The Scars That Lie Beneath

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Chapter 9:Friends Forever

Whoever said running away from your problems was a problem itself?
That is very true even though I have mixed feelings towards it sometimes because that was what I did best whenever shit went terribly wrong.
That was my speciality.And that was what I had been doing for the past 48 hours as I stayed shut in one of my parents guest room all by myself trying and fighting with myself to get my emotions under control by tucking it away somewhere nobody could ever find.

Still laying in my bed in the same PJ's I've had on for the past 48 hours I reach for my phone as it starts to ring.

"Where the hell are you"Naya asks growling at the other end of the call.

"Argh-I'm at home?"I ask confused
"You are late,Do you know you are LATE?"She hisses

"Okay what the hell are you even talking about girllll"I say as I get out of bed and walk to the window

"You were supposed to meet me today you duffer,t-ooo-d-a-y after you closed from work,remember?You know what time it is,huh?She chants

"Oh shit,oh shit" I grumble as I run out of the guest room right the into the main part of the house

"I'm sorry Yaya"I say trying to soften her up by using the nickname I gave her

"Don't even play that game young lady,if you don't meet me at The Avenue in 50 minutes,5-0 m-i-n-u-t-e-s You.Are.Dead,You hear me???DEAD"
Right away the line beeps signalling that she had hanged up on me

"Oh God This is not good"I say as I rush through our family hall bringing my phone from my ear I mumble some greetings to my parents whom were seated watching TV and dash into the bathroom.

Damn someone should have informed me freshening up and heading to The Avenue within 50 minutes was next to impossible and like running almost a mile made it any better.
Running up the hill that led to The Avenue I stop midway and rest my hand over my knees as I gasp for air my breathing evening out as seconds passed,after a while I continue walking the path again but this time running a little further I finally reach my destination.

Looking up at the huge billboard mounted infront of the large building I stop for a minute and make myself presentable before I open the door and calmly walk inside.I stand and look around the place for a full minute before I spot her sitting at a table at the far end of the cafe in an elegant sea blue floral dress,leave it to her to always kill it with her sense of fashion.I head to the table with my eyes down and take a seat.

Looking up I look at every where and anyone but her,I dare not look at her her eyes I think to myself,I make some calculations and choose her hair. I start staring so intensely at her hair like I am fascinated by it to prevent me from making any eye contact with her.
We sit awkwardly for a few minutes before she starts to speak

"You're 15 minutes late Serwaa"she says with an exasperated look on her face.

"I know"I mumble,"I'm sorry okay?"I say and finally daring to look into her face for the first time since I arrived.I stare at her apologetically for a second and look back up

"Whatever,I just missed you sooo muchhh"she squeals

I immediately look back down at her a little shocked at her sudden change in mood but recover quickly,my mood lightening up

"I missed you too,like crazzzzy but your ass is crazy you go off on me all the time,like you are one hormonal teenager"I say grinning at her excitedly

"Haaaaa!I that's so not true its just that you keep neglecting me and this awesome friendship we have and no before you bring up that excuse of being held up at work all the time, she complains holding her hand up to my face--you can't be that busy to not even chat up your girlfriend,chilee"

She takes a long pause looks me right in the eye and asks"What happened to us?"shaking her head as she speaks.
The guilt hits me again hard,harder than ever.I guess I never thought that seeing her would be this hard on me
Having to keep up with the numerous lies I've told her these past few weeks was worse.
It was never like this,how did we get here?

"So you coming with me to go school shopping next Saturday?"I hear her say in a monotone pulling me back to earth

"What?"I yell shocked out grabbing the attention of the numerous other people around the cafe,acting casually I look back at Naya and ask again
"What are you talking about?"

"I asked if you wanted to go school shopping with me this Saturday dummy we could get all the things we need before they increase the prices once the rush hour starts,ya know,since the results and the university placements came out and all"she explains.
Shaking my head and looking back down at the napkin on the table I struggle with myself as to what my next move will be feeling torn and frustrated I finally give up the fight and decide to come clean with her.
Lifting my head back up I stare at her

"I am not going Yaya"I say smoothly

"What do you mean?"she asks with a confused expression on her face

"I mean I am not going to school anymore Ya"

I tell her again grabbing my purse for comfort

"Why?"she asks grabbing my wrists forcefully out of nowhere growling angrily.I pull my hand out of her grasps now getting a little peeved by her outrageous behaviour.Starring daggers at her I say with all the confidence I can summon

"I am not going to school anymore because I want to live out my dreams Naya"

"That's not true,you love school in fact that is one of your dreams--our dreams"
she whispers now almost in tears

"I know Ya" I say trying to calm her down

"You do not know anything Serwaa,You do not,this has been one of our many dreams since childhood,to go to college together,you don't get it"she retorts back "we are supposed to go to school share the same,a-and--and you're supposed to study to be a writer and I will study fashion design a-and"she says with a pained expression and breaks down.

Quickly grabbing some tissues from our table walk to her and sit at her side to start to comfort her.

"I am sorry Naya,I really am,you don't know how sorry I am for not telling you this earlier but-but I was scared and I know I am being self centred right now-

"Being self centred is an understatement Serwaa"she whispers pushing me away and holds her hands to my face

"You've always thought about yourself, only you,you live in this bubble of yours where everything in this world revolves around you yeah? I always let it slide because you were more than a friend to me,you were my best friend and my sister well guess what?

She ask pushing her chair back"Not anymore I am done with this bullshit,I will not tolerate it anymore I-I just can't Goodbye Serwaa"She says tears still spilling out from her beautiful brown eyes and storms out of the cafe
Living me there with my mouth hanging wide open and a heavy heart.

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