Cracked Open: book 3

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“Mmm. I’ve missed you.” I breathed in Kaia’s earthy scent as I spoke against her skin.

Her choppy breath was the result of my presence ñ among other things. “It’s...only been...two nights.”

“Two nights too long Blossom. You can’t argue that.” I kissed the curve of her lower hip.

She gasped at my soft touch on her sensitive skin. “Ciro, what are you doing?”

“Relaxing you. I can tell you’ve been in your head for way too long. I want my Blossom’s worries to go away.”

“I...don’t...have time for that.” She squeaked.

I lifted myself away from her hot skin, crawling back up her body, and looked into her umber eyes. “Yet you have all the time in the world to come back to me?”

Kaia looked up at the ceiling. I stared at her for a long while realizing she was trying to give me the silent treatment. We’ll see about that.

Lowering myself back to where I stopped, I continued my exploration of Kaia’s body. I was getting closer to her heat and the treasure I’d wanted for a long time. Or at least as long as two days equaled out to be. My tongue darted out and flicked between her hip and the sensitive spot above her core. I was getting closer and she was reacting more dramatically. I could hear her rapid breaths hitch and her fingers clinch the sheets.

Then I could feel her sensual fingers knot themselves in my hair. I stopped my journey closer to her sex, and glanced up, not moving my head. I whispered, “Kaia, no touching or you don’t get a turn later.”

“What if I want my turn now.”

That’s when I just breathed between her legs.

In response Kaia arched her back and moaned with pleasure.

“Because Blossom, you don’t want your turn yet. That was proof right there.”

“Ciro, you’re killing me.” Kaia begged.

I’m not sure if I meant to, but I breathed on her again, and she almost came. Kaia was shaking all over. Her skin was hot and my blood was pumping just watching her. My green veins could have been glowing with arousal, but I wasn’t sure.

“I know I am. It’s just going to take a moment.”

“I don’t have a moment,” she muttered through her teeth.

“Well, you are here because you need me. You might even want me.” I licked between her folds. “So I suggest you take a moment and enjoy while I enjoy the view.”

“That’s not at all what I meant.” Kaia barely had time to say, because she gasped and raked the skin on my back as she came. And what a beautiful sight she was. As she let out a gasping cry of pleasure, I watched her arch slightly off the mattress, her breasts stiffened, and her cheeks flushed light pink ñ just like the color of blossoms.

I couldn’t help myself; I wanted a closer look. Dragging my body up the bed, my skin created hot friction with hers, and I watched her blissful facial expressions. Her eyes were shut, but her face was so open and relaxed as she felt the pleasure I wanted to give her. It was a beautiful look. Kaia, my blossom, wore it better than anyone else I’d had sex with. But this wasn’t sex with Kaia. No, there was something more to this, but Kaia doesn’t want to name it yet, and I don’t want to push her feelings so early.

Bringing my lips down onto hers, it felt like I helped her breathe through the last of her ecstasy. She brought her hands lightly to my cheeks and her tongue darted out in question. I opened for her in answer. She wanted to explore, and I let her. But the friction of her tongue against mine stiffened my length. Her reaction was immediate. My hesitant but wild Blossom rubbed against me, and I groaned.

We were both panting again.

Kaia whispered in my ear, “I guess it’s my turn, don’t you think?”

I rolled us over, and Kaia rubbed her cheek against my stubble.

We had taken turns a few more times through the night, and slowly Kaia began to harden the walls that were already there.

I felt like there was something on her mind, but I couldn’t read her mind so I had no idea. It was in the way she turned away from me emotionally, even as we laid in bed together while the walls of the room pulsed with music.


Her eyes were flat...clouded. “Hmm?”

“I’m here.” I wasn’t sure what to say. It was hard understanding what might set her off this time. I didn’t want Kaia to leave. “I’m also a really good listener...î I kind of trailed off, for once afraid of pushing her.

Kaia exhaled through her nose and leaned over to kiss my jaw. She’s been absently playing with my fingers – gliding hers through mine or bending them. “I don’t know if you want to hear about it.”

“Well, I know one thing.” I ran my free hand through her unbraided, wavy hair. “I like the sound of your voice. Sometimes it’s the only way I fall asleep at night.”

There were long moments of silence. I hope I didn’t scare her off. She still lay next to me though. But she was stagnant. Her fingers froze against mine, no longer playing with them.

ìI brought Kallan to Myra to see what she could do. She’s a well rounded witch who knows her spells.”

There was another long pause. Her hands no longer touched mine. They played with the ends of her hair.

I noticed this was what Kaia did when she was hesitant about telling someone something. It was a habit I liked to watch. Sometimes I wanted to pull her hands away from her thick mane of hair and hold her close.

“Myra had enough knowledge to tell us there was nothing to do but wait it all out.”

I understood everything Kaia had told me, but I didn’t understand the reason why she went with her sister. I know she doesn’t have many close connections with any of them.

Kaia started playing with my fingers again, her touches light, like her breath against my jaw. She waited for my response not quite giving me her eyes.

All I had was one question. “Why did you have to go to this witch with Kallan?”

Kaia’s chest sharply rose...and then slowly fell, as she tried to find the words to speak. “Kallan is having visions.”

“Oh, shit.”

Kaia shook her head. “She’ll be okay. I believe in her. I know she’ll get through it all. Whatever the reason.”

The way she gave me her choppy response meant she was trying to believe in something she doesn’t. Not one hundred percent at least. Her tone of voice told me Kaia had something else on her mind.

“Kaia, I think your sister will be completely fine. But I think it’s time we talk about what’s really on your mind.”

It’s been on mine too. But I wasn’t sure if I should tell her about being soul mates. This was never ‘just sex.' I knew after the first time she slow danced in my arms.

Just like that she was out of my embrace and at the door saying, ìI have to go, I promised Kallan I’d do something for her.” There was a frustrated sigh. “I shouldn’t have wasted my time here with you tonight.”

Yeah, that was a stab to the heart. It was a wound that went straight through the artery. The knife she had pushed deep inside pulled out. I choked on my own blood. Of course, all of this was in my head.

“What does that mean?” I snapped quickly.

I wanted to grab Kaia and push her against the wall, demanding an explanation. Why did she have to go and butcher my heart like that? With just one sentence, I’m a puddle of blood and guts. Does she know what she does to me?

“It means just that Ciro. I’ve wasted my time when I only have time for my sister right now.” Kaia paused. Looking at me, she finished, “I’m sorry, I have to go.”

I wonder if that last apology was because she could see what she was doing to my heart. Did she feel anything? Or did she just say ‘I’m sorry’ because those were adequate words to apologize with?

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