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Falling for an Escort

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The story revolves around a young girl Maria- a high school student, who’s found a rather interesting topic for her Psychology project – to study changes in human behaviour resulting due to the profession they've either chosen themselves or gotten in by luck of lack of it. Quite harmless, one might assume. Until the day, things start going out of hand, when a simple college project leads to an unthinkable clash with an anonymous stranger - but a very well-known escort. Meet her best friend – Felix. A.k.a.- Fee. Together they’re famous as Mar-Fee. Would a best-friend be supportive of such a dubious project? And even if he is, will Mar pay any heed to her friend? But Fee has his own dark secrets, that he has never once told a single soul, not even Mar. Albeit, truth has always had a sure bottom and so does Fee’s. What would happen when an innocent, harmless girl like Maria gets hold of the truth? For, truth often has a scratched face and hides in an ugly pool. How deep will she have to drown to get to the bottom? Will it break her heart? Or till the time she connects all the dots, she’d have long lost interest in this particular game of betrayal. Allow me, to take you on the journey of two strangers, with completely different lives, yet a heart that beats for the same cause. After all, falling for an escort, isn't such a bad thing... or maybe it is?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


A beautiful morning, a hearty breakfast and a packed bag with all necessary supplies, I was ready for the mission.

No, I am not an engineer or an architect, I am your typical regular student, pursuing a degree in Human Psychology.

Then what about the mission? Well, that's just my way of introducing someone to my nerd-world.

How do I see it? I don't really have to explain but here goes nothing.

The third year of college gets on your nerves if you come with a back in any subject from your second year to the third and luckily I managed to ace at least one paper with an above average score in the rest.

This year is indeed a tough nut to crack. With assignments piling up and tests coming in numbers, students hardly get a chance to come up with weekly parties and unlike the first year, wherein you have enough freedom, in the second and third year you can only think about wasting your precious time and life like that.

It's of little sense how time flies away so fast. A fifteen-minute journey is past in a few seconds just because we missed living those minutes, drowned thinking about something else.

But as I enter my class for the first lecture of the day I flush out my brain of all the useless things at hand and occupy the second bench from the front. Pulling out my notes I sit prepared for this class.

Ms. Adalene Edgard, has been taking our French lessons since the second year and she is a chéri. Although many of my comrades would strictly disagree with me on this, because they prefer calling​ her a chèvre.

But that is because of her goat-like features and to an extent, her voice.

With a quick distribution of several assignments and a detailed account on what is expected out of us the monotonous ringing of the bell marks the end of the lecture.

Students fill out the corridors, some changing​ books for other lectures, some making discreet escapades in order to skip class, jolting towards the cafeteria.

While some, such as myself quietly surge through the crowd and towards the library, as my next class is on zero period, following which I have my core lecture on psychology.

I put my bet that maybe that's one singular reason the librarian knows me by name. Passing a small smile and receiving an equal one in return, I sit at one of the tables in the back, nearest to the neatly assorted book shelves.

Today we were supposed to submit the topics for the project we would have to carry out our research on, while writing the same and signing against our name on the attendance sheet. We can however, request a change by emailing our professor so it's not that big of a deal anyway.

I've already thought of a topic and I'm quite sure with extensive research I will be able to gather at least around thirty pages even if I do two case studies. But because at least five of them need to be attached in order to be accepted, I'll have enough matter for myself.

I spend time reading books related to the topic I've thought assembling my project on and am able to gather some statistical material but unless I have my own data with complete records and research I won't be able to prove the analogy right or even raise questions on it's correctness.

When this period ends, I head to my final class for the day and the semester.

It is wrapped up rather quickly than I had anticipated, maybe because the class was super eager for the vacations and the professor too, seemingly required a long break from his nefarious batch of students.

Grabbing all my stuff from the locker, I stuff it in my bag. Walking down the stairs and to the parking lot I meet Felix, my so called cute pal aka my best friend.

And let me tell you, it's a delight teasing him. So that becomes my foremost important job, whenever I get to catch hold of this dope.

"Looks like someone has finished with his practice and finally has the time to drop me home." I prod on.

"Yes, you see Mar, I'm a busy man of extremely high social, financial and market value. So, not-so-easily available for petty tasks like these."

He leans onto his car while sliding on his sunglasses in the meantime. Show off much?!

"This sounds like a petty task to you? What if I'm abducted on my way home?" I rolled my eyes while getting inside the car.

"Mar, it's freaking one in the afternoon. People prefer to eat and watch TV rather than abducting a psychopath."

He just shook his head while making his way to the driver's side- my own personal chauffeur- how fantastic!

"You just called me a psychopath, Fee." I screeched, dramatically pressing onto the last word.

He got inside, quickly looking around if anyone heard me which was basically impossible because the window was rolled up, although the door - my door -was open.

Yeah, I know how to settle a debt.

"How many times have I told you not to call me fee. It's fucking feminine."

"You just called me a psychopath."

"Aren't you a psycho student?"

You know those stares when you just stare blankly at someone waiting to let the point click into place.

He shrugged. Clearly, it didn't click into this baffoon's brain.

"Okay! Let me just rephrase that: Psycho-path​ is someone who studies and walks on the path of psychology. See? I wasn't insulting you in any way."

The only person who can get me this riled up with anger boiling in my veins is him. Otherwise I've a very calm personality. Trust me.

"Why do you get so intent on proving that you are not a psychopath? It's because of your negative response that I want to tease you more. Sometimes you should just try to shut up."

