Falling for an Escort

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Chapter 3

Sad, betrayed, rejected were emotions I wasn't at all feeling.

Instead, I felt a new, energized, devilish spark running through my capillaries.

The period of submissive women was far gone. If he doesn't want to stand with me at the peak of my most crucial hour, then...
I'll do it all by myself!

The only question is 'how the fuck will I do it all by myself? Considering, I'm as antisocial as a hibernated mama bear!

Alright, time to plan the devious and Google is the mother of information.

How to find escorts near me?
Where to find escorts anywhere possible?
Where to find a male escort?
How to contact a male escort?
How can we meet a male escort?

After around twenty more stupid and useless searches, I landed up with a list of around seventeen new people in my contact list signed as ME #1, ME#2 and so on.
So smart!

Alright, now the question is; How do I talk to them? And what should I even say?
Because certainly, they won't just waste their precious fuck hours giving a summarised account on a delicious mix of their private and professional lives, to an undergrad who isn't even promising a night of experienced entertainment in return.

Gosh! Why did I choose this very topic? Where was my brain and what the hell were my neurons doing at that time?

Twiddling my thumbs and with an aching head I shut down my laptop. Maybe some sleep and a morning coffee might provide me with just the solution I need.

When the room lightens up, the following morning, my brain cells light up too.
Time to get into some action!

Quickly, I finish up with my morning routine. I know as a matter of fact, Fee is still in bed, so no patriarchal disturbance for a long...

"Hey sleepyhead!"

... time.

His squeaky voice makes me huff all the air I administered to take in.

"Can you at least knock?"
I ask with with a straight face, knowing all too well, what his response would be.

"Oh um.... No!" He says, snorting like a maniac.

I raise an eyebrow at him.
"How did you even wake up so early? Shouldn't you still be in bed?"

"It's sad you want me to go to sleep forever but, anyway." He shrugs and enters into my room, like the uninvited, uncouth, unsophisticated jackass he was.

"By the way, whom are you calling so early in the morning? You didn't have any boyfriend till yesterday.
Oh well, you don't have any friends except for me." He chuckles to himself.

"If you're done, you can leave my room. I'm busy."

"Oolala. Looks like someone is grumpy!" he wiggles his eyebrows. And I swear that there's nothing a better energizer in the world than whacking his pretty but useless face, specially not after what happened the other night.

I just stare at him blankly.

"Okay jokes apart, peaches. I do apologize for being rude to you last night. But please tell me you really aren't doing the escort thingy in your project. Just take on something simpler, can't you?"

"Okay, I'm not doing it. Now leave!"

"Leave? Like I don't know you?" He snorts while pulling a face, crossing his arms across his chest, getting all serious once again.

"Okay let's discuss it with your mom. If she allows, I'm on it, with you." He tries to make it seem fair, only I know what's going on in his head.

"I'm not a kid Fee. I know what you're trying to do. My age doesn't matter to her. I'll always be her little girl, who can't handle her life.
She'll never allow and you know it better than me. So stop thinking I'm going to be fooled.
Furthermore, I'm not asking for your help now. I'm not even going to ask you to fill any surveys for me. So why do you care?"
I go around him and start gathering my stuff from my table.

"Look now you're pissing me off. Don't you fucking understand? Whatever is this shit you're trying to pull is freaking crazy. It'll end you fucking nowhere."

"Why are you shouting at me?"

"Because you're too fucking naive to understand shit about the world. It's not as easy as you think it is okay? Fucking listen to me when I tell you something, for at least once!"

I was at the bridge of crying. Tears pooled my eyes causing a blurred vision to overtake my myopic eyesight.

When he noticed this, I thought he would immediately, at least try to comfort me but to no avail did he even bother. He just walked right out of my room slamming the door shut behind him.

I don't understand anything. It's so surreal. The way he's behaving with me over a petty thing as a project is raising disturbing questions inside my head.

Well, there's no life if you don't own up your balls and try something actually worth trying.
I don't care if I have no support. I will do it by myself.

Wiping away my tears and putting on my signature blue sweatshirt over the white tee underneath, I quickly put on my sneakers that pair up nicely with my black jeans and head downstairs with my backpack, loaded, alongwith all the printouts for my upcoming task at hand.

I look for Fee but he's not there. I almost feel sorry for not even asking him for breakfast instead just ruining his happy morning mood, but that idiot will manage. He can never stay hungry for more than fifteen minutes, literally.

On reaching the kitchen counter, I find a plate covering another plate and a mug of coffee beside it sitting on top of the note I guarantee Fee has left... for me.

Not hungry! Eggs and toast with mildly hot coffee before you jump into the well. Take care.

Now I definitely felt sorry for what I did back there. I could've just lied but that's something I've never done to him.

I finish up my breakfast, all the while thinking, from which place to start, beginning with the nearest ones atop the list.
As near as, up to one and a half miles away.

I take the bus to the first stop I have on my list- The Hyedi Club wasn't actually a club. It looked more as if I walked into a depressed and deserted restaurant.

Well, maybe because it was bright sunlight on the outside, a Monday and no one was drinking or partying at this hour of the day.
This looks very... normal.
Which is not very normal, according to what I've heard of this particular place with dealings in drugs, weed, alcohol and even humans in huge numbers. Cases of people being shot are not so uncommon. The bodies never found. Yes, some research was accounted for and that's what I had done.

I brace myself up, walking over to the bartender, I quickly explain her my 'demands' as she puts it that way.
When I'm done, I'm being showered with sceptical looks from whoever heard me speaking, most of which were the working staff.

She answers all of my interjections in negative.
I take it positively though and just move on to the other one I had on the list.

This one was very near to my next bus stop.

