Kiss and tell

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Red Porsche

Part of me was fighting the fact that I was nineteen years old and this girl was seventeen. I was playing with fire, but if I only kissed her for the pic, everything would be fine. I could act friendly all the time and still get my money from the challenge.

Who would know, right?

I chatted with my two best friends while resting comfortably on the leather backseat of my taxi. The cheap coconut scent of the car was invading my nostrils, making me a bit nauseous. I hated coconut! One day I was going to buy my own car, I would use citrus or maybe Lilac.

The people outside my tinted window were in their usual uptight mode, crowding the sidewalks, making haste to reach their destination on foot. I needed the taxi today because I was feeling drained, but my fans agreed on my attire for the date and I needed to buy the clothes. I had barely slept, thinking of how would I make a girl, who is probably heterosexual, to hook up with me. This was insane! Definitely a real challenge!

A message came to my phone, announced by a short beep. Stacy and Anna were texting me that they are already at the Mall, waiting for me. I was the only one running late. I grinned at how eager they were when it was about shopping. It was Saturday and all three of us were free in the morning…if you could call 10:30 AM a morning.

Stacy and Anna were the only two girls I became close with since I moved to this giant city. I met them in college on the first day. I lied to them about how I had money without working, but how could I possibly tell them I am dating people for money? Furthermore, I let them believe I inherited a lot more than just an old country house from my grandparents. One day, I would confess everything to them, but we knew each other for only half a year, and I did not want them poking at my personal business.

The taxi pulled to the big, but crowded parking lot of the Mall and I crawled out of the car. My simple skinny jean pants and a purple long-sleeved blouse comforted me in my lazy state. I needed some energy drink to convince my brain that I am not going to bed anytime soon.

Stepping on the fresh, still black asphalt, I was reminded that the large luxury building in front of me, was the new Mall in town. Many citizens were gathering here since the opening, just because it was a different place to be at. For me, it was the first time.

Walking with my cute white sneakers, my feet felt light and stable. I smiled at the thought that I bought them for a date a month ago. The guy was into jogging after work, so I had to look the part. I went to the park, and it was where we met. He was an easy target, I guess.

Before I could reach the front door, I was pulled from my memories when suddenly, a red Porsche appeared before me, almost hitting me while parking in front of me. Jumping back by reflex, I bumped into some small kid, knocking away its colorful plastic toy.

Glancing from the toy to the little tar-haired boy, and then to his mother, I felt so ashamed. I could sink into the ground from the way the child started crying, obviously frightened by the scary rude lady who invaded his space.

“Oh, fu-- I mean, I am so so sorry! Let me get your toy.” I stuttered, as my cheeks became crimson red.

I made a few steps and leaned to get it, hoping that it wasn’t broken. It will be a lot worse if I destroy some favorite belonging of the kid or something. Turning the colorful thing in my hand, I saw that it was a tiny robot.

“Look, it is not broken. Here it is, little guy. I am sorry!” I stretched my arm towards the - what seemed to be a three or four years old person, ignoring the few car whistles, complaining that we were blocking their way to the parking.

The boy stopped crying when the robot was in its hands again. I lifted my black irises towards his mother, who was wiping the wet cheeks of her child, and I stood up to face her. The apology was all over me, but when I opened my mouth to speak, she cut me off, raising her hand in the air between us.

“It is all okay! I saw what happened. It wasn’t your fault.” The chubby brunette said, reminding me of the Porsche.

I turned back to the Mall and there it was - the red car that almost hit me. It had a shaded glass, hiding its owner from me. Gathering all my fury, I was getting ready to make a scene in the parking when the driver came out. Just then, the left front door opened, and I prepared to yell at whoever this moron was.

Knowing how expensive this car was, I could imagine that its owner would be some rich prick, but when the tall guy crawled out of the car, my rage almost faded. He was like some movie star, like a model. With a cocky white smile on his tan face, he landed his cheerful ocean-blue irises on me. The fingers of his left hand tugged in his hair - chestnut in the roots, blonde on the tips, as he used his right one to close the door.

For a moment, I wondered if it was worth it to pick a fight with someone so intimidating. For sure, he would have the money and the power to ruin me if that is what he desired. On another side, I was in my right to be offensive with someone who almost hit me with his car. Loaded or not!

“Excuse me, you are blocking my way.” He said to me ironically, and I was on fire again.

“Yeah? It seems like it is for the second time at the last minute. Are you going to try and hit me again?” I bit, crossing my arms on my chest.

He tilted his head on one side, looking adorably, but I was too pissed to care. Some people gasped around us, realizing just now that something tragic might have happened. I ignored them, keeping my eyes on this cocky stranger, not sure what exactly was my goal.

“Oh, come on! You are fine, aren’t you?” He dared me, and I sighed loudly.

“I was lucky…or fast. What if it was this little boy here? Huh?” I looked back and pointed at the kid with the robot.

The rich guy’s face dropped. He seemed in a lack of words, so smiling bitterly, I pushed further. I needed him to at least apologize. It did not matter to me how great he looked in his elegant white button shirt, nor how attractive his tight black pants normally would be for me, nor how attractive his hair looked, tilted on the left side of his face.

“You don’t think that he would be as fast as me, right? What would you do if the worst happened? What would you say to his mother?” I raised my voice a little, feeling morbid as the memory of my four buried relatives clouded my vision.

I did not want to remember those moments. I even avoided thinking of my life before I came to this city. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes, so I pulled my sunglasses from the front pocket of my blouse and put them on. I did not want to appear weak in front of this guy. He wouldn’t know why actually I was crying.

“I am sorry. I guess… I was reckless. I saw you and I knew that you will take just a step back and… I even thought you might find it funny.” The rich guy finally found how to respond to my attack.

“Funny?!” I glared at him with my mouth open. “Are you mental?”

“I’m sorry. What more you want me to say, woman? Nothing happened.” He remarked and there was no sign of his previous cheerful mood.

Deciding that I was just wasting my time here when my friends are waiting for me, I turned to the kid to apologize once more, and started towards the Mall, ignoring the cocky guy. Making haste, I moved through the front door, and welcomed the noise from the great number of customers around, concealing my rapid breathing, caused by the pain inside my chest.

“Hey! Wait!” The rich guy’s voice sounded behind me.

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