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"Now you know what I'm involved in." I took off my leather jacket to reveal the shoulder holster and vest. "I'm ready for a relationship, now that you know the truth. Question is..." I turned around and faced him. "Are you?" \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ Krystallia Estrada, a troublemaker with a secret. Zachary Kingston, a popular boy with no idea of the world underneath. Throw in best friends, overprotective brothers, guns, exes, dead parents, the Suicide Squad, and what do you get? This rollercoaster of a story. Take a ride and see where it takes you. To the top with the spectacular view, or to the bottom where you'll feel your soul die.

Romance / Action
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Four years ago...

The woman pulled the sixteen-year-old girl by her ear. The hallway was empty as everyone was already in class studying. She pushed the school doors open and threw the girl onto the parking lot.

“Consider yourself expelled!” the woman shouted in rage and stomped back inside. The girl picked herself up from the ground and swept her blonde hair with red streaks off her face before picking up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder.

“Seventh time in the last two years. When are you gonna learn?” A deep, muscular voice erupted from behind her and she turned around to be met with a broad chest.

“I did nothing wrong this time, she just didn’t like that I proved she was cheating on her husband in front of the whole school.”

He let out a deep chuckle before ruffling up her hair, “Oh, how I love when you do that.” The girl smiled as he threw his arm over her shoulder, “Now, why don’t we head home and try to find a new school for you troublemakers, kitty?”

She smirked and held his hand that was hanging off of her shoulder, “You bet.”

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