The Scars That Lie Beneath

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Chapter 3:Lost In Thoughts

Looking out the window of the bus I was in,I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in all this time
Tilting my head I rest it on the window of the bus,close my eyes and listen to Groovy by the Legendary Kwadwo Antwi play in the background
I let the song help me drown out my thoughts and enjoy every single note accepting the numerous eargasms it gives me

The name is Adwoa Serwaa,I'm a year from becoming legal and I couldn't be more miserable.I grew up in Kumasi-Ghana and I've never known another world or life.My life has been full of ups and downs--more downs than ups if we're being truthful.
I've had to experience life all alone thus gaining the nickname from my numerous grandmothers "Miss Independent".I live life on an edge,overthinking shit and just trying to make it through the day alive and sane yet I can't seem to find all I've ever longed for,peace and this is my story.

Slowly opening my eyes I realize the bus almost at my stop
I yell the driver's conductors name "mate" as we call them in my country and slam my hands on the side of the bus bringing to an abrupt stop.

Hurrying out of the car I jump onto the ground thanking my stars for being able to get off the bus in time and breathe in some fresh air
I turn around and cross the road heading home.

Dragging my feet to the door I knock and Victoria our house help opens the door, not waiting for her to bombard me with questions I enter the house greeting my parents and my brother loudly-just how they like it and waltz right into my room that I happen to share with my brother
I put my things down and head straight into the bathroom and go about my nightly rituals.
Stepping into the shower I hear the door to the bathroom open I turn and stare right into my mother's eyes defiantly

"We'll be going to visit Esi early tomorrow be ready by 8"she says and right before she turns to leave I murmur an Okay.

I turn on the shower and the water splashes all over my face and glides down my body in a treacherous way
Leaning on to the wall for support I exhale loudly
God tomorrow is going to be a long day..........

I know the word count is very small but this was my first time attempting to write ever but I promise you guys things will start picking up.Thank you

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