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17 - "Do I Make You Wanna"


I was falling more in love with Ellie Mae than I thought possible. Of course, I had loved her for years. Our date started off great, then noisy, but Ellie Mae saved it by having us go to the candy store. I honestly did not want to go to the movie theater and sit in silence, unable to talk or see one another. When I got the call about the rogue attack and cattle rustling, I was upset the date had to come to an end. Rogues would of course attack the night I was not home.

However, it was that fucker that ruined the night. Something was off about him, he was human, that I was certain of, but the way he acted and tried to take over my date had me furious. Thank the Goddess for blessing me with such a loyal and beautiful mate. I noted just how focused and loving she was towards me, never once giving any indication she was interested in that Gabe guy. Her telling him off and that she was not, nor had been, interested in him and no longer wanted his friendship was the highlight of the evening.

Still, my anger had not subsided as we drove home. My mind was focused on the road and trying to understand how rogues managed to come onto our territory and steal cattle. I had Joseph and Hendrick do a head count on both pack members and livestock, check in with all the patrol units, and have trackers start hunting the rogues and find my cattle. I had gotten word that five men were in the pack hospital with injuries and another three were missing as they followed behind the cattle attempting to stop the rogues.

“Rogues? Cattle Rustling?” Ellie Mae exclaimed in the cab of the truck. “How?”

“We don’t know.” Was all I could say. My pack was one of the largest in the state in both territory and pack members. Our cattle were what brought us money, they were grass fed and grain fed only when necessary, and were not subjected to harmful hormones or antibiotics. The ranch is one of the top ranches in the state, therefore we were well known and why I made sure we were heavily patrolled.

“Was anyone hurt? Did we lose anyone?” She asked the question that haunted me. I prayed to the moon Goddess that we found the missing men and that we hadn’t lost anyone who had not been found.

I answered briefly with the information I had. At any other time, I probably would have relished in her claiming my pack as hers, but I was utterly worried about what I would come home to.

“My Goddess, please let our men be safe.” She prayed aloud for both of us while she placed her other hand on top of both of ours. “I hate to think this, but could it have been an inside job?”

I detested the thought, but it was on my mind. I left the question unanswered and instead lifted her hand to my lips, letting them linger longer than necessary.

When we arrived, I had wanted to kiss her more than anything, but it was not the time and she too agreed. I rushed to the back of the house and undressed, giving my clothes to Ellie Mae. I did not miss the lustful look she gave me as she stared at my naked body. I lightly brushed my lips on her forehead before shifting into Atticus, and he gave her a look of awe before he took off towards the east pasture to join in the investigation.

I followed the trail that the rogues and cattle left behind. The stench was not hard to miss. It went on for miles and the constant communication through mind link made it difficult. It was a long night, and the ground was still muddy from the large amount of rain we had received this week, making the tracking more difficult but not impossible. It was midnight when we reached a dirt road where we found the bodies of my missing men. Tire tracks were left behind by two large vehicles and hoof tracks disappeared just behind them. Not only did the stench of rogues linger, but I could smell humans as well.

I went to the lifeless bodies of my pack members. There was evidence of a fight, but it was the bullet wounds in their chests that ultimately made it clear that the humans were working for the rogues. I could not detect gunpowder on the entry wounds which told me the rogues were in wolf form while the humans held back and waited for the opportunity to put my men down. This shit had now become extremely personal. My eyes focused on the marks on two of my men and my heart broke for their mates.

The morning arrived and still we were left with unanswered questions. Three more bodies were located about five miles east from where I found my men. One was a member of my patrol and two were rogues. My other two members of that patrol unit were found three miles from the vicinity in a critical state. Three cows were found loose in the woods between the pasture and road. At least those three, they could not get away with.

Atticus made it back to the barn by the ranch house and pulled on the rope to wash off at the outside showers. I shifted and grabbed a pair of shorts from the tack room and met with my night and day foremen and their seconds.

“There are seventeen cows unaccounted for.” John, my night foreman updated me.

“Not including the ones found in the woods.” Jacob his second stated. Both looked haggard and covered in mud and manure. The day foreman and his second did not look any better. They were awakened not long after the attack to help with the aftermath. It was a long night, and it would be an even longer day.

I found Ellie Mae still asleep on the bed wearing one of my shirts and a pair of underwear. She was gorgeous, even when she slept. Her hair was up in a horribly messy bun with wisps of hair sticking out from all ends. How I longed to have her wrapped in my arms. I changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and headed out to visit the family members of the fallen.

