Cracked Open: book 3

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We were kicked out. I had hesitated before we walked out of Kallan’s front door, but Ciro was able to encourage me into leaving. Pulling me along, we headed back to my mountain...our mountain.

Now we sat on a cliff, legs dangling, hip-to-hip. I looked out over the forest below and watched as the strong wind forced the trees to bow. The clouds rolled across the blue sky – no longer gray or white. Kallan, who once had control of the sky, was now as happy as ever and it showed. Spring was arriving and pollen rode the wind as it played with the new blossoms on trees.

Ciro’s hand rested with a possessive hold on my inner thigh, and his other arm wrapped around my lower back. I was comfortable, my mind at ease. There was nothing to stress over.

I rested my temple on Ciro’s waiting shoulder and sighed.

Ciro exhaled then as if he was also at peace. His chest hummed before he spoke.

“What’re you thinking?” He asked this as if it were a private question between the both of us.

“Nothing.” And that was the truth. “I’m just watching what we have now.” I motioned towards the forest and our mountain.

My mate turned his head so that he could smell the flowery fragrance of my hair.

“I like what you see.”

Pulling me closer, we looked out towards the forest again. After a few moments, I spoke.

“I’m thinking...about our future. About a future I never thought I would get. A future I thought, at one point in my life, I would never deserve.”

“Why not?” Ciro’s low voice asked. His tone seemed unbelieving of such a thought.

“Because the Gods took my first child away. Because I felt like they had steered me in the wrong direction. Why would they put me through losing a baby like that in order to find you?”

I could hear Ciro’s breath exhale across the crown of my head as he rested his chin there. There was a long pause filled with deep thoughts swirling around us.

“Blossom, there is no right answer. Maybe they made a mistake with choosing your perfect other half. I’m glad they made that mistake, even though I can still feel your pain over Seraphina’s death. I’m sorry that ever happened, but there’s always a reason unknown to us. If you were never my mate, I may have died.”

My chest had tightened at this point - almost cheating me of my air supply.

Turning towards him now, the corners of my lips were pulled up by joy, and I saw his love crinkling his eyes. “Mmm, I love you baby.”

“I love you too.” He replied with immediate ease.

“I can’t wait until you’re the father of my child.”

Our lips inched closer.

“I think we’re going to be an aunt and uncle first, Blossom.”

My lips never parted as I smiled.

“Kiss me,” I breathed across his seductive lips.

“I was planning on it.”

I giggled, and he kissed me like I was the last ray of sunshine.

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