Fire and Ice: book 1

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At this point there was no way in finding Camira before nightfall, and we’ve been searching for her for more than half a day. I’m seriously going to have to talk with that sister of mine, wasting my day and all.

I frowned at the thought that I could have been doing something else in the village, even though I didn’t want to come. Calder and I could have actually done a little shopping, maybe. That’s really not one of my favorite things to do in the world. I do that with Camira all the time, but only go with her so we have time to our selves.

I can’t believe she ditched us though. I am so going to talk to her.

Turning to Calder now and gripping his hand to get his attention away from the new sights, I suggested we do our own thing. “Why don’t we go somewhere?”

“What, besides wondering the streets, looking at all the things we could buy?” He asked, gesturing towards the people who were closing their carts up.

Leaning in I said again, “Let me rephrase that,” and leaned in further for a kiss finding myself close enough to brush against him. When our lips touched I could feel the excitement from earlier bubble up inside me, and could hardly pull away. “Why don’t we go somewhere.” I finished with a seducing smile, and found myself unintentionally licking my bottom lip; tasting Calder.

“Uh, yeah.”

Calder wanted more. I could tell by the way his eyes dilated, and his body inched closer to mine.

Just to tease him I gave him another kiss, deeper this time, and Calder got braver. We had stopped just before an ally and he pulled me in with him, keeping me close. His attention never straying away from my eyes, and his gaze became heated.

We were shoved against each other between two closely placed buildings just staring. Just standing there studying each other. "Calder."

That was the green light. Saying his name triggered something inside him. Inside use both. His hands were hovering over me, not sure where to place them only moments ago, and now one was planted in the groove of my hip and the other was already tangled in my wild hair. Hot air started to thicken between us and instead of pulling away we pulled each other closer, like magnets attracted to one another. Polar opposites; a blazing fire against an icy glacier.

I started breathing heavy, and Calder couldn't figure out how to comfort my desire for more of his touch. So instead of letting him find his own way around my curves and perfect, bare stomach, I gently took hold of his hands. Calder was looking down at his hesitant hands when I grabbed them. Now that different hands were covering, his own eyes snapped up to meet my careful questioning ones.

Calder nodded and that's all I needed to help the man I'm falling for continue up my torso.

Taking his hand out of my hair, although it felt quite nice right there, I brought it to my other hip and slowly drug his hands over my hips, and then over the slight hint of ribs. Threading my fingers through one hand, I maneuvered the other up and up and up, slowly. I missed one of my breasts, curving his hand around it instead, and I watched Calder swallow under the twinkling stars.

Calder’s left hand still above my waist started to take control of its self, and he used his thumb to make slow erotic circles. Little spots, lit up on the surface of my stomach and it trembled in anticipation. His right hand was right beside my breast, and his thumb was long enough that it rested on the side of it making my breast stiffen.

Calder looked up then and sucked in a breath. Leaning in I saw his intention and brought my lips to connect with his. This kiss was like none of the other few we have shared together. It was a kiss that wanted to observe and understand. And that's what I did; letting Calder observe anew.

His lips were moist and smooth. Being gentle at first, Calder was trying to figure out what I needed. But when he got no reaction, Calder bent his head and his cool nose rubbed against my cheek.

This time I couldn't help myself. I quietly moaned into his mouth and let go of his hands, grabbing his face instead. Calder was fully capable of using those hands of his.

For a few more seconds I held on to Calder letting him show me what he could do with his mouth, without going out of bounce and making himself uncomfortable, and man could his lips do it. They slid over mine like I was a sweet fruit he couldn't get enough of, and I gave him a little more of myself every time I became lost in his cool touch.

At one point our teeth collided and on instinct I opened up for him. Calder hesitated and backed off. I got scared, like he was going to shut down on my maybe, and I didn't want that. I wanted him to feel safe with me before we did anything. I kissed him back encouragingly and he came back to me as confident as before. I smiled into our next kiss before kissing him excitedly. This was a huge victory, and I wanted him to see that. We've come so far in just one month.

