Fire and Ice: book 1

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Calder wanted to do this with me, I realized with a kind of wild excitement. Calder wanted to love me tonight. I finally understood the full capacity of the situation as I lead him to the end of the bed and turned to him. For once in my life I felt small and delicate...needy. Like a real woman. Like a real damn needy women, no longer a hard-ass nymph. For some reason feeling needy for this man didn’t bother me. I didn’t try to talk myself out of this for once.

As I watched Calder, our actions became slow and calculating. Neither of us wanted to upset the other, but it’s as if time just slowed. Because we’ve already gone fast...against a wall, we instinctively wanted to go slow. He reached out for me and wrapped his arms around my back, and I followed suit, wrapping my arms around his neck for support. I could feel gravity pulling me down, as he leaned into me, and placed me as gentle as if I were a sleeping babe on the plush silk sheets of the bed.

Calder followed above me, and he positioned himself right above my slender body, just by inches. Between those inches I could feel his cool breath wash over my cheek and down my throat, and it cooled me on the inside like I’ve never been cooled before. His pine-scented skin almost overpowered my senses, and I couldn’t help myself but lean forward and lick at his pulse while I took in his intoxicating odor. The smell of wet snow was like an after taste in my mouth, and it made my insides melt. I’ve never been so cool in my life and it was almost like a drug, getting that break from a hot and torrid world all the time.

I lay my head back down on the pillow, and Calder just gave me this deep look, a soul-searching kind of look. Was he gauging my excitement? Was he watching for what I didn’t yet know I needed? I’m not really sure what I needed. It was just one of those time stopping moments where we just took in the sight of one another.

Calder’s eyes were deep ocean blue in the candlelit room. I watched as the shadows shifted across his strong jaw, and his chin created its own silhouette down his neck. I brought my fingers up to his collarbone and traced those shadows, watching goose bumps slowly form. Leaning forward, I breathed my hot breath along his neckline, and he shivered, bringing in a sigh. The goose bumps were now gone.

My hands found themselves wandering up his torso, which if I haven’t mentioned yet was ripped with a six-pack and rolled with my fingers as I moved them slowly around his chest. I rubbed both thumbs along his nipples, and they sharpened to a point. I smiled in satisfaction, looking up into his eyes slowly. He was holding back as well, watching and feeling my every move.

Running my fingers through his hair again I realized something. “Calder,” I said in a hushed voice, “you have curls in your hair.” I wrapped one around my finger, and pulled just far enough away to let go and watch it limply spring back into place.

He leaned down and kissed my nose lightly, “you like?” His cool breath slid along my lips again.

“I love.”


I was close enough to see Kenna’s eyes glow a fiery orange. Her hair was spread out around her head on the pillow, and I soothingly ran my hands through it. Watching as her locks of red waves glided through my fingers. The glow of the candle in the opposite corner painted shadows across her face, and as she shifted to touch me the shadows went with her.

Kissing her pulse I reached down to finger the single button on her crop top. Kenna nodded, and I anchored myself with my right forearm, next to her head, as I pushed the button through the hole and watch the fabric pull open immediately. Kenna had no bra on. And she looked beautiful.

“You,” I couldn’t finish my thought because I just wanted to kiss her. Kiss her everywhere.

I started at her jawbone and worked my way down her collarbone, and kissed her in the middle of her chest, above her breasts sinking my weight into her a little more. Her breaths became uneven and I trailed down to her left breast. Blowing my cool breath across her, it came to a point and I smiled.

In that moment I realized that something inside me changed. I found what I’ve been missing ever since I was thrown down in hell to rot. I found my old self again, or at least as much as possible. With everything that’s been going on I suspect I’ll never truly be the same. Being tortured, meeting a women who could walk through fire like it was just air, being saved by her physically and mentally....falling in love.

Was I falling in love though? I asked myself as I watched Kenna react to my kisses, and running her fingers through my hair. I think I was falling in love. This woman had the choice of leaving me to rot for eternity down in hell (shiver), but she chose to save me among all the other creatures most likely getting the same treatment as I was receiving at the time.

“Calder, what’s on your mind?” Kenna whispered with a thick voice, bringing me back to the present.

