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Friendly hanging out


Swallowing my tears before they could roll, I took a deep breath in and out to prepare myself for talking with the annoying man, who almost hit me with his car. I was near the stairs on the right side of the front door and needed to reach the fifth floor where my friends were surely losing their patience, waiting for me.

Glancing around, I was pleased that no one in this giant shiny and perfectly clean building, heard the rich guy calling me. Everyone seemed busy browsing the overpriced clothes, sparkling jewelries and pastries nearby. A line had formed for the elevators and under the Cinema sign. The air seemed deprived of oxygen, as fancy as this glass-walls building was. Instead, a mix of a number of perfumes was offered to my nostrils.

I licked my dry lips, remembering that I started this day all wrong and had no time for makeup. Then I turned to confidently stare at the guy through my sunglasses. My arms were crossed on my chest again, as I tilted my head to my left. My mouth formed a thin line before I pursed my lips, waiting for him to come and stand before me. I wanted to make sure that my body language tells him what I was thinking about his presence.

“Sorry. I just couldn’t go on with my day if I don’t at least buy you a coffee for the scare I have cost you.” The rich man smirked when his tall figure was before me.

“Are you kidding me?!” I glared at him in surprise.

“No.” He simply answered me as his lips lifted more on the right side.

“I don’t drink coffee.” I remarked and turned my back on him to start climbing the stairs.

“Wait! A cocktail then.” His deep voice pleaded.

I shook my head without looking at him, as I moved up the stairs. He was unbelievable. Arrogant and annoying. I wasn’t against random hook-ups, but he did not win me with his attitude.

“Is a cocktail something you would agree on?” He said as his tall body came next to me to climb the stairs.

“At this hour? I don’t think so.” I gave him a look over my sunglasses, raising my brows at his suggestion.

“You can have whatever you like. Okay? Let’s not end things on a bad foot.” He begged, but his voice was too deep to show any remorse.

I stopped climbing and removed my glasses. I bit my bottom lip, staring at his perfect face. His smirk returned as he licked his lips, responding to me. He was adorable, and he knew it, but I wasn’t that easy.

“Look, it seems like you learned your lesson. You apologized. I am satisfied by that. No drinks needed.” I stated, then turned to leave again, but his big palm grabbed my left wrist, stopping me.

My eyes automatically went to where our hands linked, then to his confident blue irises. I gaped at his boldness and he seemed to like that.

“You are in no way satisfied by me.” His full lips almost whispered, recalling my rage.

I pulled my arm from his grip and basically ran up the stairs, glad that he did not follow me this time. When I had my back towards him, I couldn’t help but smile, no matter how mad he made me feel again.


After buying more clothes than I planned to, Stacy and Anna dragged me to our usual spot. It was a small bar, but its location was perfect for all three of us because it was the crossing point from each of our apartments. Moreover, Stacy worked there as a bartender before I even knew her.

“Would you please hide those somewhere?” I gave Stacy my puppy eyes look, throwing my two shopping bags in her arms.

She shook her curly red head at me, but it wasn’t the first time I did that. Her tough act was known by everybody, but inside she was the sweetest. Well, maybe only Anna was sweeter than her since she was like a cute, naive kitty in and out. I was beginning to love those girls. They cared for me and what I said was never ignored or critiqued by them. Both were pretty open with me, revealing even their dirty thoughts.

It made me a bit sad sometimes, knowing that I was hiding things from them. With time, it was getting harder and harder for me to share my secret and confess my real source of income.

“You are making this a habit, huh?” Stacy said with her British accent.

“Hey, I have no car. What am I supposed to do? Hug my bags while I am having a drink at the bar?” I countered, but bit my lips in a thin line to prevent my smile from growing, watching her playfully.

Stacy just giggled before showing me her back and disappearing behind the door with the Staff only sign. She was crazy attractive with her big perky boobs, and she wasn’t even wearing a bra. Her usual way of dressing was like a metal band singer. Black was her color, only her tight shirts were in a different shade.

Whenever she removed her leather short jacket, she had all eyes under her chin as the customers were unable to move away their eyes from the way her perfect figure and round breasts were high-lightened by her delicate blouse. She was sexy and her British accent only added to it. Guys and girls stared at her every night while she was tending the bar, and she knew it.

“Toby said that he is not going to sing tonight. He is going out of town. Can you believe it? He didn’t even tell me where.” Anna complained, her ash-blonde hair falling around her cheeks, as she was still looking at her mobile.

I sighed, knowing that she was going to pout again over her boyfriend. I plopped on the bar chair next to hers and searched my brain for a compassionate answer. It was still early and in the bar I could spot only two people - one skinny suited man was working on his laptop, and one fifty-something man with mustache, who was staring at his mobile. Both of their faces were slightly illuminated by their screens, because of the lack of light in the bar. We were actually in some kind of basement level. The place provided a lot of intimacy for those who needed to hide behind their glass of alcohol, or to make out with someone on the overused wooden sofas. The wine colored covers on the seats and tables were typical for such an old place.

I rested my head on my left palm, and my elbow on the cool counter, my fingers digging in my dark hair. I wanted Anna to feel better, but the guy she picked was not that into her lately. I needed to tell her that, but when I looked at her sad face, I just ignored that urge and kept on saying that maybe he was busy or something happened. This time I went with another suggestion.

“You know him. Maybe he drank too much last night and forgot to tell you that he is going somewhere.” I bit my lower lip, raising my eyebrows at the innocent expression she gave me.

“Then why didn’t he tell me today? He could at least call, instead of messaging me.” Anna pouted, pursing her lips, as her green irises stared at me with hope.

“Um, he might be hungover. It won’t be the first time. He wouldn’t like to talk when he isn’t feeling well.” I waved my right hand in the air while talking.

“Yeah, sounds like him.” She bent her head and her big nose pointed again towards her mobile.

“What happened again?” Stacy walked behind the bar and leaned towards us, her honey-color eyes going from Anna to me.

“Toby.” The blonde and I said in unison.

It was enough of an answer for Stacy. She sighed loudly and moved away to pour a drink for our pouting friend. While I had a fruit cocktail, after all, I told them about the rich prick who almost hit me with his Porsche. No matter that I got slightly angry again when I explained what happened, the redhead and the blonde kept on asking if he was cute, how he was dressed, how he looked at me before I ran away from him up the stairs.

Some time later, I asked Stacy for my bags, filled with my new clothes. I needed to go home and prepare for my latest blog challenge; the schoolgirl, named Melanie. I planned to put on my new clothes, and go near her school. After that I might have to follow her to see what her routine is, and meet her another day, but if a right moment presents itself - I was going to try my luck today itself

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