The Scars That Lie Beneath

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Chapter 2:Emotions II

Sitting in the middle of an uncompleted building feeling numb and shattered all over again.I finally let these China walls come crumbling down, I let myself feel everything I've been running away from all this time and it feels so damn good.
I try to pull myself together,chanting words of encouragement to myself fighting to stay strong.

After him I was broken and shattered,that was his impact on me,and I was going to take while to forget it all.

My phone vibtates in my hand I look down to see my colleague--Akua from work calling me.I looked at the caller ID tempted to let it ring on,I change my mind after the fourth ring and sighing I pick up the call

"Hey where are you?,"Uncle has been calling you for the past hour"comes her voice from the other end of the call.
Akua was my colleague for about two years and a singer just like me.
I have had a love for music since I was a child so when I was sixteen,with the help of my brother I recorded my first ever demo and soon I had offers from different business moguls to join their record label yet since I was still in high school and just a teenager my brother had handed me over to a friend of his who was a formal rapper to help manage my music career.I went to school,came back only to be introduced to my new record label mate and we've been acquaintances ever since then.

I immediately hang up the phone and slap my forehead with my left palm scolding myself for how I could not notice my managers calls and preparing myself mentally for lecture I was going to receive when I got back to the barbershop.

"Oh God"I murmur to myself and break into a run

I reach the stores sooner that I anticipated and I start walking briskly into the shop
I stare up at My Manager who is busy shaving someone and attempt to swiftly walk into my "cabin" as I like to call it but not smoothly enough since my manager calls my name

"Serwaa"I turn around a smile plastered on my face he turns to look at me and question me about my whereabouts

"I went to the uncompleted building to do my vocal warm ups"I tell him thanking my stars he was preoccupied in that moment

"Alright go get something to eat and we'll talk later"he says looking at me suspiciously
Taking that as my cue I head out to the food stand in front of our store with nothing but food on my mind.

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