Kiss and tell

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A bigger challenge

Melanie mirrored my actions, pulling out her phone. Awkwardly, we came to stand even closer to each other. As our tights were pressed, I could feel her warmth reaching my skin through our clothes. My heart was pounding in my chest faster than the beat of the song we were listening to. It wasn’t my first kiss, but it was my first with the same sex. Biting my lower lip, I checked her perfect face. She was wanted by many, but I was going to get a kiss from her tonight.

A strand of her golden hair was falling over her eyelashes, highlighted by black mascara, stealing my attention. Her pupils were so dilated, it looked like she had tar eyes. Her pink lips had no lip gloss left, but they seemed super soft, and I had to confess I was attracted to her. At least then, at that moment, I really wanted to taste her.

With my right hand, I gently removed the lock of hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. Then I slid my fingers on the edge of her cheek until I reached her chin. My thumb moved slowly to her bottom lip and I grazed it until her lips parted.

Swallowing, I looked away from her only for a second to lift my left hand and put my phone in position for our photo. Melanie did the same. We did not care that someone could see us. It was like we were alone in this crowded club, illuminated by the neon lasers.

When our eyes met again, I could tell that she was eager to try this with me. Her breasts were moving fast up and down, showing her emotions. Suddenly, she made the space between us nonexistent, as her lips crashed into mine.

For a moment I couldn’t see or feel anything else, but Melanie. Her tongue moved with mine, and the fruit from my cocktail made our kiss fresh, masking the scent of hard alcohol. It was hot, she was hot… I felt hot. I felt as attractive as I have never been before. If a popular and beautiful cheerleader like Melanie was kissing me so passionately, then I must have been pretty alluring.

Alluring! Allura… I remembered that I was supposed to take a photo of this.

Opening my eyes, I moved my mobile in a way that my choice of clothes and who I am kissing would be visible, but not my whole face. The lightning flashed my eyes, pulling the blondy from her state. She also made her picture then and we parted. For a while, we were looking at each other intently and with a tiny smile, not sure what to say or do.

I could kiss her again, of the record…

“Whooaa! You guys! How could I miss this!” Ed yelled with his eyes widened, approaching our table.

“Maybe we could repeat it for you.” I teased and his jaw dropped.

“Yeah, we could.” Melanie winked at me and transferred her attention to her mobile to probably send the kissing picture to her ex.


Having only a towel around my wet body, I used the remote to turn on the TV and tossed it on the couch before going for my loose T-shirt. I was sleeping in it. It was the most comfortable thing to rest in. While I was rummaging in my wardrobe in the bedroom, I heard a familiar voice on the TV. A chill ran through my skin while I made haste to reach the other room and stare at the screen.

“Yeah, thank you. Thank you. It is a very important matter to me. I can assure you that every capable person who comes to me for this job will be hired.” The voice of the rich prick who almost hit me with his Porsche stated to some journalist.

“That is very thoughtful and generous of you, Mr. Carson. I am sure that many people would be extremely happy to receive your help. Thank you for this interview…” The woman kept talking on the TV.

“What was this all about?” I was standing at a loss in the room, as the commercials started, his snarky face still in my mind.

He was rich, why would I be surprised if he was also famous?

Lifting my shoulders, I ignored what I just saw and went to put on black lace panties and a T-shirt of the same color. I loved to look perfect all the time, no matter if someone will see me. It gave me confidence. After I made my hot chocolate, I grabbed my mug and went to my usual spot on the sofa. Crossing my naked legs under me, I placed my laptop on the coffee table and smiled.

Thinking about how to start my story with Melanie, I inhaled the sweet scent of cocoa. It was among my favorite in the whole world. It reminded me of Christmas. I loved Christmas. It was magical and like everything can happen. I felt loved on this holiday…on this holiday, I had a family.

My parents were archeologists and traveled a lot. I wanted to be like them when I grew up. To go to far away places, discover stuff, and see the world. Then I saw how actually my mother and father are more like coworkers. There were no feelings, no deep kisses, no problems when one of them had to sleep with me when I had a nightmare, and they ended up on the couch somehow. No jealousy, no hidden intimacy, no passion.

My grandparents were like that too, but they were old. I could understand the distance in their relationship. They cared for each other but somehow lived like roommates. So much for the role models for love in my life.

When my parents were out of town for a few days or a week, they left me to my grandparents at their small house in the village. It wasn’t far from the town where we lived, but I still had a lot of problems catching up with my homework, which wasn’t the biggest problem. What damaged me the most was the fact that I felt abandoned, unwanted by my own mother and father. Like I was something in the way to their successful career.

Christmas was the only holiday I had my whole family gathered, and it was perfect. It was the way people celebrated it in the movies. Warm, cozy, loving, a home filled with people and the hint of cocoa and magic in the air.

Pulling myself away from the only happy memory I had of my family, I started tapping on the keyboard. Sometime later, when my mug was already empty and the clock on the TV showed 2 AM, I had my new blog story finished in front of me.

“Hey, my alluring fans! Were you waiting to see if my next ‘Kiss and tell’ story was going to be with the cheerleader you asked for? Yeah, I did it again. Let me tell you every detail of our hot kiss...”

My blog fans needed some time to read it and for most, it was too late, and they were sleeping. That was why I did the same, not expecting what I find when I wake up. After making myself some eggs for breakfast, happy with my newfound success in attracting even the opposite sex, I plopped on the sofa and checked for comments on Melanie’s story.

“Wha-at?!” I dropped the fork on my hardwood floor. “Fuck, no!”

Ignoring the eggs fallen near my bare feet, I leaned towards the screen to read everything carefully, but there was no mistake. Among the many cheering and surprised comments, I saw a photo of a guy who I just couldn’t run away from lately.

“This is the guy I am offering for a month now. Say ‘yes’ already.No_joker had written, and he attached a photo of the rich prick who was on TV last night, the same one with who I had a fight with in the parking lot of the new Mall.

“Yeah, I saw him talking like he is some kind of God, providing for those who can’t afford health care.” Snooze commented on the picture.

“Let’s give him to her. Can she reach out that high?” An anonymous person had written.

“I wonder how he is in bed. Maybe she could tell me.” Hotty girl had added.

“I agree. Let’s vote!” Evil_mind supported the idea.

“I am going to reread this Melanie story when I go back from work...under the bedsheets.” Horny_Molly commented.

“Jason Carson? Isn’t he like surrounded by bodyguards?” An anonymous blog fan wondered.

“He is perfect! Let’s see if she really can date everyone.” LonelyTree had written.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I kept on reading, but I already knew that kissing a popular cheerleader who is not into girls, was nothing compared to what they wanted me to do now.

I hated this guy, and he was not someone you can meet easily. For sure, because he was famous and rich, he would be guarded behind high walls with cameras and bodyguards who lived in the gym.

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