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10- "Girl Like You"


“I think I’ve already enjoyed the show. Unless you plan on givin’ me a lap dance.” I smirked as I challenged him. Titus’ eyes glittered with excitement at the idea.

“Well, I had meant for you to give me a show, but…” He said before he tackled me, wrapping his arms around my waist, and lifting me over his shoulder. A yelp and a laugh escaped my mouth. This is how he used to be with me. Playing, teasing, and making me laugh. He walked out of the bathroom and back into his room. He placed me on the sofa in the corner of the room.

His hands grabbed the back of the couch on either side of my head for support and began to roll his back, until his hips thrusted the air in front of me. I certainly did not mind the view, I watched his rock-hard torso ripple with the movement. He was definitely paying me back because I did not allow him to kiss me. As he did his dance, his face inched closer to mine, teasingly. I was very aware of my arousal... and his. My hands went on either side of his hips as I let him continue his air humping, letting me know he really knew how to use them. He straddled me then pulled his head back and sat straight up.

“Take off my belt.” His deep and seductive voice validated his dominance, it had me completely and utterly wet. I followed his demand using both hands, slowly not wanting to show my excitement. I knew he could smell my arousal when his green eyes began to swirl with black specks. As much as I wanted to control our romantic relationship, he unquestionably wanted to control our physical relationship, and when I am ready, I will gladly let him.

“Now undo my jeans.” I dropped the belt on my lap and with shaky hands I unfastened the button and pulled the zipper down, revealing black boxer briefs. I began to tug on the waistband when he stood up from his position and finished removing them, giving me an eyeful of his hardened member still inside his underwear.

He took the belt from my lap and ordered me to put my wrist together in front of me. I did as I was told, letting him loop his belt around one wrist then worked it through the buckle and looping it around my other wrist. He kept his hands on mine, then used his teeth to tighten it. This was easily the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Once he had fastened it, he lifted my arms above my head. His hands trailed down my arms, his face inches from mine, they continued down my rib cage, and tighten slightly at my waist. He yanked me further down on the couch to where my ass was barely on the edge. He continued to move his body on top of me, simulating that sensual act. Only this time, I could feel him trusting against my clothed pelvis.

In a quick second he turned my body around to where I was now bent over the couch and my backside made contact with his member. I could not help but laugh at the action, because he was taking the lap dance, more like strip tease, seriously. His hand on my shoulder pulled me back against his chest and his mouth on my ear.

“I’ll wait for you as long as you want. Just know that when you tease me – I’ll tease you and at full force. I’ll make it difficult for you to resist.” Oh, fuck. I thought to myself when his lips brushed against my ear, as it sent electrifying sparks down my body. “You smell so good. I can’t wait to taste you.”

“I want nothin’ more than to do the same - but on my terms- Alpha.” I replied. He growled into the crook of my neck. I relished all the things I can do to him to make him want me. “I think I’m gonna enjoy this teasin’ game you wanna play.”

“Ooh, my darlin’ mate. I hope you do- ’cause I can guarantee I’ll love every second of it.” He took a deep inhale of where his mark would lay on my skin. His hands were at the hem of my tank top and I felt him drag them up, the back of his fingers barely touching my skin. I could feel the wetness of his tongue on my neck, tasting me, while his teeth grazed against my skin. A moan escaped from my lips, causing him to lift his head up and sigh into my hair. He lifted me up and threw me back on the couch so I could face him.

“That sound and what it does to me.” He snarled, his eyes black with lust. I could see the battle between Titus and Atticus just by staring into them. A voice in the back of my head gave me the words I needed to say to break him completely.

With a teasing smirk on my lips, I leaned closer, while enticing him to come closer to me, to allow me to seductively whisper, “Mark me. Claim me as yours.”

Atticus growled, elongating Titus’ teeth ready to do what I asked. Something took over me and I wrapped my bound wrists around his neck, ready to let him. He straddled me again and his head met my neck. My human self knew what I wanted which was not this, yet another part of me wanted to be his now and forever. His tongue licked as his mouth sucked on the skin between my neck and shoulders. I felt his canines scratch at it, prepared to mark me. Suddenly, the realization of what was happening resulted in a gasp to escape my lips. I wanted it more than anything, but I did not want it yet. What was happening to me?

