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20 - "Better Than You're Used To"


I followed Joseph to his room, staring at his muscular back. He was incredibly fit and every bit of a man. I could stare at his naked body any day. We entered the room and before I knew it Joseph had me pinned to the wall and one hand gripped at my hip while the other was against the wall, next to my head.

“I don’t like you keepin’ things from me.” Joseph said in a rough grunt. His head bent to the crook of my neck and he breathed deeply. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He mumbled, continuing to breathe in my scent.

“They begged me to keep it quiet.” I replied. His wet lips met my neck and I could feel his tongue move along the sensitive part, where I had seen Anna Beth’s and Hendricks marks. He moved his hand to the other side of my neck, so I couldn’t escape as he continued to taste my skin. A moan escaped my throat as he continued to tease me.

“I’m your mate. You don’t hide things from me.” He whispered into my ear before taking my lobe between his teeth. The things he was doing to me had my core aching and my bikini bottoms wet. He let go of my neck and met my eyes before speaking to me again. “Tell me what I have to do to make you loyal to me.”

“Fuck me.” I commented bluntly. I was completely captivated by him and my urges, but I still had not sorted out my feelings for him. All I knew was that I wanted him wholly.

His chest vibrated with a growl before lifting me up by my thighs. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me to his bed. He kissed me, his tongue fighting for control. His fingers danced down my skin as he explored every part of my bare body, making me moan unexpectedly by only his touch. “I’ll gladly do so.” He whispered into my ear. “If that’s whatcha really want.”

Joseph pulled the strings of my bikini bottom, then pulled them from under me before doing the same to my top. I felt his hand move between us and his finger began to work its magic against my clit. I pulled his lips back to mine, threading my fingers into his hair. I moaned into his mouth, as he continued to slide his finger into my entrance. He pulled his mouth away from mine, trailing kisses back down my neck. His teeth grazed against the sensitive part of my flesh again, and it made me stiffen for a second. His hand became relentless causing my breathing to become labored.

He stopped just before I could find my release and pulled on my arm that was wrapped around his neck. I watched as he moved his hand up until it tangled with mine. He pulled it down, guiding it until I touched myself in my most sensitive area. His lips showed extra attention to my neck and I knew I was going to have a hickey when he was done. His own fingers guided my own, making me moan at the pleasure I was able to give myself. His hand let go of mine and I grew concerned for a moment. He supported himself up on his fist, looking down to where my wandering hand was. I stopped, mystified by his action. I wanted more. I wanted him to finish what we started.

“Don’t stop, gorgeous.” He grunted, his usually light brown eyes a deep dark chocolate hue.

“I want you.” I whispered to him, rising up to meet his lips again, but he pulled away, not letting me come any closer.

“I said don’t stop.” His voice became deeper than I had ever heard. We had not done anything like this before, we had only kissed and lightly fondled each other, but he had never pleasured me this way and now he wanted to watch me do it myself. I was more than confused.

“Joseph, I don’t understand.” I stated my bewilderment. He leaned back down, still wearing his dirty jeans. It only then occurred to me that he was still in work pants and had not managed to shower. I imagine that I too could use one to wash the chlorine off of my body. I felt his naked torso touch my flat stomach and my bare chest.

“I’m not gonna fuck you, gorgeous.” His breath against my ear sent an arousing effect on my body.

“Why?” I whimpered into his sweaty neck.

“Because I don’t believe that’s what it will take to make you loyal to me.” His hot breath danced over my marking spot again. I felt his sharp canines scrape my soft skin, making me writhe under him. “I said don’t stop.” His hand grabbed my wrist and brought it back to my aching core.

I was speechless. Here I was begging him to take me, his mate, and he rather have me fuck myself. “You’re not making any sense.”

“When I fuck you, Selena. I want you to be completely mine. My mark will be on your neck; you will sleep in my bed; and you will have given yourself completely to me.” His words sent delicious chills down my spine. His hand guided mine once again, making me moan into the space between us.

“When you are truly ready to be mine, Selena. I will worship you. I’m gonna take your nipples in my mouth and suck on your soft flesh until I make you squirm.” His lips were at my ear, making sure I heard every word. “Then, I’m gonna taste you while my fingers fuck you and my tongue tastes every drop until you scream my name.” His hand left mine, but this time I did not pull away. As he spoke those intoxicating words to me, I slid my finger into my core, moaning his name aloud. His chest rumbled at the sound of it and I knew he was fighting to keep control. If he wanted to punish me, then I would make it equally punishing for him.

“I love the way you say my name.” I groaned into his ear. I continued to play with myself, sliding a second finger into my entrance. “Tell me, Joseph, what else will you do to me when I am yours?” I taunted, using my free hand to knead my breast. He sat up on his knees to watch me as I reached my own orgasm.