It was nearly noon when I returned to the ranch house. Ellie Mae met me with a large meat filled sandwich and a bag of chips. With everything that had happened and the mournful cries and pain I witnessed from the families I had spoken to, made me forget about food. I had not realized how hungry I was.

“C’mon.” Ellie Mae held out her hand and I took it. She led me to our room and turned the shower on. She wanted to take care of me, and I let her. She undressed me and then herself. She was not being forward, nor had she made any moves that led me to believe she wanted sex. I followed her into the shower and the warm water hit my muscles. The sight of her made my body ache. I could not have asked for a more perfect mate. I studied her large tattoo from her thigh up to her hip. Various flowers, butterflies and a hummingbird adorned her beautiful body alongside Atticus’ face.

She smiled at me before reaching for the bottle of shampoo. She began kneading the soapy substance into my hair and then her own. Once we were rinsed, she moved on to the lathering the loofah and rubbed it on my chest, back, and arms before handing it to me shyly to finish. She massaged my back muscles when I turned, and I could not help the groan that left my mouth. Once she was done, I felt her hands around my waist and up my chest. I could feel her chest against my back and her chin on my shoulder. I felt an overwhelming amount of comfort and love radiating off of her, almost healing.

“Talk to me, baby.” Her sultry voice sang in my ear, and so I did. She listened as I told her the exhausting events of the night and the emotion filled morning. She was hurting with me; angry with me. I held her in my arms and she held me in hers as we spoke.

“I’m gonna find out who did this and I’m gonna kill them.” I declared my vengeance.

“I have no doubt in my mind that is exactly what you’re gonna do.” She agreed with me. “And I’ll be at your side every step of the way.” She vowed. We let the water run cold as we stood there talking. She offered me her comfort and nothing more, therefore I did not push further than what I was given.

Thursday, I was sitting at my desk going through the mess of paperwork involving the events of Saturday night. Ellie Mae came to my door with a Whataburger bag in one hand and a drink tray with milkshakes and two bottles of water in the other.

“I think we have about five minutes before these shakes begin to melt. What do you say about driving out to one of the empty fields and taking a break?” She asked me.

“That sounds like a plan.” I responded and walked up to her, carefully taking the tray from her and pulling one chocolate shake out for her. I did the same for myself and grabbed the waters in one hand. We both started drinking them before they melted.

We sipped on our milkshakes and headed out to the truck. I drove us to the empty pasture that overlooked the winding river that manoeuvred through our pack land. It was the perfect place to sit and enjoy each other’s company. We had finished our food and before long Ellie Mae was singing along to the music that played on the radio and I joined along making her smile radiantly. I wanted her more than anything, but I waited for her to make the first move.

“Do I make you wanna dance real slow? Go

Flyin’ down a two lane road? Find

A limb to hang your clothes?

Do I make you wanna let your hair down”

We both sang along to Billy Currington’s “Do I Make You Wanna”. She looked me in the eyes as she sang the words. I watched her lips as they moved closer to mine.

“Play a little truth or dare now

Act just like you don’t care now

Girl, when I come around

Tell me, do I make you wanna?”

We continued on, but she backed up a bit, letting herself get carried away with the music. I reached for her hand to lightly kiss the back of it as I do often. Goddess, did I want to kiss her, but I settled for showing my affection. My want and my need on whatever part of her skin I could place my lips on was at the forefront of my mind. I turned my head to look out the window, still mouthing the words to the song. I felt her hand on the back of my neck causing me to face her, I turned swiftly and was met with her soft lips on mine.

I did not question it. I kissed her back, hard. I was not going to let go of her. The sparks of the mate bond were wreaking havoc all over my body. She pulled away before I could truly taste her. Her chocolate brown eyes were dark with want and wonder. I lifted the middle console up, turning the front seat of the cab back into a full seat and dragged her by the waist, while our lips crushed together . I positioned myself carefully so she could fit perfectly on my lap. I thrusted my hard member in my jeans into her clothed pelvis, causing her to moan and giving me the opening I had hoped for. I could taste the chocolate shake and feel its coldness on her tongue.

“Goddess Ellie!” I said as I left open mouth kisses on her jaw, under her ear, and down her neck to her marking spot. I sucked hard on it, savoring the sounds she made.

“Titus, I love you.” She said the words I had been wanting to hear for so long.

“I love you.” I moaned back before meeting her lips again.


“Do I Make You Wanna” by Billy Currington

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