A roar filled the room, as though Titus felt my inner turmoil and pulled his mouth back, retracting his teeth. He was breathing heavily, and I had not noticed that I was too. A smile played on his lips while he studied my redden face.

“Ellie. Whatcha doin’, teasin’ Atticus like that?” He remarked. My arms still bound and wrapped around his neck; he lifted them off his shoulders and worked on releasing my wrist from the restraint. “If I hadn’t managed to take control, he woulda marked you. And it woulda hurt like hell.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” I breathed out so fast, I could not know if he understood a word of it. I heard a breathy chuckled escape his lips and I could not help but giggle with him.

“Well, it seems I won this round. Therefore, I will be hoppin’ in the shower before you.” He commented as he removed himself from my lap.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Unless you want to join me?” He teasingly questioned halfway to the bathroom. “By the way, one last thing,” he pulled on the elastic of his boxer briefs and dragged them down until they hit the floor. He straightened himself to stand tall, granting me a glimpse of his large hardened shaft, before turning around to head into the bathroom. Those damned, toned buttocks would put any male Greek sculpture to shame.

“Fuck me.” I breathed in a slight whisper.

After my much-needed shower, we both laid in his king size bed. I could finally let my eyes rest and took my contacts out opting for my glasses, which laid on the nightstand next to the bed. He had me curled up into his chest taking deep breaths in my hair. It felt natural to be in his arms, able to touch his shirtless chest. His woodsy citrus scent was comforting. He is the missing piece of me I did not know I was missing.

“Did you really want me to mark you?” Titus’ tired voice rang in my ear. I had already closed my eyes and started to drift off.

“Yes- and no.” I answered after a minute.

“What’s goin’ on in that pretty little head of yours?” He asked, causing me to snicker at the question.

“A lot of things.” I smiled up at him.

“In the bathroom, you pushed me away, but then out here you acted like a completely different person.” He stated.

“I honestly don’t know. Something told me to say the words and at that moment I meant them.” I confessed. “Something took over me. I can’t explain it.”

Titus’ brows furrowed. “Ellie, did it speak to you? Or I mean… was it a voice telling you what to do?”

“No… I know what you’re getting’ at, and you’re wrong. I don’t have a wolf.” I said the hated words a little harsher than I meant to.

“Right. Mind telling why you won’t let me kiss you, then?” He asked apprehensively.

“I’ve had to accept that I didn’t have a wolf. I had to give you up, give up on the mate bond, give up on everything I knew, and had to learn to be human. I didn’t fit it with the other kids at school. I was bullied for my braces, my glasses, and my weight.” I felt his chest rumble at the statement, and I wrapped my free arm around him, using my nails to lightly scratch at his back. He calmed down a bit, before I continued. “I picked up books and movies. All romance. I held on to those books, hoping that I would find myself caught up in a romance like that. Or at least live through the characters in the books, forgetting about my own reality.” My eyes began to well up as I summoned the memories. Titus tightened his hold on me, placing a soft kiss on my forehead.

I resumed after I wiped the tears away with my fingers. “I tried out and made the volleyball, softball, and soccer teams to help with the bullying. That’s how I met Selena. I lost the weight, started wearing contacts, had my braces removed, and I got a boyfriend. One of the boys on the baseball team. We went to the movies with a group of his friends and their girlfriends, we went floatin’ on the river, again with friends. He never took me anywhere by ourselves. Two months and I thought I was on the top of the world. He wanted to have sex with him. He made me believe that if I didn’t he’d break up with me. So, I did it.” I recalled. Titus was quiet letting me talk. I knew it bothered him that I had been with another person, that I did not save myself for him. His arm around my waist had constricted uncomfortably, but I knew he needed me close to him.

“He still broke up with me two weeks later.” His breath was audible. His nose in the crook of my neck. “Selena found out it was a bet he made with his teammates. Not only that, but he had a girlfriend the entire time we were together and knew about the bet. One afternoon, after softball practice, she and her friends cornered me in the locker room. I was called a slut, desperate bitch, and whore. Then they started beating… on me.” I cried into his chest, unable to control the tears. He laid there, holding me, letting me cry my pain from so long ago. I ended up crying myself to sleep. Titus did not let me go the entire night


“Girl Like You” by Jason Aldean

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