was ready to move on from all of this and never look back. My choice had been made and I had no regrets. When it came down to it, Nick was the one I refused to live without. His love and loyalty never ceased to amaze me. He stood by me in the good, the bad, and a whole lot of ugly. I was happy to be going home to him.

“Nick, I’m back.” I yelled walking into the house.

I could hear Alex giggling in his room. I ran up the stairs and there was Nick on all fours with Alex bouncing up and down on his back moving around the room. Alex clutched Nick’s shirt tightly enjoying every second of his ride.

“How did it go?” Nick asked pausing to look at me.

“I think what needed to be said was said and now we can both leave it behind us.” I stated, hoping to reassure him.

“Good” he responded putting Alex down and pulling me into his arms.

” I don’t know what I would do without you my beautiful mate, he whispered in my ear making me shiver.

“I promise you Nick, you will never have to find out.

5 years later….


Wake up sleepy head,” Nick whispered shaking me softly.

” I’m leaving for the airport my flight leaves in a few hours."He stated looking for his keys.

" Why do you have to go? Who’s going to do the midnight run to the store for me when your daughter’s craving something,” she protested pointing at her huge belly.

“You know I have to go, it’s my job as Alpha. I have to be there to represent our pack. You know there is no place that I would rather be than with you and Alex. I will only be gone a few days; I think Macy can handle your crazy craving’s until I get back.” He grinned touching his lips to my huge belly.

“How’s daddy’s princess today?” Nick cooed, “daddy is going to miss you so much. Don’t try and make an early entrance, I would be devastated if I missed my little girl’s birth. I love you,” he whispered kissing my stomach softly.

"I won’t be gone forever, I’m already a day behind everyone else because I had things to take care of here before I left."He explained.

I hated when he had to go out of town I always had trouble sleeping without him.

“I love you,” He said kissing me.

“I love you too, please hurry back to me.” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“Always,” He shot back picking his suitcase off the floor and heading to the door. I heard the door close and he was gone.

4 days later…

I could not believe that I was standing here right now having to say goodbye. The tears were falling from my face and I was trying my best to hold it together for Alex’s sake. I never thought that it would end like this after everything we went through but yet here I was seeing Nick for the last time before we headed out to the cemetery. I touched his golden blond hair wishing that I could see those bright blue eyes one last time. Before going to sit down, I kissed his kips and lifted Alex so he could say goodbye to his daddy.

I sat in daze as all the Alphas along with their packs came to pay their last respect to their fellow Alpha. So many faces and yet I did not really see any of them. I was so lost in my grief. Nick had been the perfect husband and he had loved me above all things. He had been everything I ever wanted.

Right after take off the plane had an engine problem and it had caused the plane to go down. There had been no survivors, I hated to think about what he had felt in his last moments. I laid my hand on my very pregnant stomach and cried because my little girl would never meet her father. He had been so excited about having a little girl. We had argued over what we should name her. He wanted Ari and I had wanted Anabelle. All that was gone now, I was alone and I had to hold it together for my pack.

“Alli,” that voice was a voice I had not heard in years and yet it still managed to ease my sorrow. I knew who I would see when I looked up.I looked up slowly trying to prepare myself to see him after so many years.

He looked just like he had the last time I saw him. Isabelle however had grown so much since I last saw her. The women that was with them didn't seem happy to be here. I had never seen her and I wondered who she was.

"I really sorry for you loss, I had a lot of respect for Nick. He was a great man." Matt said sadly.

All I could do was nod, I was so overwhelmed with so many emotions. I had no words. It meant so much to know that despite their past differences he truley meant it.

“Can Isabelle and I come and see you sometime next week? Just to check and see how you and Alex are doing?” he questioned me sympathetically.

Again I just nodded wiping the tears from my face.

"See you soon Ali,he said walking away with Isabelle and a now frowning woman.

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