Fire and Ice: book 1

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Sleeping in the arms of a demon never really bothered me. It quenched my need of having a relationship, even though my sister says having sex isn’t part of the relationship. A relationship is getting to know someone: strengths and weaknesses. I disagree. Nymphs are known for sex for Pete’s sake! But anyways, I slept with demons because they always wanted something from me, and maybe because that was our race's reputation already. Apparently the whole population of demons knows that I’m the one to go for if they need something sexual.

They always had fun making love, kissing and licking and sucking. It was one of the ways they tortured. If those actions were coming from my lover it wouldn’t have bothered me. But demons also loved to bite and rip and tear and cut. I never let them get that far. Or at least I try not to. Otherwise I kick them out. A few years ago when I realized I was starting to own little scares on my torso and legs, I quit letting them take advantage of me.

Sitting up with a start, I awaken from disturbing dream. It a dream? It just felt too real. The sexiest man with the name of Calder, I saved from being tortured. Or at least more tortured than he already was. I was frustrated that I was forced to leave him. Even if it was a dream, I wanted to know how it ended. Do we fall in love? I know I was attracted to him. But I had to face reality.

I looked over my bare shoulder to find the green, scaly serpent of a demon looking up at me. I threw my legs over the side of the bed, and although it was always torrid in the underworld I felt a breeze brush my backside. I hid my shiver, afraid it would mean something different to the demon; fear. Then I slipped on a button up nightshirt and commanded, “leave or die.” Hopefully he got the hint that I didn’t want him back here.

Gazing over my shoulder again I found an empty bed. Good, I still had a reputation. The only thing that was left behind was a single green scale. It was a little slimy, and as I eyed it, I could see where it used to connect to the body. It was covered in black blood.

I shuddered; disgusted with the demon I slept with, and got up to get ready for the party tonight.

It was a clear night with a slight chill to the air. Here on Earth. A perfect night for a party if you ask me; plus there was a full moon. My three sisters and I were having our own little ceremony, because we weren’t invited to the real one.

Each year many nymphs come of age and move away from the tribe. Because this is such a big thing, we have to celebrate them going away. Well, this year it’s our turn, and if you ask me I’m more than happy to move away. I’ve already found my little place where I can still communicate with my sister, Kallan, through the stream close by, and of course above me is Kaia’s mountain. I don’t really have to worry about Camira, because

I’ll always feel her in the wind. Sometimes she speaks through the breeze. We’ll all be very near even though some tribe members say being so close isn’t good. But who gives a crap! I don’t, and neither do my sisters.

As I’ve said we weren’t invited to this so called ceremony... well, we were, but everybody knows we aren’t invited. As children we were always bullied and Mother always said to let it go. But one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. I hated seeing my loving sisters being picked on for whom they were. Loving, that’s what they were. That day I stood up for the four of us and talked out. The rest of our life was crap, all because of me.

Apparently being my mother’s child wasn’t an easy life. Because she was looked down upon for sleeping with another kind, her children were looked down upon as well. For the rest of our lives everything that the tribe held back was flung at us. Dirty looks, pranks... anything that you could put under the label ‘bully’ happened to us.

It became so bad that mother withdrew from us until we moved out. Now of course she wants to be friends and above all our mother. But don’t you think its really hard to do that when she’s been distant from us our whole life?

Pulling myself out of my thoughts I watched my sister beat on the drum in a dream like state. Camira was always good with music, and even better with natural music. Using her ability with the wind and making the trees tremble and shake with the rhythm of a song. Soon the birds would fall asleep, hearing the whistle of the wind joining the trees and nature would sound like a symphony for all to hear.

Sadly though the human’s rarely ever stopped to listen anymore, so Camira only made music for those who listen; mostly the animals.

As she beat on the drum the trees started to sway and leaves started to swirl and fall around her. She looked beautiful tonight with the firelight glowing on her cheekbones. Camira’s lashes spiking up towards the sky, made shadows on her face.

I pulled my eyes away from my younger sister, and watched as Kallan and Kaia danced around the fire I made, hand in hand. They were having fun, smiles splayed across their faces.

Kallan owned the power of water. Meaning she could heal anybody that asked for help. But like all of us, she could create death and destruction; she ruled the ocean waves. Kallan never chose that route though. She was the wisest of us all, helping people in every way shape and form. Being the oldest I guess that would make sense.

Kaia had the ability to move the earth and understand trees. She could make the most amazing earthquakes. And they were even more powerful when she was angry. We try not to make her angry. Sometimes you could find her in the forest putting a soft hand on a tree with a thoughtful face. Kaia always tells us that trees are very wise and resourceful.

It’s been more than a couple hours by now, and Camira has stopped playing the drum and Kallan and Kaia have stopped dancing around the blazing fire. I had an amazing night even though half the time...who am I kidding, more than half the time I sat out and watched my beautiful sisters as they glowed with happiness.

I don’t really want to admit what was wrong with me, but it had to do with last night. I still can’t get over how real that dream felt. I was pissed because the possibility of it being a dream felt higher than it being real.

I watched as Camira and Kallan walked off through the trees. The direction they were heading told me they were going to the river. Camira’s hands must be sore. I had the urge to follow them, so I got up and walked after them, careful not to snap any twigs under my bare feet. As I walked forward I remembered that Kaia hadn’t joined the group.

“Kaia, you gonna be okay?” I asked, resting my eyes on her still form against the tree.

She gave no answer.

“Well, I’m going to follow Camira and Kallan.” Even though she sat there, bare shoulder blades against the tree, I knew she heard me somewhere in that sweet little mind of hers. I sighed, “See what their up to or something.”

I walked off reassured that Kaia heard me.

“...Acting strange tonight.” One of my sisters said, most likely Camira, because her voice liked to carry on the wind without her knowing.

“Yes, maybe we should ask her if it has to do with the underworld.” Kallan replied. Her voice was much more of a hush, so I had to strain to hear it.

“Maybe...she...needs another... sex buddy.” Camira almost said in a disgusted tone. The comment was chopped up by the wind that suddenly picked up, and whistled past my ears.

I watched silently behind a tree as Camira dipped her hands into the river letting Kallan heal her throbbing hands. As she healed her the water lapped over Kallan’s ankles, looking like it wanted to pull her in. But of course she wasn’t going to be pulled in, because she was using the water’s strength and power as she mended Camira’s hands.

The glow of the water surrounding Kallan’s hands started to die down, but as the sun glowed over the horizon, their shadows stretched behind them. It almost seemed like they were beckoning me forward. The shadows that is.

Hearing my sister gasp and point down the river I became worried. Sometimes we had human visitors and had to deal with them. Sometimes we had animals that Kaia or Camira had to deal with. Sometimes it was a demon that crossed the river, and found there way out from under the mountain. Hearing her gasp now I wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe she didn’t either.

“Oh my gods. Is that a man?”

A man? Did my sister, Camira, just say a man? That’s impossible, we haven’t had a human visit in like forever!

Nevertheless, Kallan answered with a short intake of breath, “Oh it’s a man alright. Coming from the mountain's direction too.”

Forgetting what I was supposed to be doing behind the tree, I ran towards my two on-looking sisters. As I stood next to Kallan, closest to the mountain, I gazed down at a dark shape flowing down the riverbanks. As the body became clearer I could see the broadness of his shoulders, and the stiff way his chin was held. Like he was in pain, but would not show it. That body looked so damn familiar.


I cut my youngest sister off. “Calder.”

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