“I will make you cum over and over again, when I ram into you so hard you won’t be able to walk for a week.” He watched me as I continued to finger myself unforgivingly. His hand went to his belt and began to undo his jeans. I watched excitedly while he began to rub his erection, hoping he’d finally give in to me and make good on his promise. My orgasm was intense, never had I touched myself in that way and I wondered how much better it would be if Joseph had been the one to fuck me. My breathing was erratic, and my hand wet from my excitement. I sat up on the bed, wanting to touch him; make him cum. Instead, his hand caught my wrist and brought it to his lips. Mesmerized by what he was doing, I watched as he tasted my juices, placing my fingers in his mouth before sliding slowly off the bed.

“Goddess you are delicious.” He muttered to himself as he walked into the bathroom, leaving me naked on his bed. He pulled his pants down on the way and I debated on following him. He had me wanting more and he knew exactly what he was doing.

I heard the water begin to run. I got myself up off the bed and entered the bathroom. The clear shower door gave me a clear view of him as he stood under the hot water. His hand was on his length, and I knew he needed his own relief. He opened his eyes to stare right at me as I entered the shower with him. I pulled his head to mine, kissing him as hard as I could. My hand took over for his, massaging his erection until he groaned into my mouth. I let go of his lips, kissing his jaw, neck, chest, running my tongue into the crevices of his abdomen until I was on my knees.

“Selena,” He growled my name as I ran my tongue on the underside of his erection. I licked the tip tantalizingly slow, tasting him before moaning in satisfaction. I met his dark chocolate eyes as I opened my mouth and began to slowly move my hand as my tongue circled around his head. He jerked deeper into my mouth, throwing his head back with a soft growl. His hand fisted into my hair pulling and causing my throat to vibrate with unintelligible sounds I had not heard come from my mouth before. I continued, never breaking eye contact, until I knew he was close to his release. I used my nails to dig into his thigh and then pulled my head back, stopping completely. He snarled when I stood up from my position with a smirk on my lips. I turned away from him.

He pulled on my arm until my back slammed into his hard chest with a loud thump. I could feel his hardness against my backside. A smile still played on my lips as I snaked my arms around his neck, bringing his ear to my lips and whispered, “How bad do you want it Joseph?”

“You tell me. Are you willing to give yourself completely to me?” He whispered into my ear. His lips met my neck and I could feel his teeth against my skin, letting me know exactly what he meant by his words. “I am.” He said to me in that low seductive voice of his.

That question had been haunting me for the last few weeks. Am I ready to uproot my life and give up everything I know to be with my mate? The man that is meant to be the other half of my soul.

“I want to.” I finally admitted aloud, resulting in Joseph to stop his teasing. He turned my body around so I could face him. The hope in his eyes had my heart swelling. He truly wanted me to stay with him and it made my decision a little easier, but still I was not ready.

“Do you?” He asked.

“I’m not ready, yet. But I want to.” I answered him truthfully, rewarding me with a smile. His lips met mine tenderly, not asking for more, just a sweet loving kiss. We finished our shower, I did not leave him wanting, and I decided that I would move into his room. He was a little too eager, helping me carry my few items and discussing a date for us to go back to my apartment to get the remainder of my stuff.

It was morning when I saw Ellie emerge from her and Titus’ room. I quietly drank my coffee as she served herself breakfast. I smiled at the thought of sharing my news with her. I had hoped that she would help me figure out how I would tell my family and maybe even stay in my coven. She sat down on the other side of me, rubbing her neck. I could tell that there was something on her mind and did not know how to bring it up.

“Ellie? What’s wrong?” I finally gave in and asked her.

“Selena, if I tell you something, do you promise to keep it to yourself? At least for now.” She whispered to me.

“Of course. But, what about Titus? Does he know?”

“No,” She sighed. I got up from the table and sat in the seat next to her. “I don’t know how to explain it.” She started. “Yesterday, I could feel Anna Beth’s heat.”

“What do you mean?” I did not know what she was saying.

“I mean, lately my body does the opposite of what my mind tells it to do. Like when I first moved in, I told Titus I wanted to go slow and a few minutes later, I practically begged him to mark me.” She was not making any sense, but I let her continue. “And that’s not the only time. On our date night, I felt a sudden ping of anger that wasn’t there until I grabbed Titus’ hand. I’m telling you Selena, I don’t think I could’ve been that cruel to Gabe, but I was.” I recalled her telling me about the night she spoke of. I thought it odd too that she would have said the words she did to him.

“Then yesterday, I felt hot at the same time as Anna Beth did; I could feel her heat comin’ on. I wanted to jump Titus not caring if anyone saw us. I did jump Titus the moment the door closed.” She said, scratching at her neck. It was then that I saw it. A dark blue mark that stained her skin. The mark that told everyone who saw it that she belonged to the Alpha.


"Better Than You're Used To" By Tyler Rich

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