I really can't tell how long its been, but the shadows have grown darker and the moon brighter. It wasn't a very wise idea to stay out here, but I couldn't pull myself away from his seductive lips as they trailed down my neck, and his thumb quietly inched closer to the center point of my breast.

I stilled not quit sure if this was really happening. Was Calder really doing this? The closer he got the more pleasure-pain he caused to course through me.

Calder stilled along with me and we both looked into each other's eyes, breathing heavy.

"We should go," I breathed out and then sucked in another breath to finish, "inside. It's not safe out." I gestured towards the moon. "Full."

Calder's eyes widened in understanding, and he nodded also breathing thickly. I kissed him again on the chin, not reaching up all the way on my tiptoes, and he smiled shyly down at me. Calder was totally blushing, bringing my lips to turn up as well. I liked that.

Peaking around the side of the building that Calder was currently leaning on required me to lose all skin contact with him. I didn't like that so much, but I had to make sure there were no Satyrs around. Weaving my fingers through his hand again, we maneuvered ourselves out of the tight alleyway. Twice we bumped into each other trying to get out at the same time, and then once we both tried to let each other go first. I shook my head, giggling under my breath while I slide out from between the two buildings into the cool night air.

Calder grabbed my hand, and I twined my fingers between his long ones. I kept looking around every corner we turned, wanted to be ready if anything was to happen.

“So where are we going?” Calder obviously realized we weren’t headed back to Kaia’s mountain.

“The club.” I answered, walking with big strides towards the nightclub to get there faster. “You and I aren’t done yet.” I finished, licking my lips because they started to become chapped from the nightly breeze.

I had no intentions when I did that action, but I heard Calder moan beside me and tense up. “When are we gonna get there.” He spoke like he was trying to keep himself back from something very tempting. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him staring at my lips...and my bare torso.

“Three minutes,” was my clipped response. It appears that I’m also holding myself back. I almost made the choice of just stopping right here and now and throw myself at him again, knowing he could take me. Calder could catch me and we could go at it all over again, and maybe his lips could explore more hidden areas this time.

But before I could fully commit to that option, I understood and realized that we were walking along a building with an empty street beside us, and it was quit possible that a big fat-assed damn Satyr could interrupt us and take us in. That would be such a disappointment, because then there would be some heads on the ground by the end of the night. And yes, I do realize I only have one blade, but I can so totally take those douches.

I decided we weren’t walking fast enough, so I sped up, Calder having no problem keeping up.

We were only a minute away, probably less at the pace we were going, and Calder decided to ask a question. “So do you have any abilities?”

“Uh, what?” I was distracted, because my mind had currently been on something else. “Umm, yeah.”

“Well? What?”

“Persuasion.” I was so totally distracted.

“Hold on, what?” Calder had stopped, and at the speed I was going I was yanked back, my shoulder almost coming out of its socket when he grabbed me.

“Calder.” We were thirty paces away, dammit!

“So you could have been persuading me in that alleyway.”

Why was he so worried? “Yes,” I was so not in it. I pulled on him to try and get him to come with me now, because I could hear heavy footsteps. “Calder.” I was starting to panic.

“Kenna.” He said in a serious tone.

“What!” We needed to get inside, and he was holding us up over something we could talk about inside.

“Were you using persuasion on me?”

Oh! That’s what this was all about. Facing him I quickly but seriously explained. “No, I can’t do it on my mate and I’ve never tried.”

“Never tried on me.”

“No! Now come on!” I could see two huge shadows running along the wall of a rich looking house, and they were getting closer.

“Okay.” He sighed, relieved.

I didn’t let him have that breath for long because when I no longer felt the pull from his direction, heals in the crack on the sidewalk, I yanked him along with me. Behind us I could hear shouting. They’ve spotted us.

“Great, just what we need.” I exasperated, hearing loud clicks behind us; guns. They were only used to stun, but I really don’t want to find out if they hurt.

