Cracked Open: book 3

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I watched as she sat two chairs away. Of course she didn't notice me. I expected that. I also knew she would order a drink. A strong one.

As usual she didn't care what it was, and I heard the buzz of her voice below the hum of the music. There was also the beat in my chest, both from the music and my heart. Yeah, it wasn't hard for my stomach to roll over or my heart to thump harder when I caught sight of her. It's happened every night she's come. I was here waiting for her -- always.

"Hello, blossom."

She stiffened, trying not to flinch.

I smirked, knowing her all too well by now.

"What brings you back?"

As she turned her head slowly, her eyes pierced mine. I easily heard her above the music, as I watched her lips. "None of your business."

"Oh, but isn't it?"

Her eyes widened and her nostrils flared. She looked me up and down and then locked eyes with mine. “Why are you here?”

“Because I’m allowed to be here.”

She hmphed.

I smirked, scooting into the next two chairs. Now that I sat next to her, she leaned inches away. I studied her for a long time as she took a sip of her strong drink. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye. I gave her no reaction.

She wanted to inch closer; I saw it in the way she breathed deeply and the way her shoulders straightened. The woman I called blossom wanted me, just like I wanted her.

After a long time, and a second drink for both of us, she started to relax. “Would you like to dance?”

She eyed me.

I slid off the chair at the bar and held out a hand for her to grasp. After a hesitation, shorter than I expected, she pulled herself off the chair and steadied herself with my hand as her aid.

I smiled and gently tugged her towards the dance floor. I wanted her relaxed. I wanted her comfortable with me. I wanted her.

She swayed to the music, keeping eye contact, and I brought her arms slowly around my neck. Her forearms rested on my shoulders. She weaved her fingers together, and her palms rested on the back of my neck. I wanted to moan with pleasure. Then she seductively smiled at me, and my forehead dropped to hers. I could hear her breathing. It was smooth and warm against my jaw. I wanted to close my eyes in pleasure, but her eyes captured mine.

Our bodies swayed in sync with each other and the music. The way her body brushed mine was wonderful and torturous at the same time.

After three different song changes, her eyes started to get heavy with need. When she started to press against me, I started to ease her away from the dance floor and towards the rooms.

Following me with no hesitation, I pushed her down onto the bed. My seductive blossom sat at the edge of the bed as I kneeled before her. Placing my hands on her knees, I spread them apart and she affectedly swallowed. I watched her eyes and saw the hesitation.

Stopping my advance, I wove my fingers through her loosely braided hair. I lightly kissed her, but also gave her what she needed to trust me enough for what came next. I understood her enough to know that it’s been too long, and she needed what I was about to give her.

Pulling away I saw the fire in her eyes. She was ready, and I pulled away to rip away her not-really-shorts. Seeing the thong, I ripped that away too. When I saw what she truly looked like I began to picture all the things I could do to her. All the sounds I could pull out of her.

She suddenly pulled her knees together and squeaked.

I looked up at her, and she looked down at me.

Watching her eyes I finally understood. I understood that she was insecure and this was too much for her. It was too soon. Even though I did practically this same thing to her a week ago she was still too uncomfortable.

I shifted to stand and she shifted further back onto the bed. I shook my head, understanding.

Crawling onto the bed, above her, she leaned back as I laid on top of her. “Okay,” I responded, brushing a loose strand of hair out of her eyes. I came down softly, repeating myself. I understood, and would still give her what she wanted.

She grabbed my belt then and unbuckled it, and then she went for the zipper on my jeans. The zipper was no longer together. She pushed my pants down my hips and I lifted myself, helping her. She kept eye contact the whole time.

I smirked then, and brought her hands above her head. “Keep them there.”

In response she bit her lip and nodded. Then she arched into me, and I took the opportunity to unhook her top. Eyeing her breasts, they puckered in anticipation. I gave them what they wanted.

Moments later, I felt her fingers run through my hair, as she tried to hold me at her breast. I wanted to moan at the feeling of her delicate fingers, but I pulled away. Hardening my eyes, hiding my arousal, I gave her a hard look and brought her hands back to the headboard. “Blossom, if you don’t keep them there I’m going to get back on my knees, and you’ll shake at what I anticipate doing to you.”

She nodded, panting from her own arousal.

I kissed her frequently bitten lip and made a trail down her jaw and up behind her ear. Inhaling deeply I could smell rich soil, and flowers. “You smell amazing,” I exhaled.

She shivered, and that just drove me to push her more.

I licked behind her ear. Deciding I wasn’t done, I dragged my tongue from her ear down to the pulse in her neck. I stopped there and kissed it. She was truly shaking with need, and she whimpered something incoherently.

I looked up to see her brown eyes pleading. “What do you need, Blossom? Show me.”

Her hands loosened their hold on the headboard and I shook my head sharply once. Repeating myself, I whispered against her neck, “Show me, baby.”

She licked her lips.

I smiled wickedly, and connected my lips with hers. They slid together and with no hesitation she opened for me, and I showed her what I would do to her once I entered her. While my kiss became deeper and she revealed in it, I slipped a hand down between her closed legs. She moaned at the feel of my hand on her inner thigh, and she began to breathe heavy. All it took was for me to rest between her legs, and with her cradling me, she moaned with a rush of release.

I began to kiss her again, but gently this time and it helped her come down from the fast release.

Minutes later she wrapped her legs around me, invitingly, and I pressed more firmly into her. She smiled and brought her hands away from above her. Placing her hands on my shoulders, what came next was so unexpected that I grunted with how strong she was.

She had pushed me to my back, and I was now looking up at her beautifully curved body.

“My turn,” she said with a triumphant grin, and I would have responded except for the way her voice caught on every other syllable. And her smile.

In the next moment, while I was still caught off guard, she placed herself above me. She paused, and that hesitancy let me know she needed guidance. I positioned my hands around her hips, slowly pulling her down around me, and we both sighed at the familiar feel of each other.

For the rest of the night we explored one another.

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