Fire and Ice: book 1

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“Kallan, where is she?”

It’s been two days now and Camira hasn’t shown up. I was literally on the verge of tearing apart this whole damn country in order to find my sister. I have no idea where she has gone and we aren’t sure yet if she’s actually been taken.

At this point it was mid afternoon and Calder and I have holed ourselves up in our room. Well, I have. Calder has just stuck by my side the whole time, keeping his distance when needed and being comforting when needed...for me. I still can’t believe I’ve become a needy little sissy, but I can’t think about that now.

I was standing behind Kallan while she was bent down with her hands in the water. I light glow around her hands drew my attention. Sometimes Kallan can track a certain someone if you have a connection and if they’ve touched a source of water recently.

Kallan sighed and sounded as frustrated as I felt. “I can’t feel her. She hasn’t been close to a water source sense the night we found you’re mate. It’s to faded now.”

Yes, by now all of my sisters have considered Calder and I mates. After all the hype of escaping Paxton, I felt a tingling that went from my shoulder and wrapped around my lower backside to stop at the base of my hip. Soon after, Calder mention him feeling the odd sensation and I realized they were mating marks. Marks that only the mate of another can see.

“Well, what the hell are we gonna do about this?” I could feel many mixed emotions rise up within me, but the strongest was the scariest. The monster side of me wanted to rip free all of the sudden and kill. Kill anyone in sight who didn’t have the answers or the sister I needed found. That in fact included Kallan who stood right in front of me, almost to close for comfort.

“Kenna,” Kallan started talking in that calming voice, and it just made me even more irate. She of course didn’t notice, but I could almost feel Calder’s presence and my temperature calmed immediately. Kallan glanced over my shoulder, and I spun around to find Calder hurriedly racing my way. All of the sudden I felt panicked, and forgot about Kallan for a moment.

“What is it?”

Calder came to an abrupt stop and took ahold of my hands. “You. I felt –” He cut himself off as he gazed into my eyes, knowing all to well what it was. Now that we were bonded, we could feel each other as far away as the mountain was from the stream we stood at. We haven’t been able to leave each other yet though. But that didn’t really bother me.

This was why I holed myself up. I didn’t want this to happen, my monster. I didn’t want my monster to think any of my sisters were okay to rip apart. I had told, no demanded, Calder not to stay with me, but he refused, and it just so happened that he was able to calm me down while I was holed up. That is why I felt comfortable enough to come and talk with Kallan. I thought I had calmed down; my monster apparently thought otherwise.

Calder leaned in and took my face gently in his two cool palms. “It’s going to be fine.” That’s all I really needed, and my heart slowed finally. I always thought it interesting that when Calder used the same tone it sounded different than when any of my sisters ever tried to cool me down. I guess Calder was cooler than them. I almost smirk at my own crappy joke but couldn’t. Calder must have seen it in my eyes and he started to smile, slowly. His cheekbones lifted and his eyes crinkled. I smiled back feeling peaceful and content next to my mate.

I turned now to Kallan, and obviously she was trying to hide a smile. My smile turned into a frown instantly. I warned her to not go there with my sharp gaze. She cleared her throat and continued with out the calming tone that never worked on me. “She’ll contact us when she’s ready. Camira is most likely just hiding out in Paxton, to afraid to come this way.”

Kallan turned towards the river in the direction that led to the city, and I could see the worry etched all over her face. I knew she was trying to hide it. She was like the worried mother we never had, and deep down we’ve always loved her for taking up the roll.

Looking in the direction of Paxton, down the river, I grabbed hold to Calder’s hand and leaned into him for support. He let go, instead guiding my back to his chest, and I rested me head on his shoulder, sighing. He kissed the top of my head, and I could feel his breath rustle the hair at my crown. I knew he was trying to communicate it would be okay. It would all turn out fine. But would it? Would it really be fine? Will we, my sisters and I, ever see our youngest sister again? I know Camira is a strong independent woman, but how much could she stand?

I sighed again and letting the cool air in made my chest tighten, like I wanted to cry. But that was the thing. I’ve never been able to, and never will. Not even for the absence, that may just stay, of my sister.

“Have hope.” Calder whispered next to my ear, rubbing his thumb along my tattoo, sensing my turmoil. That was the last thing I chose to hear before I started making plans. Plans to get Camira back.

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