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Stalking a cheerleader

As my blog fans wanted, I wore a white blouse with a few undone buttons above my chest. The delicate fabric fell loose around my torso and tucked carelessly in my black jeans, but it was showing off how slim my figure was. I decided to put on a new pair of sneakers, knowing that Melanie would like it.

I did my research exploring her social media. She was in love with nature and sports. Many of her photos were taken in a park, she often tagged herself. Her favorite pet was a lazy old fat cat in some shade between orange and dusty rose color. She seemed to be an ordinary girl, but she was popular as a cheerleader in her school. Probably that was the reason someone picked her for me. It was well-known that guys had fantasies with cheerleaders, especially if they are making out with another girl.

While I was applying my red lipstick, I remembered the Porsche from earlier today. The rich egomaniac would love to know that his car was in my favorite color. Luckily, Melanie’s too. That is why I even dyed two slim locks of my hair in crimson with a temporary party paint, and let them fall on both sides of my face. I felt younger, looking at myself in my wardrobe mirror. Yeah, I could pass for a schoolgirl, it was months ago when I was!

After taking a taxi to the school, I just stood like a stalker outside the fence, near the entrance. I knew when she was coming out because she wrote that she is going on a coffee with her best friend after their last class. How much they would talk with schoolmates before leaving the school grounds was a mystery. That is why I just leaned on the green-painted fence, ignoring the cold feel of the iron, reaching my skin through my clothes.

The gentle wind brought a whiff of cigar smoke from a group of teenage boys on the other side of the entrance. Some of them kept casting a glance towards me from time to time, inspecting me. Did they found me attractive, were they curious who I was? I just hoped that I didn’t look like a stalker.

Dipping my eyes to my mobile screen, I scrolled through social media without even looking at it. I used this as disguise, acting like I was watching something on my phone, when my peripheral vision was actually waiting for the cheerleader. It was a trick I did pretty often when I needed to look distracted while my attention was on my surroundings.

I was thankful to the fact that this school had no uniforms, and it was easier for me to spot Melanie. She posted a selfie an hour ago, wearing a blouse in her favorite color and tight black shorts. Red was not hard to spot while a blond cutie is walking near you, dressed in it.

I kept on waiting and the doubt started to stir my thoughts. I was nervous and had no clear plan after I saw her. I barely made a draft of a plan, using what I learned about her. What if she jumps into someone’s car? How would I follow her then? I had no car, I never owned one. It was a dream of mine to buy one, and I was going to do that not too far from now, if I kept on saving from my blog money. This was one of my two big goals. The other one was to go to college and study to be a writer one day. This could become my reality if I continued with these paid dates.

Students were coming out mostly in groups of two or three, but Melanie was not one of them. Just when I began to worry that I might have missed her, I spotted her. She was talking to two tall boys and a chubby brunette on the other side of the road. Indeed, I was about to miss her. She had changed her blouse and was wearing an ocean blue long sleeved sweatshirt.

I exhaled deeply to release the pressure, but it did not help, considering that my job was just about to begin. I looked around me to see if anyone spotted me staring at the cheerleader, but the teens, scattered around the fence, were minding their own business, talking enthusiastically, smoking or just watching their mobiles.

When I returned my attention to Melanie’s group, they just started walking. Biting my bottom lip, I decided to not cross to their sidewalk, so I stayed on the other side of the road. I thought that it would be too suspicious if I am following them like a shadow.

Slowly, I began my walk, not knowing where I am going, but hoping that I am far enough to not look like I am following them. They were cheerfully chatting, not showing any signs that they knew of my existence. The luck was on my side tonight, because after two minutes, the group walked into a small bar. They were going to a place near their school.

An evil smile appeared on my red lips as I realized that maybe today was going to be enough to be done with this same-sex-challenge. Crossing the street, I decided to wait a minute before walking inside the bar. I inspected the place while I was still outside, giving time to Melanie’s group to pick a table. I just hoped that I would not fail a blog challenge for the first time.

The cute one-floor building had black-shaded glass walls. The evening wind scattered my loose black hair and brought to my nose the scent of warm food. A wooden menu sign was placed next to the entrance, showing that it was more like a diner slash bar. I thought it was practical. A place near school grounds should provide more than fruit beverages for the students.

The sun was going to hide behind the lush mountains soon and red-orange light was coloring with golden paint the old tall apartment buildings around me. The night was about to fall down, and it gave me courage. I felt more capable to seduce someone when everything was less in focus.