I kissed her lightly on the lips and responded simply, “you, us. What we’ve been through.”

Kenna pulled away, pushing her head even further into the pillow, to see my facial expression. I couldn’t tell you what I looked like, all I knew was that I had a woman I’ve become to love more and more every day, and we were about to give each other to the other person. And I was ready for what ever came next.


Although I loved that about him, thinking about the way things turned out, I wanted Calder to think about the here and now. I wanted us to enjoy this moment while it lasted.

My fingers danced down his torso and by the time I got to the waste of his pants he had goose bumps. I smiled kissing him on the shoulder, telling him all was okay. Just as Calder did, I unbuttoned his pants and helped him kick them off before he settled back on top of me. His weight felt so divinely right. And yes that sounded almost a little to poetic for me, but it was so damn true. His weight was perfect, and fed every sensation I needed quenched.

When we were lying there together bare, and I cradled him just right, this spark of nervous excitement washed through my chest. I placed my hand above his heart and spread my fingers feeling its rhythmic beat catch up with mine, and I looked up into Calder’s wide eyes. He knew what was happening. We were joining together as one. One body, one soul...true mates.

It happened as slow and steady as all our calculated moves have been, ever since we climbed onto the bed, not bothering with the sheets. We made love to each other and fell into the rich kind of ecstasy, as we bound ourselves together. It was truly magic. We moaned and whimpered each other’s names and eventually we went off the edge together yelling the other’s name in bliss.

We were breathing heavy by the time our bodies wanted to rest and pull both of us into unconsciousness, but we had no time for that because all of the sudden the world became filled with obnoxious noises, and we were interrupted as time started to speed up again.


I growled fiercely into another passionate kiss, and pulled away to look in the direction of the intruder. I was going to kill the intruder for interrupting. Because I’ve been so focused on the close up view of Calder, my eyes had to readjust to the glow of the strobe lights behind a fragile looking body. Good I could take this intruder down no problem. A spike of that monster like anger I held within myself showed through my eyes. Calder must have seen, because he gently caressed my cheek and mumbled my name soothingly, matching the next touch he placed along my jawline.

My body no longer tense and my thoughts clear, I focused a second time at the door. It was Camira, and she looked panicked.

Well crap.

All of the sudden that fierce anger came rushing back, held in place by very intense worry for my sister. “Where in the hell have you been!” I yelled, buttoning my top, missing the passion and cool heat with Calder already.

I sat up and blocked Camira’s view of Calder, more for my peace of mind, so he could cover himself up as well. There was this feeling inside me that if I didn’t block the manliest part of him I would just snap then and there. Who the heck cares if it was my precious, shy, innocent, sister? I wouldn’t care if that raging anger came forward all to fast.

“There’s no time,” Camira’s eyes became wide, “There’s five of them, Kenna.”

“Five?!” I jumped up off the bed and moved into a fighting stance pulling my one dagger out. And yes I was still pissed about that. I won those babies fair and square. The demons head had rolled on the ground. I felt myself start to get that whiny, needy feeling and I wanted to scream. This was not me. Way was I acting like a sissy?

Looking back at Calder to make sure I hadn’t just given him away, I watched as he stood up and slid his arm around my waist. My body instantly melted into his, and I felt a wave of comfort and ease wash over me for a moment. He tightened his grip around me fast enough so to let me know he was there and then let go, knowing right now I couldn’t deal with long moments of passion filled skin contact. Not when my sister just announced that there were five satyrs after us.

In my head I mapped out the two floors of the club and decided on a plan A, B, C, and D. Yes those were a lot of escape route idea’s, but you never know... tonight could just very well be the night our lives are cut short. Or worse, Calder’s. I glanced at Calder as he watched Camira blow out all the candles; she was already ahead of me. No, I can’t think about that right now. I can’t think about the possibility of losing my mate. A fate I promised myself would never happen. I was not going to end up like my mother, a mate less woman.

“Camira.” My tone implied that she tell me her plan, and to make it quick.

