The Scars That Lie Beneath

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Chapter 5:Going Home


Two whole months of not seeing their faces I could handle but two long months of not hearing her voice was new to me and I hated it with passion.
In that time I could tell how wrong everything felt, how this wasn't and never could be normal they had never acted like that before--my parents
When I had been going to school at the beginning of the semester to start my final year in high school everything was good perfect almost.

Yes we had spent an amazing time together during the December holidays hanging out at the mall,visiting family members and spending some much needed family time together.

A while after getting to school everything seemed to change with my parents as the days dragged on and I didn't hear from them for what seemed like weeks on end.Saying that I was worried and restless would be an understatement of what I was going through espcecially when I'd call home from my teacher's phone and Dad would always pick-up and make excuses about why my mother couldn't come to the phone hell I started thinking the worse had happened.

Visiting days came and went and not even a single phone call came through from them and soon they were sending me money I didn't need making me feel like it was their way of filling the void their absence had created.

Dad called a few days before mid terms and I reluctantly had to talked to him, sensing my unwillingness to talk to him he passed the phone to my mom and immediately relieve rushed through me but the anger I had been nursing and fueling coursed right through my body next rendering me furious

Hearing her speak I could tell something was horribly wrong I could sense she was not really herself hurriedly pushing that feeling aside I let my anger take over and scream at her on the phone letting loose all the emotions I had kept buried inside the pastweeks.

Soon enough I was rumbling on about something I couldn't quite comprehend and before I knew it I was in tears hanging up the phone running away from the voices of my teachers screaming my name with that feeling of being betrayed stucked in my heart all over again

It was all going to be okay now though I thought
I was going home and everything was going to be cleared up
I was probably going to be grounded or be given a scolding but I didn't really care as long as I'd finally get to see my mother again.

You're almost there I say to myself and break out into a sprint as my house comes into view,Home.

I run into the house but not before noticing the newly painted house,I stared in awe like it was the first time I've ever set my wondering pair of eyes on it.

Motioning towards the gigantic black steel gates of the house,I push it open and I'm met with an almost deserted house,a house that looked like it had been abandoned for months and it's life sucked out of it,perfectly new on the outside but dirty and old on the inside

Hearing the faint but distinct voice of my mother which I'd recognize even in the midst of a million people on the balcony I climb up the stairs but stop dead in my tracks when I see my mom lying down with a cloth spread out underneath her and with a look on her face that screamed DEATH.
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