Looking down, as if it would help, I pushed my legs to go faster and my arms to pump harder. “Come on!”

Calder was right there beside, of course, having no problem keeping up.

We were feet away from the door when I could hear the loud bangs of emptying barrels and bullets hitting the buildings. I started to slide trying to slow so my face wouldn’t come in contact with the door before my arms. I pushed hard on the door and ducked instinctively as a bullet hit the doorframe.

“Hurry!” I yelled, trying to pull Calder in through the door with me.

Once we were in and panting heavily, the atmosphere change was instant. Outside it was a calm night with cool breezes blowing around corners, and inside there was a buzz feeling inside your chest. The bass was up so high that your whole body vibrated. It was the best feeling that has over come me in a long time.

I still had Calder’s hand in mine and he had to follow behind, as I guided him through the maze of drunken creatures and humans alike. I could feel his attention drifting away from my back as he watched the strippers dance around poles and glimpse lap dancers. A streak of jealousy ran through me like a racehorse, there and gone. He wasn’t going to have to pay for his own lap dance tonight. He had me, god dammit. Letting myself realize that fact I calmed down just in time for the bar to come into view.

I needed a drink bad, and then we were going to dance. I didn’t care if he wasn’t a dancer, because I needed a partner and he was the perfect one. I smiled at that thought, knowing that it was all to true.


I couldn’t seem to take my eyes away from the mysterious dancers up on the stage, with only lingerie covering them, and the sensual dance moves they preformed. I watched as a girl not much younger than me dragged herself across the floor, many suggestions being made in that one move. I studied the girl’s outfit and my eyes roamed between her barely-covered cleavage were jewels were placed.

It brought another part of yourself out, making you want to take them away, and do everything possibly naughty with them. Things that felt good, and fed your physical need for touch and the sweet taste of another. That’s what they offered after all. And I wanted the one with the ruby red lingerie, and handcuffs around her wrists while she pole danced.

I felt Kenna’s arm go taught and watched as her shoulders tensed and relaxed, tensed and relaxed. With out even knowing it, I had gotten to her, and guilt ate at my nerves immediately. Could she feel my attraction towards one of the dancers?

When the women turned and smiled seductively I watched as a forked tongue flicked out. Well, there went the attraction. Feelings no longer present, I wondered what her origin was.

Kenna had guided me to a bar, and I heard her yell over the booming base, “Hey Billy!”

Looking at this Billy guy, my animalistic side came to the surface, and growled so fast I felt like I was knocked off balance. I shouldn’t like this guy. He had sharp features that drew you in and kept you in place. He was very pale and had unnaturally sharp teeth. A vampire. I felt myself pulling away like a scared little kid, but the other half wanted to push Kenna behind me and give a warning growl towards this creature.

Kenna’s tightened grip kept me in place. She could feel the turmoil I was having problems with, and was just telling me to wait here.

“The usual?” this Billy guy asked.

Kenna shook her head and responded, “Something stronger.”

Kenna must have given him a look, because he looked over her shoulder at me. I had a hard scowl planted on my face. She squeezed my hand again and I only relaxed the slightest.

“Who do we have here?” Billy asked with so much interest laced through his voice, I thought he was actually being kind. Instead I realized it was another way of drawing his prey in.

“He’s all mine, Billy.” I heard Kenna say while I kept eye contact with this vampire. Kenna had a relaxed, friendly air to her presence, but there was warning in her tone like you wouldn’t believe.

Billy cut the stare-down off first, and looked at Kenna giving her a sexy, evil smile. I felt like ripping his damn head off. No one looked at her like that. A deep burning sensation spread through my chest, and all of the sudden I felt calmer, feeling that warmth. Then I realized it was coming from Kenna trying to comfort me. The warmth relaxed my muscles, and I understood she was all mine, just as she had said.

“So we’re not sharing this one.” He motioned to me like I didn’t even understand what he was saying.

