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11 - "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not"


My first week at the pack did not go as I would have liked. Titus and I wanted to spend a lot of time together, yet it was nearly impossible. I was closing in on finals for school, which required research papers and group projects needing to be turned in, as well as, studying my ever-loving ass off. Plus, the hour drive to the university and the hour back took more time than I wanted, especially in the mornings when traffic was at its worst. Selena and I quickly learned to leave two hours before our first class to make sure we were on time and did not get back to the house until close to dinner time. Then it was back to studying.

Titus was also busy, livestock was arriving from an auction, getting cattle ready for market; and the heavy rainstorms were causing flooding on the ranch and cows getting stuck in the mud. Titus would get to the house shower then work in the office a little longer. His work seemed to never stop. By the time I was done studying, I had hoped to spend a little time with him, he fell asleep waiting for me. By the time I awoke in the morning, he was already out training or on the ranch depending on the workload.

When school got canceled on Thursday due to flooding in Houston, I aimed to spend time with Titus. However, Selena had decided to pull a study session in the office Titus had given me and Titus had to go help rescue cows from mud pits.

“So…” I tried to spark a conversation with Selena. “Have you figured out what you’re gonna do about Joseph?”

“I haven’t. It’s not like we’ve had any time to get to know each other.” Selena stated.

“I know whatcha mean. Things should calm down here at the ranch soon and school is almost over.” I encouraged with a smile.

“Well, I’m hoping Davis will be in jail and us back at our apartment before then.” Selena expressed her thought aloud.

“Selena, as much as I wish for Davis to be caught. I won’t be goin’ back to the apartment and…” I tried to explain but she cut me off.

“What?!” She hollered. “You only just came back here! You can’t just move in with him. What about your whole thing about romance and dating? You don’t even know him anymore, he’s not the boy you left behind.” She said with no pause, running out of breath only once.

“He’s my mate. The other half of my soul. Our goddess chooses our mates for a reason and Titus was chosen for me and I him. I can’t explain it. This is something we have been taught since we were kids. We’re meant to find our mates. A wolf does not stop until they find each other.” I surmised as best as I could.

“That’s ridiculous, Ellie.”

“If you give Joseph the chance, you’d understand.” The face Selena gave me made me worried. “Did you not feel the sparks when he touched you or you touched him?”

“I mean, there was a tickle. I wouldn’t call ’em sparks, more of a goosebump sensation. Still, that don’t mean a thing.” She was being stubborn, and it was getting annoying.

“Will you just admit that there’s somethin’ there! Jeez. I understand that being a witch makes it complicated, but…” I sighed with exasperation, “put yourself in Joseph’s shoes. I get that you don’t believe in the mate bond and you just broke up with Davis-maybe that has somethin’ to do with the lack of sparks or the pull from the mate bond, I don’t know- but Joseph does believe in the mate bond. He grew up believin’ in it. Been taught that nothin’ matters more than finding your mate… And now, it feels like his whole world is over.”

“Ellie…” Selena paused, trying to put her thoughts together, “put yourself in my shoes. I was raised to believe that werewolves were evil. I was raised a witch and that’s all I ever known. I would have to give up being in my coven- my mom, my sister, my grandmother, my aunt- they’re in that coven. I’ll be betraying them to be with a wolf. It’s not easy.”

This is not fair. How could the moon goddess put Joseph and Selena together and make it this difficult for them? I could not understand how this was supposed to work out for them. So, I said the only thing I could think of, “Well, if they’re your family, they’d have to accept it. I don’t know anythin’ ‘bout witches but I imagine there’s a higher power that you believe in and if that - deity? – asked or wished you to do somethin’, then you would do it. Right?”

If I wanted to get a rise out of her, I got it. She closed her books, and laptop, put them in her backpack then left the room throwing the bag over her shoulder. I had hoped that it made her conflicted enough to really think about her relationship with Joseph. Even if it damaged the friendship between us.

Titus and Joseph were nowhere around for dinner and Selena had decided not to come down either. Anna Beth and Lucas had returned to Austin for school and the ranch hands were still out in the storm, thus I had dinner in the office with my books and computer to keep me company. While thunder could be heard outside and lightning flashed through the window.

I awoke lying in bed with Titus’ back to me and the sun shining through the blinds. I could not recall falling sleep at all. I remember being in the office reading a chapter about absolutism in the seventeenth century but nothing after that. I was wearing the t-shirt I had been wearing the night before, but my jean shorts were missing. The fact that the sunlight lit up the room and Titus was asleep next to me caused me to panic.

