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18 - "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset"

Ellie Mae

Our first kiss replayed in my mind over and over like a broken record. We had laid in the front seat of the truck kissing for what felt like hours, I knew it had been that long by how swollen my lips had become. I lived on that memory the following week. The way his lips felt against mine; against my skin. His tongue worked magic in my mouth, and I only hoped that he enjoyed our kiss as much as I did. I had not thought myself capable of catching Titus off guard. I had not planned to kiss Titus on our little lunch date. Although the setting was not ideal to the many first kisses I had read about, it was perfect for me. It was perfect because it was with Titus.

The following week and a half was nothing but work for Titus and I. Titus was dealing with the aftermath of the rogue attack. Insurance claims, reports and favors from government officials part of the werewolf community. It was endless and tiresome work.

This week was also finals for Selena and I. So, while Titus was up at the crack of dawn, I had just fallen asleep. Titus and I were like two ships passing in the night. However, we did have our little moments here and there, but not like our first kiss.

Selena and I arrived home Thursday after our last final. I was determined to spend time with Titus and Selena had finally given Joseph a chance, therefore she too had hoped to do the same. However, my Aunt Jane, Aunt Betty and Anna Beth and Lucas were home drinking and celebrating the end of classes. Anna Beth and Aunt Betty wanted to meet and get to know Selena. By the time our mates arrived, we were on our fourth bottle of wine. They had gone to shower and change, then joined us although they were exhausted, they managed to drink a few beers with us. Hendrick joined us as well, taking a seat next to Anna Beth, placing his arm behind her back and she leaned in to get comfortable. Selena and Joseph were not as comfortable with each other, but they did enjoy sitting together.

Titus’ warm lips met mine for a moment before taking his place next to me. I curled up against him. His scent enveloped me and before I knew it I was awoken in bed with Titus’ alarm going off.

I heard him grunt as he rolled over to turn it off, but I placed my hand on his naked chest to keep him laying in bed next to me.

“Stay in bed with me?” I mumbled sleepily. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” He said to me and turned his body to face me. The room was dark with the lack of sunlight, but I could feel his gaze on me. I voiced an order on our smart device and the light of the room turned on a dim setting. I realized then that Titus had taken off my clothes, except my underwear, and dressed me in his t-shirt. I could feel his hand on my bare lower back, sending sparks up my spine.

“It’s the first day of my summer break. Stay home with me and enjoy a day out by the pool.” I pouted.

“I can’t skip work. But, I’ll skip morning training for you.” He stated, pulling me closer to him. I placed my lips softly on his, relishing in their softness. Titus deepened the kiss, the wetness of his tongue against my bottom lip begging for entrance. I obliged, wrapping my arms around his neck and wrapping my leg over his hip. I felt his length against my core, causing my body to react. His expert hand trailed down my back, leaving goosebumps in their wake as he reached my behind. He squeezed as he pulled my hips into his. While his teeth nibbled on my lower lip, the tips of his fingers lightly grazed the back of my thigh down to my knee.

I moaned into his mouth just from his mere touch. The things he made me feel with just his hands had me wondering what else he can do with them. In one smooth movement, Titus had my back against the sheets and his body on mine. His lips found my neck as his pelvis rubbed slowly and sensually against mine. My panties were drenched in my arousal and the scent filled the room. Titus sat up on his knees, pulling me up and pulled the t-shirt off my body. His eyes were nearing black and I knew he was fighting the urge to take me.

“You smell so good.” He commented before pushing me back onto the bed. His lips found one of my breasts while his hand kneaded the other. The sounds that I made were ones I had never heard come out of my mouth. My hands tangled into his short sandy curls while I savored his assault on my soft mounds. He switched breasts making sure he gave equal attention to both. I bucked my center against his bulge and he groaned against my soft flesh. He lifted his head to stare into my eyes, his usual moss green orbs were dark nearly black. I pulled his lips back to mine as I continued to move my hips against his. I was so close, I wanted, needed more. I reached down between us and pulled on the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Ellie.” Titus groaned my name before I wrapped my hand around his large member, almost gasping at how good it felt in my hand. I rubbed my hand up and down his length. His breathing grew labored and I continued. I pulled my hand away long enough to pull down my own underwear. I placed the tip of his erection at my needy entrance, before his hand stopped me and he shook his head silently.

“Ellie Mae, the things I want to do to you will require more time than a morning off.” He mumbled into my mouth. He cupped my sex, using his finger to slid up and down my wet slit. I gasped as I felt the thickness of his finger as he glided it in and out of me seamlessly as he kissed me hard one last time before getting up off of the bed. I watched as he placed his finger in his mouth, closing his eyes in ecstasy and tasting my juices. “Oh Ellie, you taste like honey.” He smirked as he spoke the words and walked into the bathroom, leaving me a frustrated mess.