"If you don't shut up I'm gonna throw you out of the car right this instant and will neither come to visit you in the hospital nor am I going to talk to you, again. Ever!"

"You wouldn't do that. Last time I remember, you were crying your balls out while I was hospitalized for a month. and while holding my hand; the pain of which nearly burst my veins out: you'd said someone like, 'Oh Fee! Please, please come back to me. I can't live without you, dumbass. Just come back to me pleaseee.'

The last part he stretched like the crooked arse he was. But my heart swelled upon the fact that he had remembered such an insignificant detail.

With a smug look on his face, he continued. "So, unless you want to sit idle, in a hospital ward, for the next few months and beg me to finish your projects and assignments, later on, as to replenish the damage done, which I won't, because there's no 'f-in way', you'll keep sitting and neither fight not hit the driver. Understood?"

"Fee, there is no 'f' in 'way'."



"Mar, there's no FUCKING way I'm doing your projects and assignments this time! Damn gurl!"

He huffed! As if I was the one pushing his agitators.

"Oh!" Maybe I was. But it was wicked fun.

"Sometimes I really wonder what sins I might have committed in my past."

"A shit load of bad ones to earn me."

"I wouldn't disagree on that."

"You're an ass." I whacked his arm.

'I told you Mar, no hurting the driver."


Seeing the familiar lot of apartments, I jump out as soon as we hit my driveway.

"Hey! I wouldn't mind a tip for dropping." I heard the very familiar, equally annoying tone of my dimwit, echo after me.

"Yeah but you're not getting one, for you've been an awful driver." Alleging the man with one pointy finger I swished around.

"I've nothing to eat and I'm living on the streets. Don't​ be so wicked at least give me a treat?"

"God, you're so annoying. Come on in."

Flashing me one of his signature silly grins, the one that has been known, throughout centuries, to win him an insane amount of fan-girls flagging his tail and sides, he quickly gets out, locks the car and follows my suit.

Correction: actually I'm following his suit, because in a matter of seconds he speeds up in the direction of my home, takes out the spare key to my apartment and ushers me to get in.

"The least you could do is act like it's my house and I've invited you inside."

Walking into the kitchen and quite blatantly ignoring the very obvious roll of my spectacular spectacle framed eyes he continued as if I was just as invisible as the teensy little red ant that's worth causing a serious damage to the most delicate of organs just with a single bite.

"So what are we - you- cooking for me?" He sports that grin again and I only wish how I could smash it with a frying pan.

"And do tell me why do you think I'll be cooking for an annoying friend like you?"

"Ah, because I'm your friend, as you just said."

"You're bashfully shameless and annoying!"

"Yeah you've already said that, like what, two minutes ago?"

"I don't care. You really are annoying."

"And sexy too." He wiggled his eyebrows and gave a slight bump into my shoulder but since I was unprepared, as most of the times, I ended up stumbling at least a foot away.

Irritated to a further extent and carrying the expression on my scrunching nose I was red, both in embarrassment and anger but still managed to say "Shut up!" with every ounce of pure distaste my cells could ooze.

Obviously, he saw through it because this was the typical Mar-Fee fight.

Walking up to the fridge and grabbing a box of my favourite blackcurrant ice cream from the freezer, which not a second ago was sealed in with grand perfection, he started shoving it into his mouth.

That was the limit. And he just crossed it. He knew what was coming and as always pretending to be unprepared he let me beat the shit out of him. I snatched my box and ran upstairs.

He was behind me as obvious as the fleas on a cow's back.

Moments later when I had finished more than half the box, filling my stomach to my heart's delight, I finally open the door and give him the leftover melted half.

He grudgingly takes it. I smirk back triumphantly.

"So, what's your homework this time?"

"Why?" I smell fish.

"I was thinking about a small trip. You can use some air before you die."

"Fee, you know I don't like trips or meeting people in general. Besides, without you hovering over and into my home, I think I'll have at least a score more years to survive."

"You're such a bore. Why do I even bother asking you?"

"Maybe you like being turned down." I smiled my advertisement smile.

"Gah! You don't say that. There's just one girl in college who has the audacity of turning me down, including you."

"Well, that just makes me the only one."

"Good morning nutshell. You finally see that Shrek was green."

"Oh you shut up." I throw a pillow at him. He's always testing my wits. That dimwit!

"But seriously, who all are going to be maimed by your questionnaire this year, including me?"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh you're excused. I didn't mind."


"Mar, let me be straight. Straight as a lesbian. And I expect total honesty from you this time, alright? Were you on some mental pills during your growing years, you know- puberty? Or maybe some apnea due to which proper amount of oxygen failed to reach your brain when doc spanked your brand new butt?"

"Uh...oh hoe...og g-gawd. Feeeee!!! You freaking... "

And then I was beating the crap out of him, and not playfully beating. Beating like you beat the egg to prepare the fluffiest omelette you've ever eaten.

This continued till the door to my room flew open and I was all over him.


Author's Note:

My dear readers,

What a pleasure to begin a new journey and encounter a variety of new words and their meaning alongside the pronunciation.

So I provide you with,

The glossary:

1. Chéri - Pr: "sh eh r re"

It is French for dear (with reference to the chapter). It also supports beloved and darling in a different context.

2. Chèvre - Pr: shev-ruh

French for nanny goat, goat and also sheep.

Until the next update, dear readers.

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