“Titus.” I shook him slightly. I picked up my phone from the nightstand and noted that it was seven forty-seven in the morning. “Shit.” I clicked on my school emails in the hope that class was canceled due to the weather. Luckily, it was. “Titus, wake up.”

“Hmm. What is it?” he mumbled.

“It’s ten ’til eight. Don’t you have to work?” I asked.

“Mm, no.” He replied, rolling over, wrapping his arms around my waist and he drew me closer to his body. “I decided to sleep in. Do you have class?”

“Canceled. What time did you get in last night?” I curled myself closer into his chest, savoring the sexy dominant Alpha aura radiating off him.

“Around one in the mornin’. I rinsed off outside, came up to the room to shower and did not see you. I found you asleep on the couch with a textbook against your face.” I buried my head in his chest. I was sure I had to have looked like a frightful mess. I felt his chest vibrate causing me to lift my head to meet his laughing green eyes. “It was cute as hell. Have I told you how much I enjoy wakin’ up next to you?”

“Do you now?” I replied eager to hear more about the way I make him feel.

“Mm hmm.” He hummed in agreement as he leaned in to give me a kiss on the forehead. “Especially these sexy toned legs wrapped around my waist, like this...” his hungry tone of voice had me purring, as his hand trailed down to my thigh and tugged it around his waist. The circles he drew just below the curve of my ass cheek caused my breath to halt in my throat. “I enjoy seein’ you blush.” He whispered. That sinful hand of his, now placed on the small of my back, forced my hips to meet his. He was already hard. “Just how far can I go with you?”

“What do you mean?” I managed to breathe out the question.

“I can’t kiss you. But I can mark you? There won’t be sex, but…” He thrusted his hips against mine. “I can do that?” I tried to hide my moan by clearing my throat. The smile on his lips told me I did not fool him. “Can I do this?” He asked cupping my wet core. “Can I make you come for me, with just my fingers?” He whispered in my ear.

“Fuck.” I breathed as I felt him move the thin fabric to the side, using his finger to rub the length of my folds. “Titus. I… Nnno.”

“Are you sure?” he asked placing his lips on my neck.

“I want more than just sex.” I managed to catch his wrist with my hand. He yanked it back with a sigh.

“Ellie. This is more than sex and you know it.” He defined our relationship to me.

“I know, but I want it before I agree to sex. I want to fall in love with you for you, not because of sex or because of the mate bond.” I gave him my best puppy dog.

Titus took a deep inhale and let it out before he spoke again. “I understand, darlin’.” I love it when he called me darlin’. “So, tell me more ‘bout the human way of gettin’ to know each other? We’ve already discussed dates.”

I giggled as he asked the question. I knew I was being difficult, but he was trying to be patient. “Well, talking on the phone until three in the morning to find common interest.” Titus turned to his nightstand and grabbed his phone. “What are you doin’?” I asked.

“Shh… I have to make a call.” He placed a finger on his lips. I watched him scroll through the phone and press on a contact, unable to see the name. He placed the phone to his ear and my phone began to ring its country tune;

“Are you gonna kiss me or not?

Are we gonna do this or what?

I think you know I like you a lot

But you’re ’bout to miss your shot

Are you gonna kiss me or not?”

Titus let out a laugh as he heard the chorus. “Appropriate.” He smirked at me. I read his name on the screen and I shook my head. He whispered, “answer it.”

“Hello.” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Hey. I hope this doesn’t come off as odd, but I was wonderin’ if you’d be interested on going on a date with me?” He said through the speaker, I stared at him with a raised eyebrow holding the phone in my hands. I could not help but snicker and shake my head at him, although my heart was fluttering non-stop at his question.

“When?” I half giggle and half flirtatious.

“Tomorrow? If the weather permits.” He countered.

“Sure. Where should I meet you?” I continued to lead him on.

“I’ll meet you… How ‘bout I come to your room? Let’s say around five in the evenin’?” He continued over the phone.

“Sounds good.” I agreed. “See you then.”

“Wait. Don’t hang up yet.”


“How’s your mornin’ goin’?” He inquired.

“Oh,” I rolled my eyes at his attempt to flirt over the phone. “My pesky dog kept trying to hump me while I…” Titus climbed on top of me before finishing my sentence, took the phone from my hand and hung it up.

“Darlin’, I’m not a dog.” He stated.

“Yes, Alpha.” I snickered. Those green eyes darkened with pleasure as I called him Alpha. Suddenly, I felt a sharp funny pain on my ribs, and I cackled louder than I should have. Titus began to ruthlessly tickle me, resulting in him laughing with me.


"Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not" by Thompson Square

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