After our brief moment of interrupted fun, Titus went to work, helping out the ranch hands with their morning chores. He promised me he’d come home as soon as he saw an opportunity. I laid in bed reading one of my books while I waited for the sun to rise. I took a quick shower before heading down to eat breakfast. Mrs. Hernandez had made a plethora of food, from waffles to oatmeal, eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns. The ranch hands had already come through to eat but she had left food for me and the rest of the household on the warmer. Selena was already eating some waffles with more than enough syrup.

“Gooooood morning!” I greeted and she repeated the words with a full mouth. I sat down next to her with my plate full of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns and began to eat.

“So, I was thinking of hanging out by the pool; go swimming and drink some cocktails. Enjoy our first day of freedom, while we wait on the guys to finish work.” I said to her.

“I’m down. I’m so glad to be done with school. Graduation is next week…”

“And we’ll worry about what happens next after.” I answered before she could ask the question. We discussed our wardrobe for graduation and whether to have a party. Selena was not ready to disclose to her family about her relationship with Joseph and wondered if she should just go out to dinner with them by herself.

I heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and found Anna Beth stumbling down. I knew something was wrong as I watched her walk into the kitchen. She was breathing heavily and wiping her forehead clean of the small water beads that fell down her temples.

“Are you feeling alright Anna?” Selena asked her as she observed her walking around the kitchen island, looking at the food before her.

“I don’t know. I don’t feel sick, but I’m so hot.” Anna Beth answered. I thought about her answer for a moment. How could a werewolf get sick like this?

“I’m going to take a dive in the pool, cool off.” After only eating three spoonfuls of oatmeal. She took off to the bedroom and came back down a few minutes later with her bathing suit on, while Selena and I sat around the table enjoying our cups of coffee.

Selena and I had changed into our swimsuits and sat outside on the lounge chairs sprawled around the pool outside the packhouse. Anna Beth worried me and even if she said she wasn’t sick, I wanted to keep an eye out, just in case. Anna Beth got out of the water and stood in between both Selena and I before shaking her blond hair about, causing cold droplets to land on our exposed skin.

“Hey!” I yelled at her before getting up from my chair and pushed her back into the pool. However, she managed to pull me along with her, causing a large splash. While Anna Beth and I laughed, Selena cursed at us in Spanish. It was not long before Selena joined us for a swim, and we just enjoyed the cool water.

A couple of hours had passed and one of the kitchen omegas was kind enough to make us some margaritas and lunch. We were sitting on the deck, finishing off our food, when I felt hot currents run down my spine. I felt a strange sensation coursing through my body as my limbs began to tingle. I looked over at Anna Beth and she was fanning herself.

“Goddess it’s hot!” She said to no one in particular.

“I feel fine.” Selena replied to her comment. I was more than confused, Anna Beth is a werewolf, and werewolves do not get sick. But also, why was I feeling sick as well?

Titus was walking up to the yard just then with Joseph, Lucas, and Hendrick at his side. He brushed his hand through his sweaty and messy hair. He was covered in dirt from working on the ranch and he had taken off his shirt revealing his mouth watering muscles. He smiled at me, and the tingles returned at full force, spreading all over me.

I could not help but stare at the droplets of sweat that littered his chiseled chest and ran down the little hairs on his pecs towards the v-line that peeked out from under his jeans. What’s wrong with me?

I kept looking, mesmerized by my mate, as he licked his lips to bring moisture to his mouth. Should I get him a glass of water? I shook my head. This was so strange. Just staring at him caused a heat between my legs and I felt my nipples press against the fabric of my bikini top.

Anna Beth’s condition lay forgotten as I drooled over half naked Titus. Images of me jumping his body, right there on the earth, filled my muddled mind. I wouldn’t care if people were watching. I would straddle him and finish what we started this morning, kissing his chest all the way down to his taut abs.

I jumped up from my seat, looking at Anna Beth and then at Titus, there was something amiss. I knew I wanted Titus physically, but I wasn’t quite there yet. Even this morning I chastised myself for pushing it as far as I did. My body has been deceiving me.

“What the hell?” I questioned aloud. Titus and crew were already coming up the steps. The men stiffened and stopped at the scene before them, as though something had blocked their path. I looked directly at Titus, but Hendrick’s ripping growl could be heard as he ran forward at incredible speed. He pulled Anna Beth into his arms kissed her neck.

“What the fuck is goin’ on?! Anna Beth, how are you in heat?!” Titus’ assertive voice rang loud, voicing what everyone else was thinking.

“Anna Beth? Hendrick?” Lucas was next to speak looking at the two people who held our attention. “You two need to tell them.” When neither of them said a word, Lucas took it upon himself to answer everyone’s question.

“They’re mates.”


"Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" by Luke Bryan

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