I go where Mr. Google takes me and in a matter of few minutes, I'm standing behind large black doors which promise fear ahead. I don't however let it sink in as I walk through and towards the receptionist. Maybe I can get my hands on some solid subject this time, I think.

When I explain him my 'requirements' as this one puts it. He asks me to take a seat nearby while he goes inside to talk with the 'boss'.

As I wait on the couch, I see men fixing their ties while walking out. The scent they have on hits my nostrils and all I want to do is just keep on taking a whiff from their suit jacket. Too intoxicating to ignore.
I catch a hold of myself straying away from all sorts of unclean thoughts popping into my head all on their own, stimulated merely by the smells surrounding me.

Well, it is a fact that one can find a mate solely based off on his or her smell, which also helps provoke arousal in one's southern hemispheres.

I don't think I look out of place. Maybe somewhere close but I have a decent backpack on so that should be self explanatory.

In any case, I walk up to the receptionist and ask him what's taking his boss so long. He excuses himself and picks up a phone nearby. Keeping the reciever down, he tells me to type everything in detail on his computer so that he can email it to the respected 'authorities'. Sounds like an organization to me.
Could it really be? I wonder!

I do as asked and know well not to stuff in any lies. Clear cut, I add that there's no demand for any sexual interaction just a few interviews would suffice. I hand him his laptop over and patiently wait for a positive response.

Just when I think it's getting late and it's better to head home than deliberately wait for a rejection, I'm called up by Jack. His name I learned overtime when the men came in and regaded him with a 'Thanks Jack!' Or 'Hey Jackie!'
'It was good Jack!'

The men seem to be particularly delighted. Maybe it was because they got what a human body excessively desired and in return it had a positive effect on the brain. That's what psychology would say.
What did perturb me was that I couldn't make an exact correlation between their Id, Egos or Superegos yet.

What did happen was pretty unexpected but then I've been unexpectedly expecting the unexpected to happen anyway. Jack gave a positive affirmation to come tomorrow for a meeting with their boss.
If I wasn't yet irritated with the word, I now, was definitely starting to.

Not letting my mind ponder on for long upon the self-situated high hopes that maybe in a week I can actually start with my project, I leave.

As I head out of the big black doors, I receive a text from Fee.

All's well that ends well- never made so much sense before.

I call him back but he beats me to be the first to talk. "Where are you?" he asks. Worry evident in his voice.

I don't make much of it, just happy he's not still mad at me.

"I'm.. well, I'm just returning home."

"That's not what I asked Mar. Where are you right now?"

I suppose he might still be mad. Even if he's not mad, he's mad, as in mentally mad. Well, either way, he was mad!

I give him the name of the bus stop I wait at. In a few minutes, I see his car roll down, coming to a halt right beside me.
I jump in shotgun and he glares at me. I ignore it, looking straight at the road. I'm already tired and really don't want to fight with him right now. Not while he drives.

He revs up the engine, forcing me to look his way. I know he's truly furious when he does that.

But I still don't start with it. In spite of being half an hour away from home, he pulls over in from of my house in fourteen minutes.
I'm never impressed with this attitude of his.

I rush up to my bedroom and lock the door after. He's there in minutes asking me to open up.

I change and come down for dinner.
Mom isn't at home today. Night shift is the reason I guess.

When I enter the kitchen he's already there. Hands folded across his chest with sleeves rolled up half way, he looks irreversibly mad this time.

I slowly back away, ready to run upstairs if he suddenly starts shouting like earlier today.

"I'll not shout again if that's what you're thinking." He let's me know, somehow always reading my mind.

I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding and quit moving away. He asks me to sit and I oblige by hopping onto the counter, not seeing the need to argue with an already pissed off man.

He takes a stand in front and plants his hands on either side of where I sit. I try not to shuffle under his gaze. It feels like I'm a naughty child who's taken an oath to never budge from her dubious ways. That's how I feel whenever he treats me like this.

"I'm sorry" he says and for a moment it fails to register. He repeats it adding "for this morning" to the apology.

"I never thought it as your fault Felix. Maybe I should've tried listening to you when..." He doesn't let me complete.

"But you didn't!"

I feel the accusation right through his voice. Even though his head is hung low, his eyes not meeting mine, I can still see he's angry at me for reasons I don't yet understand.

"Wh...what do you mean?"

"You know what I mean Mar.
Don't lie to me."

"I never have Felix. Why would I lie to you?"

"Where. Did. You go. Today?"

"I...well, I..."

There is silence which makes me shiver. I feel so hot right now. The fear of him has me hot and burning all over.

The longer he waits for me to complete what I started, the more uneasy I become.
I don't want to like it but... I like the way he shows his care. The aftermath is just a little hard to deal with though.

The thought of having an actual caring friend fills me with the feeling of not being enough deserving which in turn gets me distracted from the subject.

He speaks after what feels so long. His voice is rough and raspy, scaring me even more than before.
"Speak, Mar! I don't have all night with you."

I want him to be all night with me. It's overwhelming to have him just for right now, knowing that he will keep me well protected no matter what may come.

Slowly, I raise my hands and take his thick and rough ones in mine while my own sway unsteady. He never even flinches or raises his head to look at me.
Nevertheless, I tell him the truth about being signed up for a meeting with an escort whose name I yet don't know.

When he looks up at me his eyes are enough to shatter the silent air around the both of us. Splinters hit me with all their force.

I flinch, immediately pulling my hands off of him. It feels like he'll throw me across the room, now any second for what I did. Which, in my mind, still doesn't seem to be nowhere near anything wrong.
But I know he will never hurt me, never, physically.

"So now you have become so desperate you want to sleep with prostitutes behind the ridiculous excuse of a fake project?
If you wanted to get fucked then you should've told me. I could've gone down and..."




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