Cracked Open: book 3

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“Kallan, you need to wake up. Kaia found her mate. Yeah, you heard me.” I paused then paced back the other direction at the end of her bed. “And I know you found yours, and he’s probably going to be here like any day. So it would be really helpful of you, and unselfish of you, if you would just wake the hell up!” I glared at Kallan, who lay there still in her coma, mocking me. “Please.” I added for extra measure, but of course she wasn’t moving. What did I expect?

“Babe, what are you doing? Leave your sister alone.”

“Calder, don’t interrupt. I’m trying to guilt her into waking up.” I paused. “It could happen.”

I heard a deep chuckle. I spun and flashed angry eyes at him. “Don’t laugh! Everything is going to shit, and I’m about to have a baby and two sisters aren’t going to be there when I pop it out!”

Calder moved in,“Yes, they will.” He tried to touch me but I dodged him. He kept talking, knowing this side of me. I can’t be touched right now. “They will all be there for our daughters birth.”

I was pacing again and mumbled. “It’s a boy.”

Calder continued to laugh under his breath shaking his head, and I started to rant at Kallan again. I knew she could hear me. Kallan just decided to tune me out.

“Look, we need you to heal Kaia and Ciro. They’re gonna die, and you’re the only healer we know. Plus, if you wake up now it’ll just be easier on your mate. He won’t have to coax you to open your eyes..." I was running out of excuses. That last one was my best.

Instead of running a track into the hardwood floor – I’m not even sure that’s possible anyways -- I rushed at her bed and grabbed the edge of her bed frame. “Kallan! I will hate you forever if you don’t wake up!”

This was a lie of course. I breathed heavily and watched as nothing happened. Of course. Seconds later thunder rumbled in the distance. “That’s all you got?”

I started pacing again. Calder was standing by this whole time letting me fume and release what he couldn’t touch.

Moments later thunder cracked the sky like a sharp gunshot, and I rolled my eyes. “You trying to scar the sky or something?”

That was all I had, and I realized then that I had nothing left. I turned and I was in Calder’s embrace, my arms wrapped around his waist and my ear over his strong heart.

I whispered, “What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to support our family in any way they need.” He softly responded with his chin on my head. “And we’re going to be there when both of your sisters resurface.”

I sighed, after a few minutes, feeling refreshed and like I could breath again.

“Calder, I love you.” I leaned back to meet his lips sweetly.

He smiled with a similar reply and rubbed my bulging stomach. “Come on. You’ve had a hard day. Let’s go back and rest.”

We walked through the damp forest, thanks to Kallan, and my last comment before we walked into Camira and Dagon’s was: “You know...why do all my sisters matings have to be so life threatening? Camira killed her mate, Kallan fell into a coma from dangerous visions, and Kaia has a mate with some tree disease. All I had to do was pull you from the underworld. You and I had it way too easy.”

“Yeah, be thankful we did, babe.”

“I am. Always.” I grabbed his hand, and we walked through the door.

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