Kiss and tell

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Crazy idea

In the next two hours, I had to tell a few more lies when it was my turn to talk about something. I could not have them finding out who I was. Also, it was funny for me to be another person, to be a teen with a totally different life, just chilling with friends.

I had some good friends and played a lot with the girl next door to my grandparents. Sadly, because of my constant moving, I couldn’t keep any of them. My good looks helped me find the attention of the boys and I dated a lot in high school.

I was no saint and I knew what a guy would like. After my parents died, I was a rebel outside my grandparents’ house and a caring grandchild when at home. I hid within me the battle between the wild and the polite girl, until I got robbed from every piece of family I had. After being the closest person to the person in the coffin at four funerals, I left the honest me in the past.

Knowing that I became a part of this group for the evening, I had to act now. For all they knew, I was going back to my town the next day. There was something missing in this scene. Glancing around, I could recognize two hormonal teenage boys who would go in the diner’s bathrooms to have sex with Melanie if she just winks at them. Her brunette friend, Brittany, was just a filler - a buffer.

I could not blame the guys for wanting the blondy. She had a perfect body, being a cheerleader and taking a lot of hikes in nature. Her golden hair, cute small nose and hazel eyes even got me to stare a few times. The boys were somehow on edge, Ed - a cute guy with chestnut locks falling around his face in a rock-star way, and John - his freckles were pretty much all my eyes landed on when I looked at him. They seemed nervous and eager to impress Melanie.

That was something that could become a problem or be in my favor. The cheerleader was keeping her distance from the opposite sex and was somehow composed, uptight. What was missing in this scene was alcohol. I had to get them out of this place and make Melanie drink. She had to relax and loosen up.

“Hey, guys, why don’t we all get out of here?” I shouted enthusiastically.

“And go where?” Melanie turned to face me, our eyes met up close again, as I was sitting next to her, but this time I let mine linger on hers.

“To a bar, or a disco. I don’t know. Where do you guys go in this town?” I responded with a smirk, making it look like it was their idea to go somewhere.

“I would go to a disco.” Ed said with determination.

“Yeah, sounds great.” John agreed, moving at his spot as he was about to get up and go.

“Hm-hm! Aren’t you missing something? It is late, and we are not all eighteen here.” The brunette cleared her throat, making me hide my palms under the table, as they transformed into a tight fists.

“I can fix that. I am good at such things. Trust me!” I gave a playful wink at the group, and it was enough for them to follow me outside.

We loaded in a taxi and went to a nigh-club I knew for months, but lied that I was there for the first time last night. I made sure to sit next to Melanie on the backseat, as Brittany took John’s lap, probably making his pants tight. I gently touched the blondie’s hand and pressed myself to her when the car was making a turn, making it seem like it was unintentional.

The way in was easy, as I paid the guy, who knew my face well. Ed decided to buy us the first round of drinks, and I smiled when all ordered some bad-ass drinks. Yeah, I was still a teenager, but my experiments with alcohol were done. I knew what I was doing, and I needed to be in control of my actions, so I had a fruit cocktail that wasn’t that strong.

The club was amazing. Loud music was making my heart go with the beat and the dim light was calling my confidence. Our surrounding consisted of a number of modern glass tables and sofas with black leather, providing some privacy. Many sweaty bodies were shaking in rhythm before us, forming a sea of people with its colorful waves.

Twenty minutes later, we were on our second round of drinks and the snobbish brunette became a totally different person, taking both guys to the dance floor at the same time. Brittany was chubby, but charming when drunk. She was actually helping my case, leaving me with lonely Melanie at our table.

Leaning down, I pretended that my shoe needed to be tied. When I lifted my head again, I already knew how I would play my cards with the photo for my blog cheerleader story.

“I like your sneakers.” She stated, pushing her voice through the music, her eyes towards my feet.

“Oh, you do! Thank you. I like to walk a lot and my old pair went in the trash.” I responded with a smirk. She was falling in every trap I placed for her.

“Really! I love to walk too. There is a park I visit often.” She leaned towards me, so I can hear her and I did the same, acting like I was surprised of what we have in common.

“Nice!” I shook my head, flashing her my smile. “Those earrings, they are so dope!” I complimented her and gently slid my finger under her ear, my fingers touching the skin of her neck as I inspected the silver jewelry.

I was leaning so close to her face that I could steal her kiss right now. Her still fresh perfume smelled like a flower, but I wouldn’t know which one. It didn’t matter, anyway. This was a one time thing. She was a challenge.

“Thank you.” She yelled in my ear over the music, and I moved just a little to look at her copper eyes, a breath away from her full pink lips.

“OMG, I just got a crazy idea!” I acted as I was surprised.

She shook her head slightly, watching me intently, waiting for me to reveal my thoughts. Then I became serious and hid my face in my palms.

“No, forget it! It was stupid. Impulsive and… Never mind.” I blabbed, knowing that I picked her interest.

“Why? What was it? Tell me, Amy!” Melanie wrapped her fingers around my wrist and pulled gently until my eyes were no longer hidden.

“Oh, it is too much to ask. We just met.” I stated, pursing my lips.

“Spill it, girl! We are friends now, right?” The blondy said and I grinned on the inside.

“Well, I had this crazy idea to… That we can kiss and make a photo. For me. I would send it to the scumbag that tricked me to come here and watch him cheating on me.” I said in a high tone, so she could hear me, but I played a tormented expression.

At first, she just stared at me. Her irises moved from mine to my lips and then repeated.

“I am sorry. I told you it was stupid.” I pushed her to speak, hoping that she would finally react somehow.

“I will do it!” She almost whispered, but I read her lips and saw her confusion turning into determination.

“What?” I leaned towards her, acting like I did not hear her.

“I will kiss you, Amy. But I want that picture sent to my ex as well.” She gave her conditions.

“W-why not? Of course!” I smirked and licked my still red lips while pulling out my mobile.

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