Speaking up for the first time, both my woman and vampire almost dropped their jaws, as if I didn’t have the capability of talking before. “No, I’m with Kenna.” My voice, thankfully, came out strong and deep, sounding scratchy still, but that just added to the effect. “Lets go.” I finished glaring at Billy, realizing that probably wasn’t such a good idea.

Kenna had just enough time to grab the drinks and placing one in my hand before I pulled her away. But right before I turned with Kenna, Billy snarled at me, his lip rose like an animal, and Kenna had to give him a hard look. Billy just smiled back innocently. That bastard.

Kenna feeling my inner thoughts, not really knowing what I wanted to say, glared at me warningly, “Calder.”

I looked back at her as she sighed and just pulled me away.


I can’t believe that got close to being an all out fight...over me. I inwardly sighed and drained my drink. I squinted my eyes and almost puckered my lips. Damn he gave me the strong stuff this time. Well that’s what I asked for. I felt it numb my lips and buzz across my teeth for an instant when I gulped it down, and then turned to Calder and saw every erotic curve to his sensual lips. Lips I felt the need to lick and nip. Oh gods, the alcohol has already gotten to me.

Calder was looking off to the right watching all the people and I could feel the fear of a threat coursing through his veins. A silly drunken smile crossed my face. I giggled under my breath feeling very good about myself. Reaching out for Calder I didn’t even hesitate, reaching for his cheek so he would look at me. “Wanna dance, baby?”

Calder swallowed and I could feel his skin crawl under my palm. “Kenna I don’t think that’s such a great idea.” What, he didn’t think I could dance drunk?

“Calder, please?” We were on high stools, and I had to jump up to get up on one.

Standing up on the pole that your feet rested on, I stood up and leaned onto the table. Doing this let me get closer to Calder and I could see his features easier. God, he was sexy. I just wanted to kiss him. He leaned back just a few inches and I pulled forward, closer, and my bare belly lay flat on the sticky table, feeling it rock under my weight. I knew if I fell he would catch me.

Trying a different approach I batted my eyes and deepened my voice just another octave. “Calder, please?” I held out ‘please’ for a few beets, and watched as Calder glanced down at my pushed up breasts, because I was lying across the small, high circular table.

I think its working. I was smiling on the inside, while I kept up the sexy play. It was working!

“No, Kenna.”

What! No!? Okay, I had just failed on both Plans A and B, now for plan C. Getting up out of the stool I dropped two and a half feet down sloppily, because obviously I was drunk.

Calder went to lean forward like he was going to catch me, but not quite. “Kenna.” He watched me lazily, but alert as I stalked around the small table, using it as a crutch.

“Calder.” Leaning against him now, his crotch was resting right underneath my breasts, because he was still sitting there looking at me from up high; like a king on his throne. My king. I rubbed against him and he took in a sharp breath, his nostrils flaring. His eyes were already dilated from the alcohol, and they did even more as his need for more touch called out. I lowered my eyes to half-mast, on instinct, and he followed suit.

“No persuasion.” Calder stated, sliding down from the throne. My king.

He’s still on that crap? “No never. Not possible.” I answered drunkenly. Although I was out of it I still had some sense in my, and understood what he was asking.

Calder had finished his drink now, and we both held each other up as we stumbled towards the sweaty dance floor, where every one was rubbing dirtily against each other. We both stood there for a moment my arms snaking around his neck and finding the rhythm of the strong, pounding beat. My hips started to swirl on there own accord, and Calder found my lips lazily.

There was a thin strip of air between us, just enough for me to rub against him with my hips, and turn to find a different position in which I danced against him. He leaned down and kissed up my neck, my favorite move of his, sending shivers down my back as I bumped and rubbed some more. In Calder’s drunken state he never became self-conscious and his tongue came out to play. He was still working on my neck as our breath became raged, and he licked behind my earlobe. In the next instant it seemed as if our mind became one. As I turned he pulled me around as well and our lips locked again. We pushed against each other as we practically had sex on the dance floor, ignoring everyone around us. We had our own bubble, our own atmosphere.