“Okay, party time!” I mumbled to myself while putting on my sunglasses, and slowly walked inside the building.

The place was cozy and smelled like burgers and fruit milk shakes. Typical. It seemed like it was renovated lately. No stains, no falling paint or overused tables, scratched at the edges. The light was dim and the tables were placed between two sofas, providing some intimacy. All the furniture was in black and yellow colors. The walls were in the coffee shade, filled with tiny photos and drawings of food and drinks.

Moving my eyes, hidden under my black sunglasses, I looked for a free table that would provide me a good view of Melanie’s group. My luck struck again when a table across from theirs, two meters away, was still empty. I had all the opportunities, I just hoped that I came well-prepared.

Using my ID card, I ordered a whiskey as a part of my game plan and when it arrived, I removed my glasses and began to pout - aiming to appear miserable, broken. Two minutes of that, and I gathered courage to place my “trap”. Faking that someone had called me on my mobile, I started talking on a higher tone.

“Are you kidding me right now?... Oh, I heard that before… Of course, you are.” I was complaining, making pauses to seem like I am listening to a person on the other side of the line.

Melanie’s group turned to look at me almost all at the same time, but then they ignored me. Knowing that I was spotted, I kept on with my plan.

“You did enough. No, I don’t care what she said. Damn, stop talking already!... It is clear to me which one you prefer. Forget about me, okay?... Just leave me alone!” I sighed, brushing dramatically my forehead with my left palm. “Don’t lie to me! You don’t love me, you cheater! I am not that stupid, I will not fall for that again… You know what? You know… Just fuck off!”

After saying the last words I ended the call and buried my face in my palms, resting my elbows on the table. I knew that everyone in the diner heard enough. They got the idea that I was having a fight with my boyfriend and I appeared hurt and angry. I was playing the victim with a broken heart.

Gulping the whiskey for courage, I knew that it looked like I was drinking out of sorrow. Smiling on the inside, I got up from my table and went to the bar. While passing near Melanie, I saw her staring with her mouth open. So she bought it!

“Another whiskey, please. I am sorry if I made a scene.” I told the waiter and the bartender, making sure that my voice can be heard from the cheerleader’s table.

The staff of the bar only nodded at me, and I had another drink in my hand in no time. I played with human emotions pretty well since high school. I was like an undiscovered actress, driven from the pain of my past. It was easy to act as heartbroken when my heart knew this feeling very well, but not for the reasons I showed tonight. I don’t believe in love and I would never be so involved with a guy to let him hurt me.

Walking with a glass in my hand from the bar counter back towards my table, I called the saddest expression I could muster and approached Melanie’s group. The two guys stared at me, realizing that I was going to stop by their table. Bending my head down, I bit my lip to prevent my grin from destroying everything.

“Excuse me, guys! I am having a terrible day… I mean night--” I began when I reached Melanie’s sofa. “I did not know that he would dare to call me after… what he did.” I cried, sniffing.

The chubby brunette cleared her throat and spoke first, while the cheerleader and the boys looked at one another with the “yeah, all is fine” expression.

“That’s okay! I hope you are okay. I mean, you are not, but--” The girl stuttered, raising her brows at me.

“She meant we hope you will feel better soon. Sometimes guys can be really cruel!” Melanie corrected her friend, turning her sweet face to me.

“Hey, we are here!” One of the guys remarked, but I ignored him, knowing that my contact with the cheerleader was made.

“Yeah, they can be cruel, heartless pigs! I just came to this town to be with him… as he promised, and he had another.” I plopped my drink on their table and covered my face with my hands in frustration, as many sighs escaped the lips of the group. “I just feel so alone. I had nowhere to go, no one to talk to here.”

“Damn, he is indeed a fucking ass!” One of the guys stated.

“Yeah, I feel you. Not that it is what happened to me, but I ended a relationship a week ago.” The cheerleader responded to my lie.

“You did? Why are they doing this?” I shook my head and picked up my glass from their table, acting like I was going back to mine. “I’m sorry if I ruined your evening, guys. I just feel so lost, so lonely.”

I turned my back on them and made a step toward where I was sitting when the brunette’s voice came after me. I grinned on the inside, but biting my lips to hide my emotions, I faced the group again.

“Hey, would you like to stay with us for a while? Our boring life might distract you from your stuff.” The chubby girl asked the question I was waiting for.

Of course, I already knew that Melanie had recently broken up with a guy - it was all over her social media. It was one of the things I was going to use to my advantage. Meeting her turned out to be too easy. It seemed kissing her was going to be the real challenge.

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