Her soft voice, determined, filled the room like a hot burst of air. “Yeah, so there are three roaming the lower level, and two at the front and back entrances. We need to split up.” I nodded, letting her continue thinking about my own escape. The first thing we need to do is blend while we try to get to an exit. Re-mapping out everything in my head, now picturing a crowd of gyrating bodies and three giant sized bodies pushing through, I quickly thought of ways to get around them.

Camira has just finished telling me where and when to meet back up, and if that didn’t go right to just head straight back to the woods, and I tightened my grip on my blade as I pulled Calder out of the room.

I froze right away realizing having a blade out right now may look suspicious, so I tucked it between my thigh and the band that keeps it in place. Pushing forward once again I found two men shoving at the drunken bodies roughly as they grabbed any one who had long blonde hair. They were looking for Camira. Why?

I watched as a girl with a blonde pixie cut wrapped her limbs around the muscular man that grabbed her, and then watched as she was shoved to the ground, to numb from the alcohol to feel any pain. She would feel it later. Obviously they didn’t know what she really looked like. I smirked realizing the upper hand we had. My senses were hyper-aware of everyone, and that meant every heat stroke I felt from a body sent boiling hot energy to my veins.

All of the sudden I felt a volcano of heat hover feet away. Without looking, I shoved Calder against the wall and kissed him hard and long. Soon enough Calder pushed me against the wall instead finding the inside of my mouth to explore.


Half way into the kiss I realized what Kenna was trying to do when she shoved me so hard against the wall, making my back bend away from the contact, and the points of my shoulder blades spiked with a fast pain before it faded away. I pushed off the wall just enough to get Kenna underneath me, and then I really got into it, allowing Kenna to look over my shoulder.

She tensed for only an instant when a huge body brushed against my back, not caring the slightest. I cupped my hand to the nape of her neck getting Kenna’s attention. She immediately responded with a distracted stroke of her tongue against mine. That was not going to cut it. My other hand rubbed the inside of her hip and trailed down to her inner thigh. Her breasts tightened and made fast, harsh contact to my chest. I could feel goose bumps rise up over her arms and she started to kiss me deeper, more aware of what I was actually doing.

All to soon she pulled away and shoved to let a pocket of air slide between us. Kenna grabbed my hand and pulled me along. I could almost see it the way she walked. I could see the way she responds to me. Her legs almost looked like they wobbled in the lasers providing light to the nightclub. Her shoulders were drawn back so I could almost see the curve between her shoulder blades, and she held tight to my hand as I kept pace with her through the sloppy, drunk bodies.

We had to weave through the bodies, and because of the creatures acting like unbalanced pregnant women; it slowed our progress to the first exit immensely. Looking behind me I saw two of the satyrs watch us as we started to speed up, getting closer to the exit. I did the wrong thing, totally wrong. I made eye contact with the one closest to us, and his eyes shrinked into dark, shadowy slits. He suspected something, and motioned to his partner to follow. I looked ahead knowing the hulking satyr would be shoving people out of the way.

Kenna yanked on my arm unintentionally, and I squeezed her hand in return to get her attention. She looked at me with a determined look, and I so much as twitched my neck to get her to glance behind me. When Kenna realized what was happening she made a sharp turn, changing our direction and started to zigzag through the people on the dance floor.

Looking behind me again I saw that it was working. We were losing the two monster sized men. I poked Kenna in the back and she looked behind us nodding. I felt my stride lengthen as Kenna sped up and it took no effort at all on my part to keep up. Her long hair swayed back and forth against her back, and the nervous energy that was building inside me started to subside.

We finally made it to the opposite end of the room and Kenna jerked open the oak door. And right in our path stood another huge satyr. Well, I thought, we found the fourth one.

Kenna must have said something because I heard the undertone of her voice above the pounding music. The next thing I knew she had pulled out her blade and slashed a clean cut across the unsuspected Horned One. His reaction wasn’t what I expected really. All he showed was a body that tensed up, and then anger radiated from him.

The satyr had turned around to face us, and my eyes widened as he pulled out the longest sword I’ve ever seen. Well, actually this was the first sword I ever saw in the first place so...

