Fire and Ice: book 1

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I can’t believe I flinched! What the heck was wrong with me? Other than feeling crazy and somewhat uncomfortable with a sheet between Kenna and my junk. Plus it was really hard to stay relaxed with her standing right there. Do you even understand how breathless she looked?

She had strawberry, almost red, hair that frizzed around her face, and her eyes were such a light brown they almost looked golden. Now that I had a full view of her, I could see her curves; it didn’t help that she had a top on that hugged them just right, either.

As my eyes traveled up and down I found every little place that made my stomach burn in hunger. A hunger that needed to be quenched. A feeling I haven’t felt in a lifetime. But as I assessed this burn of mine, I realized it was very unfamiliar. Why was I feeling something I’ve never felt before as a man? This wasn’t one of the reactions I felt when there was an attractive woman in front of me.

“No that’s okay.” Kenna mumbled with a wave of agitation ñ At herself, maybe ñ as she drew her eyes to mine.

While I was studying her reaction she had moved her eyes to my lips. Did she want to kiss me? No. That wasn’t possible. Was it? I never thought a woman like her would want to kiss a man like me.

Kenna hurried out of the room, and before I could try to understand why she left, she brought back a stack of towels. Oh thank god! Maybe I could keep them until she gives me some clothes to cover up in. I’m feeling very vulnerable in front of her like this, in bed, butt-naked. But that’s the thing; I’ve never felt like this before. Usually I would ask her to join me, and do to her little curvy body whatever I pleased. Ever since the...the tor-torture Iíve been feeling conscious of these things.

As I thought this, I outwardly flinched, and at the right time Kenna set the towels down in my lap too. Great, she was going to think I was a wussy at every single touch. Just great.

At my flinch, Kenna took two steps away from the bed and stayed there. Far enough away that neither she nor I was tempted to touch each other. Even though I felt like I would get sick thinking about touching her.

After fixing the situation and keeping some towels for myself, I wanted to know one thing. “How long was I out?”

“A week.” Kenna answered, hesitantly.

My eyes widened in surprise. A week! I mean its not very long, but something could have happened to me...or been done to me. I cringed thinking about it.

Kenna saw my reaction as meaning something else. “Oh no! It’s okay. You’ve been up here in this cave the whole time.” She was offended, holding her hands up in front of her chest. A chest I found myself thinking about ever since I laid eyes on it. Thinking about her chest made my eyes squint into little slits, like I had x-ray vision, to see through her hands.

Kenna’s hands moved and rested on her hips, but I didn’t pay much attention. When Kenna cleared her throat my eyes snapped up to meet hers.

Oh crap.

A few hours later there was no longer a glow underneath the heavy curtain, and I realized my eyes were getting heavy. It was exhausting trying to keep my eyelids open, and I realized as I started to drift off that I couldn't stay here alone.

"Kenna, can you uhh," I paused and felt a frown pull on my lips. I really didn't want to admit this.

Her eyes grew wide maybe in shock? Or understanding? I didn't know, and I didn't have the strength tonight to sit here and try to read her. Not that it bothered me. But do you know how tired I am, after a full day of trying to keep my eyes open for Kenna?

Kenna nodded ñ understanding ñ and came back to the bed ready to slide in, when a woman poked her head through the curtain. Immediately Kenna blushed and took two steps away from the bedside.

"Oh! He's awake, finally!" This woman had brown eyes that paralleled to the color of rich soil, and her hair was a dark brown almost black.

"Yeah, he is." Kenna answered, sounding defeated or tired, I couldn't tell.

Was this woman one that checked in every time I heard or felt another person’s presence? Yeah, most likely.

The other woman regarded the two of us, and looked like she just decided something. "Hmm, well I'll leave you to it Kenna."

Then she was gone and Kenna spoke to her anyways; whether she could hear her or not. "Thanks Kaia!"

In the distance we could hear Kaia. “Whatever.” She sounded very nonchalant about the situation.

As our eyes met once again I just had to know. “Who are these women who poke in every couple of hours?”

Kenna looked surprised at my curiosity. Why? I didn’t really care at the moment. All I cared about was knowing the relationship between these women. “They’re my sisters.” Kenna replied like she was unsure whether she should have given me the information.

I nodded my head, taking in her response, and having nothing else to say to that particular answer.

“Where have you taken me?” I asked, because I certainly knew we weren't in...that blistering hot place anymore.

Once again Kenna thought for a moment. “At this time I’m only answering need-to-know questions.” She finished crossing her arms underneath her breasts. I quickly averted my eyes.

Instead I simply answered with a sigh. Well, it wasn’t very simple. The sigh was more confused than ever before.

Then she looked at me sternly. A look I never expected to come from a beautiful woman such as her. “Do you want me to sleep with you or not?” Immediately her eyes widened when she realized what she had just said.

My usual reaction would have been a sly smile, but at the idea she had just pushed my way, my stomach turned and that's all it took. My eyes widened and my stomach heaved letting out nothing but what was left in my stomach from a week ago, which wasn’t much.

I heard Kenna gasp and then step closer as if she wanted to comfort me. When I groaned she thought otherwise.

Kenna waited until I was done heaving my guts out on the rock floor, and then came around to the other side of the bed. Sliding under the covers smoothly, and shifted as far away from me as possible. I was thankful even though my skin tingled uncomfortably from her heat. I wasn't so sure this was the greatest idea after all. How was I going to fall asleep?

In the next instant my eyelids drifted closed and I completely forgot about the women lying next to me.

"Calder!" I could hear my mother yell from the sidewalk.

"Watch Momma!" I was in the middle of the street on my bike wanting to show her a trick I learned from a friend.

When I shifted my weight to do a flip, a car came speeding by and nearly missed me. It swerved and hit the mailbox, and I fell off my bike with the force of the car rushing by.

My mother ran out towards me, while the driver slowly got out of his car without a care. When my mother saw him she squinted her eyes. "Look what you've done. Your only son, and you almost killed him."

"Well you shouldn't have let him out in the middle of the street women!" A gruff voice answered. A voice I knew all to well.

My mother turned her attention back to me, hearing my whimper when a shooting pain went down my leg. "Momma, I think it's broken."

She bent down and reached out with shaky hands. Momma barely touched it and I practically screamed.

In that instant I looked away from my leg and saw my father towering over my mother. Was he worried? Isn't that what fathers should be...worried that they almost killed their son?

"Jax, I think we need to take him to the hospital." Momma said nervously. Was she afraid of my father?

"No. He's fine. Calder needs to learn how to toughen up." His stony voice lashed out.

"But Jax he-"

"No!" Then I heard skin hit skin, and my mother was lying next to me with a red cheek and a watering eye.

That was it! I limped into a standing position, and lifted me chin to look my father in the eye. "Stop. She doesn't deserve this." I said, pointing towards my injured mother.

Immediately his face turned arctic cold. "Boy, you better watch it before you end up just like your bitch of a mother."

I lifted my chin to the sky and stood my ground. I knew what would come next, but I didn't give a care.

"Ahhhh!" I exclaimed, and landed next to my mother.

Looking up I found a red hue to my father’s eyes, and he licked his lips with a reptilian like tongue, while his skin started to change texture and color.

Waking up with a start, I rubbed a hand on my cheek, remembering the sting. That dream was one of the first memories I had, knowing how evil my father had been to my mother. I realize now that my father was one of the first demons in my life.

Ever since that day, I stood clear of that man and tried to protect my mother, even though she'd gone to drinking every chance she got. I always believed it was my father’s fault for turning her into an alcoholic. But maybe it was mine as well.

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