“Kenna.” Calder moaned.

I gasped as I finally felt something from him. My hands were currently running up and down his chest over his nipples, and I removed them to wrap my arms around his shoulder, and leaned in closer. Calder moaned in the loss of my warm tingling fingers. We were both tingling in anticipation and need.

I whispered in his ear, “Are you hard for me, baby?”

Calder moaned in response.


Oh god. I almost couldn’t take this. It felt like this was the heated torture I was given in hell all over again. Except I was free to do what I wanted. I was free to say ‘no’ to this pleasure I was receiving. But no matter what I thought, my body wouldn’t push this woman away, my woman. I wanted this so bad and it felt so good. I wanted more contact. I wanted more Kenna.

Kenna rubbed against me and the apex of her thighs came in contact with my awakened length. I was breathing heavy and almost moaned again from the direct contact she was putting me through. The softness of her beauty against the hardness of my strength.

Kenna found my lips again and sloppily rubbed them against mine, not really suitable to call a kiss, but it turned me on anyways. Whispering against my lips Kenna spoke, “Come with me.”

She was so drunk it came out very huskily, and I could have fallen to my knees then and there in complete surrender. She once again guided me, shaky knees and all, to a hallway and turned smiling. I knew where this was going and I was all for it. Her face glowed in the rainbow of flashing lights and I couldn’t help myself.

Practically launching myself at her, my lips collided with hers and I pushed Kenna against the wall. Pressing myself against Kenna, I dove in as she ran her delicate fingers through my grown out hair. I felt like an animal doing it, but I really did just push her against the wall. We moaned into each other drunk, and every time she gave me her tongue to spar with I pushed my weight on her more. My hands slide down her neck and found the curve of a breast. I was so tempted.

Kenna brought her lips away from mine and I wanted to protest. “Do it Calder. Its a okay, babe.”

I no longer had time to think anymore, I just did. The next thing I knew I was messaging her in the right place. Her lips came back to mine and she whimpered in my mouth. I shivered with excitement in response and knew what she needed almost instantly. I rubbed against her and she almost screamed in relief. This was complete heaven. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she used me as leverage so she could wrap her legs around my waist. I grabbed her by the waist, and she growled in frustration from the loss of my roaming hands.

Smirking I picked Kenna up to help her place herself in the right position. Soon we were at it again and our bodies struggled against each other to achieve more contact, our hands were roaming each other again. Learning one another. Kenna had her hands running up the back of my shirt, and I had her butt in my hands as we grinded against each other on the wall.

At one point I could feel Kenna’s frustration, and it lit up hot and angry in the middle of my chest. I was about to ask her what I could do, but then she spoke her frustration with a curse and pushed away. We were parted long enough for her to pull my shirt up and over my head. I reached for her crop top, even though I’ve had my hands under it moments ago.

Kenna pushed my hands away and shook her head. I growled low in my throat and Kenna’s eyes met mine. I’ve turned into a complete animal, I realized. Just great. She slid down my waist and around my legs, and as Kenna passed by, my length spiked with need. I groaned and tried to reach for her.

“Calder.” Her voice was scratchy from the hard breathing, but I recognized her voice just fine. It brought me out of the passion hungry haze I was in, and I looked at the both of us realizing just how far we’ve gotten within a matter of hours. The thing was: I was completely okay, completely fine with this.

“We can’t do this.”

Kenna was still close enough for me to bring my lips lightly but hungrily down to hers. “Yes we can.”

She pulled away and looked into my eyes. Her hand rested on my chest like she was holding me in place. My skin burning where she touched it. She held questioning fear in her eyes, and I understood completely why she was worried.

I leaned closer again so that our noses were inches apart, and my cool heat made her shiver. “I’m okay.” I answered, almost cross-eyed trying to look into her eyes. “I want this, with you.” I finished, kissing her on her collarbone.

She nodded her head almost numbly as her eyes glassed over, and pulled me with her into an empty room around the corner, with a bed.

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