Letting Him Go

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Chapter 4


Our house was beautiful! It was two stories with 6 bedrooms. Each room had their own bathroom. The view was breath taking, you could see the lake from the house and I was excited to have our own private access to the water. I couldn’t help but think that it was perfect. True to his word all our things were already here waiting for us. He even had several sea doos and a boat stored in the giant garage. I had to say my dad out did himself! I’m sure me being forced to be here had a lot to do with it.

“Omg Alli this is great.” Macy exclaimed running through the house.

If you think that my dad let us come with no adults that was a big negative. We brought two body guards/babysitters and one of our house keepers from home.

“Have you seen the pool out back? I love it, I love it!” Macy squealed.

She was nuts and that’s why I loved her. There was never a dull moment with Macy around. I was so glad that I was going to have her with me. We decided to put the adults on the bottom floor and we took the upstairs. That way we had the whole top floor to ourselves.

While I unpacked my clothes my mind wandered to Matthew and how he was feeling now that I was gone.

“Was he going to miss me?”

“What you thinking about so hard, Love? Wait let me guess.” He said sadly, “I know right now it hurts baby but believe me when I say that it will get better.”

“How can you know that Nick? What if it never gets better?” I ask desperately.

“It will I promise. Alli I’m going to tell you something that I should have told you a long time ago.” Nick declared.


This was it. I was finally going to tell her about my mate. I just hoped that she understood my reasons for not telling her before now. I needed to show her that you could truly love someone who was not your mate. That what she was feeling now would not last forever. I loved her and being honest, I loved her more than I ever loved my mate. Not all mates ended up together and that’s why they say that every wolf has two mates. Alli was that to me. She just met us in the wrong order. She met me before she got the chance to meet Matthew. I grabbed her hands and let out the breath that I was holding.

“I’ve already met my mate.” I confessed.

“What! When? Where?” Alli rapidly shot out.

“One question at a time Love. I met her when I was away at school. It was 6 months before I came back home,” I proceeded to explain.

“What happened?” she asked looking sad.

“She was human and she didn’t understand what I was. I scared her. To her I was unnatural. She said that I should not exist. That I was an abomination. That she wanted nothing to with an animal like me. It took me awhile to get over the hurt. I felt I didn’t know how I was going to keep on living because it hurt so badly. I was in the worst way when I got home. But there you were, my childhood friend. You were a light in all my darkness. Alli have you heard anyone ever say that every wolf has two mates? That is supposed to ensure that we all have a second chance at having a mate. Sometimes mates die before they can find each other. I’m your second mate Alli.” I revealed to her.

She looked shocked. “That’s why I’ve always loved you. Even after everything with Matthew, I felt that I still really loved you.” she whispered.

I loved Nick and I was going to do my best to put Matthew and everything that happened with him behind me. I was really going to put a lot of effort into enjoying all the time we were going to have together. I planned on making tons of memories with Nick and Macy the two people that had always been there for me.

2 Months later….


Tonight was the night that I was going to ask Alli to marry me. I knew from previous talks that she had always dreamed of a human wedding. I slipped away last week and bought her a ring.

“Let me see the ring,” Macy pleaded jumping up and down.

“It’s beautiful Nick, this is so her. I can’t believe you’re going to propose; I don’t know who’s more excited me or you. I’m glad she has you Nick, without you she would have fallen apart months ago. You guys are perfect together,” She gushed.

“I have to admit, I’m nervous what is she says no.” I frowned.

“Why would she say no?” She shot back reassuringly.

“Maybe she’s not ready to make such a huge commitment, maybe she is still hoping to be with Matthew one day.” I blurted out feeling unsure.

“Your worrying for nothing Nick, she would be crazy to say no to such a great guy.” She said handing me back the ring.

“I hope your right Macy,” I replied praying to the powers that be to make it so.

“Where are we going,” Allie wined impatiently.

“I’m taking you out on the boat for a romantic diner,” I said leading her to the docked boat. I helped her on and lead her to the beautifully set table. Macy had out done herself, everything looked perfect.

“Nick, how did you plan this without me finding out? Did Macy know about this? She asked looking up at me.

“Of course she knew, do you think I could have pulled all this off by myself, “I said pulling her chair out for her.


He was amazing! I loved how he always went out of his way to do things like this for me. His mate was an idiot for every letting him go.

“Doesn’t everything look great.” Macy said bringing out our plates.

“I can’t believe you were able to keep this from me, your horrible at secrets.” I sated playfully. “I almost told you a billion times but I managed to keep my trap shut.” She said placing our drinks on the table.

Dinner was delicious, it’s just not fair that you can cook better than I can. I burn water its horrible.” I said frowning

“Don’t worry love, if you really want to know how I’ll teach you. It’s not so hard once you know what you’re doing.” He said smiling with that beautiful smile of his.

“Thank you Nick, everything was perfect.” I said looking across the table at him. “Thank you, for always being here for me.” I said my eyes filling with tears.

“I would do anything for you Alli. I love you more than words could ever describe.” He said getting up from his chair.

"So I brought you here tonight because I have really been thinking about our future together,” he said taking something out of his pocket. He came to stand next to me and got on one knee.

I knew what was about to happen and my heart was about to beat out of my chest with anticipation.

“There is no one in this life or the next that I would ever want to spend forever with, but you. Alli, will you marry me?” He asked opening the tiny blue box.

The ring was beautiful, I stared at it for what seemed like forever. I looked up and like always he was waiting patiently for me to answer.

“Yes, omg, yes!” I shouted happily tears falling from my face. Before I could stand up Nick was pulling me out of my chair and into his arms.

“I was really worried you might not be ready.” He confessed holding me tight.

“I can see why you were worried; our road has not been a normal one. After all we have been through I love you more than ever. I would be honored to be the wife of an incredibly sexy man like you,” I whispered touching my lips to his.

He pulled the ring out of the box and placed it on my finger. I held my hand up in the air and admired it. Nick knew me so well. I loved the ring, it was a three stone princess cut. If I had to guess, I would say it was a 2 carat. Anything over that would have been too much for my taste. I smiled loving that he knew that. Even my ring size had been correct. I was officially engaged I thought smiling.

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