Cracked Open: book 3

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I was with Camira when the storm began and shook everything around us. I barely waved goodbye as I rushed out the door.

I’ve been keeping Camira and Dagon in the loop about Kallan. We’re all worried. Camira’s not sure how much longer Kallan will stay conscious, and from what I’ve been telling her about the consistent deep sleeps, she’s convinced Kallan would rather sleep in a coma waiting for her mate than stay alive.

Running through the trees, I felt them guide me. Because some are being controlled by the rain and wind, their leaves lash against my skin. The wet sting pushed me faster.

As I slid into Kallan’s door I started yelling, trying to be heard over the thunder, and banging on the thick slab of wood. I heard her inside, and I think she had fallen. I wasn’t sure yet. If she would just let me in, I’d be able to help her wake up.

“Kallan! Open up.”

Trying the door I realized this whole time it was unlocked. I don’t second-guess anything. I rushed in.

I found her slung half against the side of her bed. Reaching for her, worried she wasn’t fully with me, I started asking rapid-fire questions. “Kallan, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Do you need help?”

I saw the confusion and saddened fear as she watched my hands try to help her up. She wasn’t quite with me yet, I think.

“I’m fine, just get out of the way so I can go sit.” Correction. Kallan was with me, but she didn’t want to be by the tone of her voice.

We made it to the couch, but I was extremely worried. As she carried herself to the couch, her legs shook and her fingers twitched. I watched as she shook her head hard enough that her brain could have moved. As suspected, Kallan swayed after the head shake. She was still looking as confused as ever. I could see that she wanted to be back in that bed with whomever she’s having dreams with. I mean visions.

I decided to sit across from her for more reasons than one, and I let her find her bearings. I wasn’t sure how to comfort her; usually Kallan was the sister to do something like that.


Almost immediately she explained, but her words were unclear and slightly mumbled. “I slept too long. I feel sick. I can’t concentrate on the present. And my body wants to shut down ñ go back to sleep.”

Oh crap. No, that wasn’t good. My eyes widened as I tried to wrap my head around how bad everything was getting. Everything right now wasn’t going where I wanted it to go. First, I told Ciro about my daughter, something dear to my heart. I’m not even sure if that was the right thing to do. And now, Kallan is finally connecting with her mate but in the worst of ways. If she goes into a coma she may never come back.

While I was thinking about my situation, when I should have been present with Kallan, I heard her question me almost bitterly. “Why are you here?” She was leaning against the armrest and trying to sit up as much as possible. She was worse than I expected.

It was pouring outside and the wind could have blown a house over. The thunder and lightning were no better.

“I was with Camira, and wanted to check on you.”

She was getting pastier by the second and I think she was going to be sick. I wasn’t sure if I should ask her how she was feeling. She wasn’t in her right mind at the moment.

“Check on me?”

I nodded and just watched her closely.

Yep, there it is. Kallan’s eyes began to water, and she looked like some invisible force was weighing her down. I saw her plead for help and immediately I rushed her to the sink to hold her hair back. When she was done retching, I turned the sink on and gave her a wet washcloth. I think at this point we needed to get help. I let Kallan catch her breath and lean against the sink with the washcloth against her forehead. Was it enough to cool her down?

“Come on, lets go sit.” I encourage as softly as I’m able.

Kallan’s head twitched, and I took that as a yes, or at least an okay to help her back across the room.

After a few trips on the carpet, I got her to the couch. She sat with the blanket around her waist. I was hovering but I didn’t mean to. I was thinking of someone I could bring her to. I knew a witch. Maybe she had something to give.

“Wait here and rest, I’ll be right back.” I had a plan.

“Yeah, Camira, it’s me. You need to call Kenna and update her.”

“Why can’t you do it?”

I was on the phone right outside Kallan’s cabin, and I think I had interrupted the couple.

“Because I need to take Kallan to a witch I know.” I sighed. “Camira, the signs that she possibly found her mate are showing.”

“Why? What’s happening?” I now had her full attention, and I momentarily heard Dagon’s grumbles in the background.

“She just got sick and she’s shaking like a leaf. Part of that is she hasn’t had sex in a while because she’s been preoccupied with these damn visions.”

“Okay, you go get her some help, and I’ll call Kenna.”

“Good luck.”

“Yeah, I’ll need it.”

We all know that Kenna doesn’t take bad news very well. I think we’re all happy she found her mate first. If it hadn’t been for Calder, I think the whole world would have been on fire when Camira disappeared.

Walking back into the house I almost had a heart attack.

Shit, Kallan!

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