Then he spoke and it was so low my ears almost strained to hear him. “You know that’s not going to work,” there was a pause as he studied her from head to toe, and I could feel a possessive alpha dog sense creep into me. I heard my inner voice start to growl and yell. My woman. Mine. Mine! All MINE!! Pushing back that strong feeling took all the power I had in me. All the power I had to just stand behind my woman, and let her protect me, instead of the other way around.

I focused back to the satyr as he finished drinking her in. Or at least that’s what it looked like until discussed tightened the skin around his eyes and mouth. Then he spat, “Kenna.

How dare he even address her!! I guess the alpha dog inside me didn’t submit, because I felt my throat become raw and realized I’d just growled like a damn wild animal. What has gotten into me? Then I looked at Kenna and found my answer.

“Hello, Zane.” Kenna smarted back. “I just figured I’d get your attention before I killed you.” Then without a pause as she held her ground, “unlike your kind, we fight fairly.”

The satyr, Zane, snarled and reached for Kenna’s neck. I tensed up ready for anything. Zane made contact and dragged her by the neck out of the clubs doorway.

“No!” I barley got out before Kenna brought her blade up fast and sliced cleanly through his wrist. His hand slackened its grasped on her neck, and I watched as color came back to her face. The cut that should have chopped his hand off did not. Instead it was gashed open and I could see bone as beads of blood started rushing out. Just as quickly as the blood came the cut started to heal, and soon it was nothing but a thin scar.

Zane looked down at his wrist and smirked wickedly. “Another scare to add to my collection.” Then he looked back up at Kenna, shifting as she went for his kneecaps. “Out of practice I see.”

“Just getting started.” Kenna gritted her teeth and faked a left hit to the shoulder and instead went for the ribs. He doubled over and heaved out a shaky breath. I was afraid she had just punctured a lung. Kenna sneered. She was about to make the final blow to his stomach so he was looking to the sky, but heavy footsteps sounded down the street.

“Help! I’ve got one!” Zane wheezed out, as Kenna punched him in the throat. Zane immediately passed out, and his face relaxed as well as the scare that ran from underneath his jaw to the middle of his chest under his uniform. It shined in the moonlight, and I looked away following the sound of the second enemy. It was another Horned One.


Oh thank God, he’s knocked out. I loathed that asshole so much. For now I didn’t have to deal with him. Zane was one of the reasons why I hated the Horned One’s. He was cocky and evil. He loved to show the power he had over the poor civilians, and it made me chest grow cold with hate.

For two years now I’ve run into him, and every time he came Zane was a threat. Some how battling it out by words, fists or blades didn’t matter, but neither of us were able to eternally injure the other. Every time I gave him a scar it just showed how much closer I was to killing him.

I looked over at Calder and saw that he had no injuries himself. I turned my attention on myself and realized I had a cut lip only. Probably from biting it. Zane had only blocked me this time, and it made me sick to know that he was still one level higher in strength than I was. I gazed down as his passed out form and felt the urge to just kick him, but of course I was never taught that way. You were never supposed to hit a man while he was down, or a woman for that matter.

Calder had brought his gaze back to me and we locked eyes. Both confirming that we were fine, I glanced down the street to find another Horned One coming. I didn’t recognize this one, but he posed no threat as he stopped feet away. I was considering using persuasion on him, because he hesitated. That’s gotta mean one thing...he wasn’t fully on board with their plan.

As we watched each other the tension slowly eased away, and he finally spoke. “You guys need to leave before I’m forced to take you in.” his voice came out tight, like he was holding back.

I wasn’t going anywhere before I got answers, “what do you want from us?”

For once the satyr had the sense in him to answer. “Its not that we want anything from you, its that we want your sister for what she’s done.”

Great, he wasn’t giving any straightforward answers. “What has she done?”

The satyr shook his head and turned it as if he was listening. “They’re coming, you need to leave. You’ll be lucky if you get to the city gates.”

I realized he totally coped out on my question, but I also know that he was trying to let us go. But I had to know before I turned my back. “What’s your name?” Yes, I know it was a silly question, but I like to know my opponents names.

He hesitated for only a moment, “Dagon.”

I nodded in thanks, and was running with Calder by my side right as the other Horned One’s rounded the corner.

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