The Scars That Lie Beneath

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Chapter 4:Memories

I shield my eyes from the lights that suddenly falls on my face.Groaning out loudly I open my eyes to see my brother walking out with a bucket full of clothes with my mother following right behind him.

Francis--my father brother is from another father, older than me by good 17 years
He moved in with us a few months back with what he claimed was some personal issues but mainly to help us take care of our ailing mother.Now unfortunately for me though he occupies my room and not that I am complaining I totally adore him--when he's not getting on my nerves of course

I get off my mattress,stretching and yawning out loudly for all to hear.
I quickly walk to the bathroom remembring that what my mom had said the night before.Within record time I'm done brushing my teeth and taking a thorough shower.

Whistling to mine and my brothers room I go get the dress my mom picked out for me to go visit my Aunt last night and start getting ready for the visit

"Serwaa we're going to be late"I hear my mom scream almost rendering me deaf

Surprised at how fast she got ready I hurriedly head out and open the gates of our house so my brother can drive the car out into the driveway
I open the door of the car for my mom to get in and closes it right after.
When the car is out in the driveway I close the gates and rush to the passenger side to take a seat

The drive to Aunty Esi's house was a short one with my brother and mom making small talk and arguing in between about everything and nothing--typical of my mother.

I recognize the neighborhood before we pull up in front of the also very familiar gates.
I remember spending a lot of time here
as a child,running around with Aunty's Esi's two daughters, watching TV and being so carefree--ahhh how I'd do anything to being so innocent again.

"Adwoa" Aunty Esi's voice pulls me out of my thoughts,bracing myself I walk up to her and she engulfs me into a big hug.Pulling away from her I smile and we head to their hall where my mom, brother and Uncle Matthew Aunty's Esi's husband are already seated and chatting wholeheartedly.

I sit down and shut down almost immediately not even realizing it myself.
I feel someone touch me and I look up to a pair a brown eyes staring right into mine--Aunty Esi

Turning to hide from her ever knowing gaze I notice everyone in the room staring at me and that's when it hits me they must have all been talking about me like they always do
Before I can come up with something to say my mom interjects

"I don't know what we've done to her or what's wrong with her she's doesn't do anything or talk to anyone,she is so picky and straight out disrespectful to me at times her Dad is always complaining about her behavior---
I mean you'd think she'll learn to be calm and act like a lady but she keeps getting worse as time goes by,I just don't get to why she's---

Hearing her talk like that it brings back too many hurtful memories I tune them out again but this time I can't help going back to a year ago....... back to the where everything started to go get worse

I get out of the bus at our stop and start walking gingerly home
I couldn't believe that we were finally going home after after being in school for two months.
Two Freaking Months.....Whew I just thank God that I was able to get the pass mark to avoid detention.I wouldn't have been able to spend another week in that school!
Jumping up and down the road like a child with no care in the world I suddenly slow down recalling the matters I have to tend to once I got home.

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